Top 10 Worst News Show Anchors


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41 Tom Brokaw
42 George Stephanopoulos V 2 Comments
43 Larry King
44 Geraldo Rivera

Phoney and doesn't know who or what he stands for!


45 Paula Zahn
46 Bryant Gumbel
47 Karen Davila
48 Noli De Castro
49 Toure V 1 Comment
50 Mike Enriquez

I don't think he is smart enough..

V 1 Comment
51 Vicky Morales
52 Shepard Smith

For a hard news anchor (not to be confused with an analyst or commentator, there is a difference), Smith is the worst in history. News anchors are just supposed to read the news, most do it from a tele-promptor, there is supposed to be no opinion, no bias and no whining little side cracks and sarcastic comments. Somebody forgot to give Smith that memo. This is an opinionated, whiny, sarcastic, little twerp in a cheap suit and a lopsided haircut. Fox tries to "educate" us all the time by sating there are hard news people and commentators? What the hell is Smith supposed to be? He sure isn't fair and balanced.

I don't know who he is but stumbled upon this site when searching for why news anchors scream out the news with screeching tones, instead of just reading and reporting it like it USED to be done. In many countries news is still read out quietly but this loud and obnoxious trend certainly gives headaches.

53 Chris Hayes
54 Tucker Carlson
55 Francis Maxwell
56 Hasan Piker
57 Symone Sanders
58 Tomi Lahren
59 Brett Erlich
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