Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.


Dora is ugly and is she blind or something? When their destination is right in front of her she asks you where it is. This ugly chubby girl gets on my nerves. And that ugly fat chicken is bigger than dora. He needs to cut down on the chicken feed. Oh and by the way what is that green lizard looking thing? And if I bought a pool of sharks, dora and her friends would be the first to use it.

The Animation of this show is worse than Mr. Pickles, Problem Solverz, Modern SpongeBob, Sanjay and Craig, Total Drama, and those YouTube Cartoons you see nowadays COMBINED! And not only that, but the characters are MINDLESS IDIOTS!

Dora is Blind and Deaf, and even though she can speak Spanish, CANNOT FIND WHERE A MOUNTAIN IS. She needs a bigger shirt so her belly doesn't stick out, and is very bossy, and yells all the time.

Boots is the monkey partner obsessed with boots, and is very whiny. All her animal friends are also stupid, those little insects and the marching band need to stop following Dora, congratulating her because she found a mountain right behind her, which she really couldn'tve done without the VIEWER TELLING HER WHERE IT IS!

Swiper is an idiot, who can easily be stopped by saying "Swiper no Swiping" which will never work in real life. In one Christmas episode, an older, meaner Swiper had learned from that, and the "Swiper no Swiping" doesn't work ...more

Dora is so fat, she has boobs. She and boots are quite annoying. dora and Michael jackson should have a dance off and I know Michael will win that contest. dora is kinda blind. my favorite part about dora the explorer is that swiper would always swipe dora's stuff away and break that stuff into pieces which will make dora cry forever and ever. my least favorite character is of course the main character. and every time she will go to the aquarium, she will go swimming with the jellyfish and get stung by one and go to the hospital. Dora is getting on my nerves!

So basically, I thought Dora was just a computer game. I mean, there's a giant arrow on the screen so, why not? Then Nickelodeon claims the show as theirs (like we really want it, ) and makes it even more idiotic than it should! The characters are one dimensional and are annoying as hell. The bull sounds like he's on crack, and Dora acts like the laziest ever. Just please cancel this show already, I prefer sesame street.

So here is why I hate Dora. In one episode her friend loses her soccer ball. So Dora says "Oh no my friends game is in a hour! Will you help me find her soccer ball! " Well Dora, lets think the game is in a hour. Oh! How about you just go to the store and buy a soccer ball! This is just so dumb. My friends and I love to make fun of this show at lunch. Plus, this used to be my favorite show when I was 3. Now, it is my least favorite show, and Nina needs to go is also one of the shows I hate.

This show is kinda violent for little kids. It shows to much of her body like her butt. But I mean I used to like this show when I was a kid but not anymore. It's terrible. Her head it huge. Her brain is small. It is crazy. The maker of this show needs to change a little bit.

So basically, dora is just a bad show. I ask people if they like dora and they always say "no". This boring junk is so dam annoying. I hated dora since I looked in the diary of a wimpy kid life book and dora was worst T.V. show. Dora is just so lazy. boots is such a dumb monkey. Monkeys don't even talk or wear boots! I would kill dora with my gun in the weener and she will never pee again. Wait, that makes no sense. And if I took dora to my next door neighbors house, she will get bit by the little white dog named "sam". What if she went on a date. she and diego argued about how smart they are. Diego won the round. I really don't watch this junk at all. It's a rip off of barney and friends but in Spanish. and if she walked backwards, she would bonk her butt into the most disgusting pile of fertiliazer (that's animal poop). Dora is so fat and is she blind or something? This girl is such an idiot. Please cancel this show, I prefer blues clues.

More like dora the spoiled brat.

I hate Dora, her voice is so annoying, she sounds like a 3 year old, there is a computer mouse on the screen, is it a computer game? She asks to find the little blue tree, she is definitely blind. She is also deaf because she asks you "Do you hear something? " and then I say: "Yes Dora! " Nick Jr. What were you thinking?! Thank god this show got ended in 2015 - PBSDoink2002

This show is horrible. If I could speak to characters I would most likely say boy are you blind? You start at left and end at right its simple as that. Not, 'oh no, I don't know what order it goes in, uh, middle 4 1? NO! This girl and whole concept is extremely idiotic. Negative 4 quintillion out of 10

Wow, Dora is so educational and kids think a monkey can talk and wear red boots?

what? What drugs were the writers on? This 5 year old has a shirt that shows her stomach and whats next? Shorts that show her fat disgusting ass?

That map song is so annoying.

Cancel the show, please! Forever

Dora is just basically rude and fat and ugly. it would be cool if elmo would kill her. it would also be cool if I brought a gun from star wars, I would borrow it and shoot her in the ass. and BOOM! She will be dead. I hope swiper would always swipe dora stuff and break into peaces. I'm sure that can make dora cry. boots would get the same thing. And igga, and benny.

This show is annoying as heck! I used to like it when I was 3 but after that, I started to like anime at 5!

Dora is a deaf and blind! When she was looking for Diego, HE WAS NEXT TO HER! What?! She asks where and she's like "louder"

Dang! CANCEL THIS SHOW please!

Dora is SO STUPID AND DUMB! Who ever put this on here is going to be in trouble.

Dora is a bad show! The episodes are bland and predictable. Dora herself is a plain retard. She can't see a mountain that's 3 feet in front of her and thinks you stop robbers by saying "Swiper no Swiping! " Just stop airing the show already!

I used to like Dora as a 4 year old but not any more I cannot take it the characters are stupid and the animation is bad. Sometimes my sister wants to watch it and I have to watch it because I have no choice.And her parents just let her explore without them, seriously? Please make some better shows nick Jr. Actually all of the shows on nick Jr. Are very stupid

Why bring Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls into Dora The Explorer? Anyway, Buttercup is a billion times better than Dora.

Guys, you need to listen. Dora isn't blind, she's teaching kids where things are, and having them guess. Seriously, this show is for kids 1-6. Not 1-48! If you don't like it, don't watch it! I agree with you on anything else. But this, is an outrage!

Thank goodness this show is 1#! :). Dora is sick, More like Dora the exploder!

Dora to be honest is the worst television Nick JR show I have ever watched. Like what? Who's says "Where us the scissors? " when the character obviously knows that the scissors are right next to her. Outrageous! I hate Dora in everyway possible.

Dora: Say Backpack. Me: Backpack. Dora: Louder! Me: Backpack! Dora: Even louder! Me: BACKPACK!

Talks to the audience like she knows nothing her best friend is a monkey her belly sticks out of her shirt her head is the size of a football leaves her house without asking and yells at swiper

"what idiots. Stop being a lowly keyboard loser, and shut up.". aw, poor little baby who can't stand the opinions of haters and needs help from his mommy to defeat the villains! Dora is blind and deaf and doesn't have the brains to see a bush. For example: Dora: where's the mountain? Me: ITS RIGHT THERE YOU IDIOT! (Shoots Dora) Dora: (survives) where's the the mount...tain... Yup, I'm way cooler than her. The only little kids shows I like are sesame Street, backyardigans, blue's clues, doodlebops, and wild kratts-trollsfan536

This show should of never been made the creator must of been drunk when they came up with this crap.

My gosh I hate dora I wish it was cancelled even my sister is watching it I rather let my sister watch disney.