Worst NHL Jerseys Of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Vancouver Canucks Third Jersey 1995-1997

The Canucks were big on yellow back then I guess. The logo was said to look like a waffle iron - anthonybecerra831

Toilet paper

2 Phoenix Coyotes Third Jersey 1998-2003

My friend is a phoenix fan and he wants to get this Jersey but there is just way to many things that are wrong about this Jersey. First off, its hockey. Phoenix shouldn't even have a Jersey in the first place. Plus a desert at the bottom of the Jersey just doesn't look like hockey at all. And lastly, there is just way to much going on.

This Jersey Is Terrible, First of all, Hockey isn't meant to be in the desert and second of all, The logo was terrible - CoolCat999

This is the worst jersey of all time in the NHL - anthonybecerra831

3 Los Angeles Kings Third Jersey 1995-1996

This jersey debuted by the Kings in 1995 only lasted one year. It had a terrible color scheme with gray, white, and black. - anthonybecerra831

4 Anaheim Mighy Ducks Third Jersey 1995-1996

These jerseys worn by the Anaheim Ducks were by far the worst ever in franchise history. They were worn for only one year. - anthonybecerra831

5 Vancouver Canucks 1978-1985

These jerseys worn by the Vancouver Canucks were the longest-worn jerseys on this list. - anthonybecerra831

Butt ugliest jerseys ever!

ugly logo

I think that these should be number 1 on gneral pricible

6 New York Islanders 1995-1997

The logo was what looked like an angry fisherman sometimes called the Gortman's fisherman holding a hockey stick in front of a net. - anthonybecerra831

7 Ottawa Senators 1930-1934

To be fair to the Senators, this jersey was worn in the early 1930s when there weren't many designs for jerseys. - anthonybecerra831

8 Montreal Canadiens 1912-1913

This jersey was worn by the Canadiens for only one year. Like the Senators jersey, we have to cut the Canadiens a little slack as they wore these jerseys in 1912. - anthonybecerra831

9 Dallas Stars Third Jersey 2003-2006

This jersey is the most recent of all the jerseys on this list and one of the worst. To begin with, the color scheme is a monstrosity. - anthonybecerra831

10 Boston Bruins Third Jersey 1996-2006

This jersey worn by the Bruins as an alternate jersey usually during matinee games was one of the worst in Bruins history. - anthonybecerra831

The Contenders

11 Colorado Avalanche Jersey 2001-2002
12 Vancouver Whitecaps Brown Jersey
13 Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey 2008
14 Los Angeles Kings Home Jersey 1967-1968
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