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21 Blue's Room

Blues room was nowhere near as better as blues clues was

I mean this is okay but just a little spin off of Blues Clues. Just saying

I thought it was good. Helped Blue's Clues last one more year.

The only characters I could stand in this were Blue, (surprisingly) Joe, and Polkadots. Everyone else was annoying. - ItsPisces

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22 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Hope their tree gets chopped down by a crazy lumberjack

The animation is creepy but the plots are good.

You guys can hate me all you want but, wh n I was little, loved this show as a kindergartner. I agree the animation is not good and the plots are OKAY, but believe or not, this show brought me closer to my mom and dad and my brothers. At first, you guys will be like "That's crazy talk, this show just taught me how to blah blah blah" but NO. This show taught me how to be responsible and to love my family. And you might think this, but this show ISN'T SAPPY. The characters aren't SUPER SICKLY SWEET and believe or not AGAIN, some of them are pretty relatable. So go ahead and HATE ME AND THEOW ME IN FIRE! No one can change my opinion.

Parts of this show are just creepy

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23 Dino Dan

I like Doug the Pug on this Show. But those other characters are bullies. Corey is a lazy overweight kid who tries to bully Dino Dan into giving him a piggyback ride on the track. And Dino Dan's Teacher is mean. But Dino Dan himself does not make sense. He is a coward because every time he sees a Giant Dinosaur he runs. And that Cavemen episode is goofy. And that Time Machine episode is strange and Ricardo is scary. It's a strange show.

The kid hallucinates dinosaurs. He's clearly nuts!

I've never seen this show, but it looks like a stupid kid who will be eaten by a dinosaur in the future.

This Kid is insane! Clearly, he hallucinates crappy looking CGI dinosaurs and the only thing he likes or talks about is dinosaurs!

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24 Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy is an American children's television series based on the Lalaloopsy dolls from MGA Entertainment.

This show is for baby girls. - Andres

Should be called "la la STUPID". The eyes scare the heck out of me my sisters love this show for some odd reason and I swear this show made sense when I was 2!

Hate the toy and the show.

Those eyes are terrifying.

And yet little girls watch this show without a problem. - ItsPisces

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25 Mia and Me

Has/had no business being on Nick JUNIOR. Maybe regular Nick...
A boy with a crush on her? Girls being bullies to each other? The villains in the animated world are too scary for this age level. And don't EVEN get me started on her non-existent skirt in the animation!

I really think that this crap should of been on the hub channel instead of nick jr.

My daughter loves this show.. It's exactly how I found this site.. She wants to know why it hasn't recorded anymore. I was checking to see if it was cancelled.. Was it?.. If not when does this come back?.. I read on another site it might have been sold to another channel?

Another show about fairies and princesses. Ugh. When will there be a show with girls who are engineers or gymnasts?

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26 Go, Diego, Go! Go, Diego, Go! Go, Diego, Go! is an American animated educational interactive children's television program that originally aired on the Nickelodeon children's cable network in the United States and produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio .

That was already on the list gosh

Go diego go! is just the stupidest show on the planet it teaches you about animals for peats sake!

Sleep Diego sleep.

It's so bad it had to be listed twice... - Need4SpeedRacer

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27 Oswald Oswald

What! Oswald shouldn't be on here because he teaches you to always look both ways before crossing the street. - EpicJake

Despite is was not very long of a series, this was one of the best series on nick jr. - Connor360

This was a good show.

Why the hell is this show on here? This show was my childhood and I still kinda like it. Its way better than the crappy shows they air nowadays

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28 Maisy Mouse

This was a Noggin show, not Nick Jr (although they're the same now)

Dumbass this doesn't air on nick jr

I Want To Kill That Fat Rat - RockStarr

Never saw it and heard it

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29 Wallykazam! Wallykazam! Wallykazam! is an American interactive children's animated television series created by Adam Peltzman. The series was first broadcast on February 3, 2014 on Nickelodeon. In Canada, it is broadcast on Treehouse TV. The literacy series takes place in a colorful world resembling that of inside a fairytale, ...read more.

Ah my gad I hate this show. I especially hate the dumbo episode where the try to make the swamp monster laugh. I don't blame the swamp monster. He could have a great sense of humor, the problem is that Wally's " jokes" weren't even 0.1% funny

Yup. He is about as funny as staring at paint drying on a wall for 5 days - mayamanga

When you look at this, you realize Dora is a masterpiece! Dora teaches Spanish, Diego teaches about animals, Paw Patrol saves the day, Team Umizoomi teaches math, Blue's Clues encourages problem solving, Backyardigans encourages imagination, Blaze teaches STEM, (yes, STEM! ) and don't even get me started on how much Bubble Guppies teaches. What does Wallykazam teach? The alphabet and spelling. You look pathetic compared to everyone else, Wally.

Leaves his house without permission, his best friend is a dragon, and has weird teeth. I also hope you check out my list called "Worst Things about Wallykazam".

