Worst NFL Games of 2018

Even endured a lot of bad football games, but these 10 this season take the cake in many ways than one.

The Top Ten Worst NFL Games of 2018

1 Broncos Vs Cardinals, Week 7

The worst Thursday Night game of the season, and brought one of the lowest viewed games in the history of the NFL why who wants to see a at the time middle of the road Denver teams Vs a atrocious dead last Cardinals team. Says it all to me, and that defense has their way as Von Miller said too bad the turnout sucked for the fans perspective hoping for a much better game which it never was from the start to finish. - htoutlaws2012

This game kinda summed up Thursday Night Football as a whole. - Randomator

2 Cardinals Vs Packers, Week 13

Well I'm one of the few that's glad to see Mike McCarthy is fired from the team and didn't finish the season because frankly this was his worse year the coach everything he has done has gotten ugly to this point needed to beat Minnesota that didn't happen, and here we home against one of the five worst teams in the Cardinals. Arizona even with the win still look bad overall I mean David Johnson's carries were traded by his backup Chase Edmonds getting two touchdowns, and looking at Rosen's numbers he had a mediocre game himself, and McCarthy chose Mason Crosby for the game tying field goal which thank god didn't happen justice is served in Lambeau field. - htoutlaws2012

For me, it was just a boring, low scoring, frustrating, pull out your hair type of game when you consider how Green Bay lost to the awful Cardinals. - PackFan2005

3 Jets Vs Lions, Week 1

Our very first Monday night game of the year is one of if not the worst opening game in Detroit Lions history. I mean they look bad in the pre-season, and that carried on at home against the Jets who everybody assumed the Lions would handle their business that didn't happen. Jets looked good for one game, and that was against a team that seemed to have heat on their head coach more than anything. While they have played better during the season Lions fans had the feeling they were not going anywhere this season just based on this performance alone. - htoutlaws2012

4 Seahawks Vs Raiders, Week 6

Yeah this game was just Seattle beating the life out of the Raiders. And it was in London which is another reason to not watch this game. Put on a side note why are most of the London games blowouts? - Randomator

The first of three games of London was absolutely horrendous to watch. Oakland got nothing going, and Seattle turned into one side show of bloody horrific proportions. - htoutlaws2012

5 Colts Vs Jaguars, Week 13

I didn't expect the Colts to get completely shut out like that at all, and that could very well hurt there chances of making the playoffs is Jacksonville who barely had any better of a offensive showing get Cody Kessler his only NFL win ever thanks to this terrible, and boring showing of a afternoon game. - htoutlaws2012

*sigh* - BreakFastBeast2005

6 Bills Vs Jets, Week 10

Oh god this game sucked so badly, and it's a great example of how unpredictable the Bills have been this season. At least now they know Matt Barkley can be decent in this type of offense unlike Nathan Peterman who is not an NFL caliber quarterback of any sorts. The Jets offense was so bad that couldn't do much of anything Gotham City yeah jersey city would Todd Bowles out sooner than later after seeing this awful product the way they played the Bills the first go around, and maybe even the next one coming up. - htoutlaws2012

Man this was just a pure garbage Bowl. - Randomator

7 Jaguars Vs Titans, Week 14

I had a great idea how that game was gonna go because the Jags have always had problems with the Titans why is that who knows, but they have been swept again, and embarrassed by not even trying to tackle Derrick Henry I mean my god that was horrible to watch I literally went to bed in at halftime because I knew that was enough to beat this looks to be quit Jags team that can't put up more than maybe 10 points with a mediocre backup quarterback. - htoutlaws2012

8 Dolphins Vs Patriots, Week 4

Miami was not taken as a serious contender yet in the first three weeks. They beat a Titans team that wanted no part of the thunderstorm 7 hour delay. Than they went on to beat a pretending Jets team. They beat a tanking Raiders team, and now there biggest test yet was to go at foxsborugh and beat the Patriots who were not in-sync yet up to this point, and the Dolphins laid the bed, and look like the biggest frauds in the AFC East that's how bad they played. Having a garbage time touchdown at the end that was garbage you saw on display. Brady didn't have the best game either as he has had a luke warm season that's not worthy of MVP contender of any sorts. One guy though that has been huge for this team is the effective running game which never has been the patriot formula, but here they did just fine handling an awful Miami team with bad game planning at its finest. - htoutlaws2012

Thankfully the rematch had a WAY more interesting contest - Randomator

9 Redskins Vs Buccaneers, Week 10

This was before the prior week we would see possibly the end of Alex Smith's career before our very eyes. Redskins pretty much did what they had to do denying Bucs offense from going for it and any touchdowns made. Both QB's would end up not playing the rest of the season later down the road. - htoutlaws2012

10 Lions Vs 49ers, Week 2

Watching this game there's no win win here at all. 49ers everybody fought would be a a playoffs team well this was the game where all that went out the window why Jimmy Garoppolo would go on to be puts on the shelf with a bad landing. Like many other players Matt Brieda made his presence known running all over the Lions that ended up being the difference towards the 3rd quarter they lighted it up enough to put pressure on Detroit's woeful offense. Meanwhile the Lions has a good chance against a mediocre defense in the niners to take a 4th quarter comeback potential, but it ended up being a Matthew Stafford choke job, and it really makes you wonder the label stat padford is the strongest label you can give to a guy that might care more about stats than wins. - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

11 Lions vs Cardinals, Week 14

Yeah this game is easily one of the worst Lions wins I could ever remember in the process you lose a crap ton of players in a meaningless win over an even worse team, and this led to us dropping out of the top 5 in the NFL draft for 2019. - htoutlaws2012

12 Bears vs Vikings Week 17
13 Bears vs Eagles, Wild Card
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