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1 Al Sharpton Al Sharpton Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. is an American civil rights activist, Baptist minister, television/radio talk show host and a former White House adviser for President Barack Obama.

He is a train wreck wearing a gerbils headgear...

The man is a bumbling moron. an IQ of about 30. Need I say more?

He is what he is - civil rights my ass!

Total jerk and should go back to the 70s

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2 Rachel Maddow Rachel Maddow Rachel Anne Maddow is an American television host and political commentator. A liberal, Maddow hosts The Rachel Maddow Show, a nightly television show on MSNBC, and serves as the cable network's special event co-anchor alongside Brian Williams.

Ugh, stupid trumpians giving her a bad name...

She's not bad, just very liberal. - Solacress

Tears in her eyes, she tells a Cinderella story about Trump that will never come true. But hey, she’s got big glassses going for her, which is nice!

Everyone knows Al Sharpton is a joke, but some people still take Rachel Maddow seriously for some reason. That makes her worse in my opinion

She is a propagandist! She will only report on news stories that fox news covers and she doesn't even report on the news that is happening. she spends her entire time mocking and slandering fox news. She is always talking about how tolerant she is but is intolerant to anyone who does not have the same view as her.

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3 Bill O'Reilly

Bill is a partisan lawyer who defends and applauds his own party while prosecuting and slandering his opposition. He is prejudiced and biased. If The Flat Earth Society became a prominent fixture in The Republican Party due to lobbying and financial contribution, Bill might find a way to legitimize the idea of a Flat Earth, and would feel justified in so doing.

This man has single handedly done this country more harm than any other person in resent history. He thinks he has us believing he is God's gift to man kind. Or so the way he talks to us you would think he believe that. He thinks he knows it all, talks down to people, interrupts. He will try to discredit, embarrass or just pain humiliate his guest by interrupting in the middle them answering a question or making a statement, then he'll finish answering the question (or finish making the statement) the guest was making himself. Giving the appearance that's what the guest was saying, and not allowing the guest to intercede to tell the audience what they intended to say! Then he'll just happen to run out of time and cut his guest off and go on to the next guest.

The thing is --- he knows that most people are only listening to the news with one ear (like one skims thru a book). When he talks to the audience like he's repeating what the guest just said (even though the guess said ...more

The fact that bill OReilly is 2nd on the list and Sean hannity is not even in the top ten reveals that the people who voted for bill don't even watch fox news. They just get there opinions from other media stations who all try to on bill's work. Just because he is the face of "big, scary, evil," doesn't mean he is the most biased on the network. He approaches each subject in an analytical matter, giving both sides of the argument, then finishes with why his side of the argument is right... And it usually is. And that may not be how journalism was originally intended, but UNFORTUNATELY, that's where it is now a days. Liberal media started distorting the publics view their progressive polarized journalistic reporting long before right wing media. Now it goes both ways. Gotta fight fire with fire. To sum it up, bill OReilly, whether you like it or not, is highly intellectual, and as biased as his views may be, they are well thought out-at least his economics beliefs are...

Oh and ...more

Too, too many interruptions which causes one to think that he is not interested in another's opinion!

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4 Ed Schultz

Horrible, close to Lawrence O'Donnell for only seeing one side of the "road"

Great dude,pro labor

Irrelevent, boring, left wing...

5 Keith Olbermann

Lack of employing his common sense. He is intellectual, but does a poor job of using it in sensible ways. All of his rhetoric was only to bash Fox news. Rarely gave unbiased and fairness a chance which is what reporting should be about.

There is nothing good to say about this character but I agree with his standings in this poll.

Olbermann is a biased angry buffoon who has no place in the media.

Wouldn't get out of the bath tub to go do his show. Bath tub boy!

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6 Chris Matthews

Left wing (tingle up the leg) liberal. he slobbers and hardly ever finishes a sentence. terrible

Constantly drops guests when they don't say whatever planned narrative he has made up.

He talks in a kind of blustery speech that is inarticulate and incomplete sentences.

Absolute lunatic. Doesn’t report, just gives his own communist opinion.

