Worst NFL Players of All Time

This is a list of some of the worst NFL players to ever step onto the field in any season.

The Top Ten

1 Jamarcus Russell

The worst work ethic I have ever seen. - thomwim

2 Ryan Leaf Ryan Leaf Ryan David Leaf is a former American football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League for four seasons.

The granddaddy of all draft busts, he was bad on the field, and arguably even worst off of it. - thomwim

3 Rusty Lisch

One touchdown versus 11 interceptions in his career. - thomwim

4 Daunte Culpepper Daunte Culpepper Daunte Rachard Culpepper is a former American football quarterback. He last played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. V 1 Comment
5 Bob Timberlake

He only made one of fifteen field goals in his sole season. - thomwim

6 Kevin Allen

Said former Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan: "He's a nice big ol' fat kid who could probably go somewhere where they want to stand around and kill the grass. But here, we're going to practice... He looks like a USFL reject." - thomwim

7 Kim McQuilken

He would later become executive vice president of Cartoon Network... long after throwing 4 touchdowns and 29(! ) interceptions. - thomwim

8 Johnny Manziel Johnny Manziel Jonathan Paul Manziel is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Towards the end of the 2015 season the infamous story of with reports circulating that he was in Las Vegas instead of in Cleveland with ...read more.
9 Vernon Gholston

This #6 pick never recorded a sack in his short 3-year career. - thomwim

10 Rae Carruth

The Contenders

11 Aaron Maybin

A reporter in Buffalo called the former Bills player the worst player in the league because he couldn't even get on the field. - thomwim

12 Tony Mandarich
13 Limas Sweed
14 Charles Rogers
15 Akili Smith
16 Russell Erxleben

Yeah, way to waste your first round pick on a punter, New Orleans. - thomwim

17 Brandon Weeden
18 Jared Goff
19 Mark Sanchez
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1. Ryan Leaf
2. Jamarcus Russell
3. Johnny Manziel
1. Daunte Culpepper
2. Rusty Lisch
3. Bob Timberlake



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