Worst NHL Players Ever

The Top Ten

1 Steve Buzinski (Goalie)

he sucks. and sucks. and sucks. I HATE THIS STUPID NHL PLAYER! he fails blocking everything! I hate this guy. such a sucker.

2 Connor McDavid Connor McDavid Connor McDavid is a Canadian ice hockey centre and captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League.

Diving mcdavid

Overrated pos

Won't fight manning because she is a big time bitch

3 Patrik Stefan (Forward)

He missed the empty netter! That wasn't a one-timer. He also was perhaps one of the WORST draft picks of 2000. With the exception of luke stellar, WHO ONLY PLAYED ONE GAME!

4 Andre Racicot (Goalie)
5 Jack Lynch (Defense)

he never gets the puck! what is wrong with this player? he rarely has the puck and when he does he fails! he should be the worst nhl player of all time!

6 Bill Mikkelson (Defense)
7 Warren Skorodenski (Goalie)
8 Alek Stojanov (Forward)
9 Jay Caufield (Forward)
10 Alexander Svitov (Forward)

The Contenders

11 Jason Bonsignore (Forward)
12 Vesa Toskala
13 Wayne Simmonds

It's not even hockey. I don't know what the heck he's doing out there. Only Wayne Simmonds could flush an entire season down the toilet because he couldn't stay out of the box. He avoids stupid penalties, flyers go to round 2, he couldn't do it because he just flat out sucks.

Don't take my word for it. Pick a game he's in and watch it. Any game. Count the dirty, cheap shots. Cast your vote. Thank you.

Can't figure why he's even playing.

14 Martin Brodeur (Goalie)

The fact that you hate him doesn't make him bad! Imagine if you had to play one hockey game for every dime in your bank account around the early 2000s and you could pick any goalie you want, who would you pick?

15 Alexandre Burrows V 1 Comment
16 Jonas Gustavsson V 1 Comment
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