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7 Piers Morgan Piers Morgan Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television personality currently working as the US editor-at-large for Mail Online.

Please don't deport him. We don't want him back.

He's a hatchet man of the New World Order that advocated SUICIDE MASS MURDER PILLS and GOVERNMENT TYRANNY

Why does this ape have a job in America to comment on Americans and American values?

This guy is obnoxious!

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8 Cenk Uygur

You know, I used to think this guy was a bit obnoxious, but compared to Anna Kasparian...not even close. And I'm a Progressive Liberal who votes Democrat or Libertarian... - shiftaltkey

Wears communism with a different name tag. Absolutely outrageous bigot who has no understanding of how a debate works. Gives his opinion only and shows biased to no evidence. Waste of an ivy league education

Idiot. He is constantly rude to guests, interrupts often, and falls right in line with the unbearable bias that plagues msnbc. He has no place in television and is essentially the Bill O'Reily of the left.

9 Don Lemon

This man is a racist of the biggest, bigoted proportions. He abhors everything white and does not want to better race relations. Always a hater. He is on the correct network to spread.

Biggest racist on T.V.. Plays the black card every chance he gets.

Affirmative action phony - colored homo.

The most racist and stupid person on T.V.

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10 Lawrence O'Donnell

Who ever talks the loudest, wins in the world of O'Donnell. To him he's never lost an argument, to us his viewers he's an idiot.

Very arrogant and negative

Another know-it-all

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11 Sean Hannity Sean Hannity Sean Patrick Hannity is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator. Hannity is the host of The Sean Hannity Show, a nationally syndicated talk radio show. He also hosts a cable news show, Hannity, on Fox News.

I'm honestly fine with Sean Hannity staying in 11th place, as long as someone removes one of the 1s from the 11 marker. Without a doubt, this man is the all Sharpton of the far right. He is not a journalist, rather he is a propagandist, paid by major corporations sympathetic to the GOP and their political lapdogs to spew lies and bull to the ignorant viewers. All this smug faced dusche does is rant about how the democratic party and the "liberal media" are responsible for every damn bad thing that has ever happened to our country including (and I quote) slavery and racism. Well, for his information, there was a little event during the 1960's in which the Democrats and the Republicans completely switched ideologies, leaving the republican party he so piously worships as the heir to the organizations of bigotry and racism that defined the racist south. Sean maniacally defends the worst of the worst of the conservative Christian bigots that the anti-progress right has to offer regardless ...more

All he ever does is talk about hillary clinton, while people like Rachel Maddow actually report about everything that's happening. - Solacress

Even as a independent conservative, this guy basically praises Trump where ever he goes. While I like Fox News and sometimes, it provides real information, this guy is so right wing it makes Dinesh D'Sousa look like a liberal. My dad personally finds him to be a idiot and now I think that. Sean, you're a good man, but please bring in both left wing and right wing people instead of just having Sara Carter and other right wing buffoons like Dick Cheney ( Of course, I like when he talks to Newt Gingrich because he helped balance the budget with Bill Clinton and has actual facts ). If you want a good radio host, listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of this guy. And if you want good right wing news, read the Wall Street Journal.

He says the exact same crap every day...and then repeats it in primetime.

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12 Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper

Old $ and a Vanderbilt New World Order puppet.

Very bias

13 Ana Kasparian

She's "literally BETTER THAN YOU"!

14 Dan Rather

Not much dependable journalism here!

15 Nancy Grace Nancy Grace Nancy Ann Grace is an American legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor.

The "Nancy Grace" show is not a news program, nor is it story-driven journalism. All Nancy Grace does is use and sensationalize the worst of the worst: The child rapists. Celebrity deaths and misfortune. Baby, wife or family killer stories, and she'll keep reporting (repeating dragging us through the sickening details as long as the morons watch her show and make her money).

Every night she announces, "Breaking news! " or "Bombshell! " And then just repeats the same crap she did the night before.

