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61 Metal Gear

Just to make it clear, this is the game released for the NES rather than the MSX. The controls are clunky, the soundtrack sound like it was bashed against a brick wall and everything about the original game is completely ignored. Plus, stealth in no longer an option.

I thought this was a good game, but certainly no where near as good as Metal Gear Solid. - LarryLarrington

62 Milon's Secret Castle

This game is a gem, but the lack of clues can add to the difficulty. Seriously, why is this on here?!

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63 Super Monkey Daibouken
64 Transformers: Head Masters
65 Caltron 6 In 1

At least they didn't put 52 glitch-riddled joke games in this collection.

66 Takeshi No Chousenjou

Believe it or not this game was made as a joke, I love this game

67 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
68 Gyromite
69 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu

This game came in both baby blue cartridges and black cartridges that don't look like Tengen NES cartridges (and we all know that the only bad game in Tengen's library of games for NES and Sega Genesis is Awesome Possum).

70 M.U.L.E.
71 Sunday Funday

Menace Beach + LJN's Bible games division = Sunday Funday

72 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Hard, but this game shouldn't be on this list, it's one of the best games for the NES.

73 Dr. Mario

Actually, if you go back and actually play this game with the nostalgic filter off, this game isn't very fun...

Whoever put this here is a Call of Duty fanboy.

This game sucks who actually like this game (Nintendo fans) think it's better than call of duty retards

To the person why said "This game sucks who actually like this game (Nintendo fans) think it's better than call of duty retards". That was a pretty dumb idea.

First of all, your comment lacks punctuation, if you're going to call us a name related to a word like stupid, at least don't be on yourself.
Second of all, we are allowed to have opinions. I am okay that you like Call of Duty, so you should be okay with us liking Mario.
Third of all, do you even know what the word "retard" means. Clearly you don't because it doesn't necessarily mean stupid.
Fourth of all, you think you Call of Duty fanboys are any better? Most people that like Call of Duty ignore every other good game on the planet, it's okay to like Call of Duty (I don't think I hate it, but I didn't really get into it), but it sounds like you seem to over love it.

Overall, I absolutely respect your opinion on this game, but if you're going to come up with an insult to the games fans at least do it right.

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74 Last Action Hero
75 Raid 2020

This game is just horrid! Color Dreams sucks and are worse than LJN!

76 Die Hard
77 RoboDemons
78 Secret Scout In the Temple of Demise
79 Yo Noid

I like this game, actually.

80 Chubby Cherub

Most terrifying game I ever played.

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