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61 Transformers: Head Masters
62 Caltron 6 In 1

At least they didn't put 52 glitch-riddled joke games in this collection.

63 Takeshi No Chousenjou

Believe it or not this game was made as a joke, I love this game

64 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
65 Gyromite
66 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu

This game came in both baby blue cartridges and black cartridges that don't look like Tengen NES cartridges (and we all know that the only bad game in Tengen's library of games for NES and Sega Genesis is Awesome Possum).

67 M.U.L.E.
68 Sunday Funday V 1 Comment
69 Last Action Hero
70 Raid 2020

This game is just horrid! Color Dreams sucks and are worse than LJN!

71 Die Hard
72 RoboDemons
73 Secret Scout In the Temple of Demise
74 Yo Noid V 1 Comment
75 Chubby Cherub

Most terrifying game I ever played.

76 Dudes With Attitude
77 Bokosuka Wars V 1 Comment
78 Fist of the North Star V 1 Comment
79 The Legend of Kage
80 Bad Street Brawler

Dick Tracy should be on this list.

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