She acts upset about the "girl" or "mother of two" who was murdered or missing, but has no problem paying the obviously-guilty main suspect $5,000 to $20,000 to come on her show. (So what if they use that money for their defense or to skip the country! )

Half the show is four "experts" talking over each other and then there's the portion of the show where she lets every white-trash housewife call in and tell ...more - corebare

The photo says it all... - truckturner

Meh! Ughh... the worst.

Nancy Grace did sure have a easy time berating Casey about being an unfit mother, who spends time with her kids? She's too busy fluffing her own feather! Watch out for that dancing devil Nancy!

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16 Chris Cuomo

What T.V. news hosts have become, regrettably!

Pretentious and disingenuous are the first words that come to mind when watching Como. They really could use someone better.

Ass wipe

17 David Pakman
18 Shepard Smith

For a hard news anchor (not to be confused with an analyst or commentator, there is a difference), Smith is the worst in history. News anchors are just supposed to read the news, most do it from a tele-promptor, there is supposed to be no opinion, no bias and no whining little side cracks and sarcastic comments. Somebody forgot to give Smith that memo. This is an opinionated, whiny, sarcastic, little twerp in a cheap suit and a lopsided haircut. Fox tries to "educate" us all the time by sating there are hard news people and commentators? What the hell is Smith supposed to be? He sure isn't fair and balanced.

I don't know who he is but stumbled upon this site when searching for why news anchors scream out the news with screeching tones, instead of just reading and reporting it like it USED to be done. In many countries news is still read out quietly but this loud and obnoxious trend certainly gives headaches.

19 Robin Roberts
20 John Iadarola
21 Ted Failon
22 Katie Couric

So glad she's gone.

You should add Steve Raleigh. He is annoying

Full of herself.


23 Alex Jones Alex Jones

He wants you to believe that your part of the resistance but really he is nothing more than a gatekeeper for the big banks and a massive hypocrite. He sells nothing but fear porn and pro-Israel propaganda. He is also just not very good at journalism. He used to expose the left right paradigm telling people that the system is rigged only the change his message claiming that voting republican is the answer which is complete bull and that Trump will defeat the NWO which is such a retarded concept.

Alex Jones SUCKS!


24 Dana Perino Dana Perino

Talks too fast and just boring

25 Wolf Blitzer
26 Connie Chung

I remember Dan Rather just trying to get her to shut up during the OJ Simpson chase.

27 Jane Velez Mitchell

Completele manic termagant...perhaps harpie is more accurate
Glad she is gay this spares a man from a life of marital torment.

28 Megyn Kelly Megyn Kelly Megyn Marie Kelly is an American journalist, a political commentator, and a former corporate defense attorney.

She's probably making NBC worser!

She should shut her face and go to Hollywood where she really belongs with all the other, "here I am, aren't I beautiful" phoney ass people.

No talent, once her looks are gone, she's done

Looks like "Claire" from.House of Cards.

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29 Joe Scarborough

Closet racist has a servant blocker in his Granny Montana Mika who is a fraud in her own right

30 Tavis Smiley
31 Jessica Soho

She is really the worst! - gicoiway

32 Katy Tur
33 George Stephanopoulos

Clinton puppy dog.

Obnoxious Runt

34 Jake Tapper

A Democrat shill.

Very bias

35 Neil Cavuto
36 Deborah Norville
37 Chris Hayes
38 Gayle King Gayle King

Who did she blow to keep her job?

39 David Gregory
40 Matt Lauer

Thinks he above everything. Conceded and arrogant. Not a very good person.

And he's a sex offender.

I hate Matt Lauer...he is so arrogant!

41 Brooke Baldwin
42 Tim Russert
43 Savannah Guthrie

Typical liberal.

44 Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer doesn't belong in this category. I liked watching her.

She did such a terrible job being the main anchor at ABC and is the poster child for corporate news anchors. However, David Muir (her replacement) is so much worse. So fake and annoying.

45 Arnab Goswami
46 Tom Brokaw
47 Korina Sanchez
48 Robin Baumgarten

WGN Chicago Morning News. She is so stupid.

49 Tomi Lahren
50 Mika Brzezinski

Owes entire career to her father’s name. Is extremely emotionally involved in Trump hate. Because of that no credibility.

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