Worst NHL Goalies of All Time


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1 Frank Brophy

Reason Why He Sucks: He played when there was no forward passing allowed, and he had 21 games to do well, and he got a GAA of 7.11. - booklover1

2 Bert Lindsay

Reason Why He Sucks: Same reason as Brophy, except he had a better GAA. - booklover1

3 Terrance Richardson
4 Vesa Toskala

He can't even catch the puck and made an own goal from center ice

He gave up 6 goals from center ice or farther

VESA toskala is not a starting goalie he is a backup one of the only goalie to let the puck in the net frome center ice

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5 Scott Gordon
6 Don McLeod
7 Ken McAuley

McAuley was involved in a 15-0 loss to Detroit. While he may have been good on the battlefield, he wasn't so good on the ice rink. - Canuck101

8 Gordon Laxton
9 Jarmo Myllys
10 Bob Champoux

The Contenders

11 Howard Lockhart
12 José Theodore

Come on! He is terrible! If it wasn't because of the offense of when he played in Montreal, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota and Florida, he wouldn't even be still in the NHL! He is so bad, cristobal huet is so much better!

After the 2004-05 lockout, the NHL put limiations on the size of goalie equipment, this is when Theodore's career started going downhill, but the last few years before the lockout, he was right up there with the best.

13 Martin Brodeur

What?!? How is he on here best g ever and that's not because I'm a fan he has the most wins!

14 Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist is a Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.

Whenever a player goes topshelf all he does is sit and spread his legs he's a failure

15 Andre Racicot

With a name like, "Red Light" how'd you not see him on the list earlier?! 68 NHL games and never had a season with a save percentage over 9! He played for 20 pro teams, which cries no one wanted him for long. - cws480

16 Evgeni Nabokov
17 Steve Buzinski

He's called the Puck goes in ski for a reason

18 Jon Casey
19 Andrew Raycroft

He had one good year. The rest of the way he sucked.

He was a bad goalie when he played for toronto

20 Johan Hedberg
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1. Frank Brophy
2. Terrance Richardson
3. Scott Gordon
1. Frank Brophy
2. Bert Lindsay
3. Terrance Richardson



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