Worst NFL Quarterback Performances of Week 5

The Top Ten Worst NFL Quarterback Performances of Week 5

Luke Falk

416 yards 0 TDS 3 INT and a pick six also got cut from the Jets - RawIsgore

Baker Mayfield Baker Reagan Mayfield is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.

100 yards 0 TDS 2 INT 13 QBs rating yikes that hype train has crashed - RawIsgore

Colt McCoy

Now it was not his fault he got chucked into a game that was not winnable by any redskins QB - RawIsgore

Daniel Jones

Didn’t really do anything against Minnesota failed on 2 4th downs and threw a INT in the end of the game - RawIsgore

Philip Rivers

You lost to the Broncos? And you threw 2 INT Jesus how did you go to a Super Bowl contender to that - RawIsgore

Chase Daniel

Not that Trubisky would of done much better but still a bad performance and threw that horrible INT late in the game when they were down by 3 - RawIsgore

Lamar Jackson

Let a 3rd string come back threw 3 INT your lucky that Justin Tucker was able to bail you out - RawIsgore

Dak Prescott

He got his stats in garbage time the first half he did horrible - RawIsgore

Marcus Mariota

Could not do anything against the Bills only scored 7 points - RawIsgore

Andy Dalton

Lost to the cardinals did meh but still lost to the cardinals - RawIsgore

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