Frankly, the only likable character is Bobgoblin.

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30 Peter Rabbit

Moral of the show: it's okay to trespass and steal as long as you lie to cover your tracks.

Laugh out loud kids shows are supposed to teach yo kids good lessons about being honest and apologizing, but this show is bringing them the opposite lesson! The book taught that Peter is wrong, the show the opposite

They wrecked a really good children's story by making Peter a juvenile delinquent. Plus they have that one stupid folk rock song that they play like three times an episode. Ooh, Peter is running from someone because he did something jerky. Cue the amateur guitar ballad!

It is true. Peter and his friends do lie, steal and trespass. It teaches kids to do all this crap. What kind of kid would steal and trespass along with his friends and then lie so they won't get in trouble. The creators were drunk when they made this. Obviously this replaced franklin. Why would this be on T.V. , it teaches kids to steal, trespass. And to lie and lie horribly. Don't let your daughter or son watch this wad of crap. Cause they will have the same attitude as this group. I'm just saying.

I love peter rabbitšŸ°It's a great show for kids how is it a bad show? Its about friendship and adventures,taking risks, being brave, etc. Peter,Benjamin, and Lily each have different characters and personalities.it's a awesome show

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31 Julius Jr.

They tried to replace Ni Hao Kai lan with this. I don't understand how that monkey needs to be on there. And those goofy Animals who occupy him are horrible. They need to go down that slide and disappear. It's Horrible.

This show sucks! Ni Hao Kai Lan was a great show, It didn't need to be replaced. And Julius is a rip-off of that show (Forgot the name.) and the plots are useless - SheepBuggy

My siblings and I made this up: "We love/hate you Julius! " "What?! " This part is from It's Always A good time: "Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh oh! "

After this show came out I donated my Julius the monkey clothes - Ihateschool

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32 The Fresh Beat Band

I hate this show because it makes teenagers look bad

I think this is a OK show. But that new girl on there is a goofball and Harper the Pizza Man is strange. And in that one movie where that Greedy Businessman trys to take away Twist and make him a dinosaur is really strange. And also in that movie he got mad when twist betrayed him and he locked them in a room and prevented them from seeing Ne-Yo. And Musical Melody is a singing nerd. The Jr. Beats are idiots. I don't understand it.


This is a ripoff of the wiggles - Mrsantaclaw33033

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33 Mutt & Stuff

I honestly think this show is okay. The bad stuff is it's pretty annoying, especially the fire hydrant and the cats. Plus, why does everybody have popcorn at every ending?! The jokes they tell are pretty corny. But the good stuff is the dogs are cute, especially Zippy. I give this show a 3/10.

I've watched the show and my sister and little brother sometimes even pretend to be dogs, or in their case, doggies. THIS HYPNOTIZES LITTLE ONES! DO NOT WATCH THIS!

This show makes me want to kick puppies. And, I wish Calvin would, wipe that too-big smile off his stupid face.

This is for the dogs

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34 Barney & Friends Barney & Friends Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children from ages 1 to 8, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment. It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992. The series features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex who conveys educational ...read more.

I just hate this show. I want to shoot him in. The face

This is on nick anyway I wanna cut barney head off and make lions eat it and then tear apart the rest of his body.

It's pretty bad but it doesn't appear on Nickelodeon.

Barney is not a pedo.
PBS Kids is not in every single country did you know that? no

Now with a little sharp object write into your arm "I must not tell lies" because you lie about many preschool shows, either they are pedo's, blind and deaf, made by someone on drugs

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35 Zack & Quack

This show is just a pop up storybook, I mean things just pop up from nowhere. It's just so so so stupid and dumb. I just want to kill that dam duck.

I want to set the book on fire and they shall all die in hell

This show is the worst thing ever. My 3 year old brother doesn't like it.

This show should be on disney junior

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36 Little Bear

In 1 EPISODE while his grandmother told him a story about his mom when she was little and she looked in the tree hole and a big fat white owl looks her right in her eyes and hisses in her face.

Little bear is lucky to have a human friend named Emily because she would of ran away from that bear.

I am 100% sure everyone who says this show is terrible, is too young to be talking about this show... I remember eating butter and jelly sandwiches while watching this!

Is it me or did bear from franklin the turtle get a spinoff series?

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37 Pinky Dinky Doo

Pinky Dinky Doo is an stupid show and I don't like it anymore. I hate it when the girl's head turns big. Awful graphics, stupid scenes, and damn stupid things!

People thought T.V. couldn't get any dumber. Then this and other shows came along. Those people stand corrected.

Nah, it should be Stinky stinky poo.

Pinky Dinky Doo hates the color pink, and her name is Pinky and her hair is pink. - PBSDoink2002

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38 Max and Ruby

Max and ruby is a show about a stupid three year old bunny that is retarded and his big sister being so bossy and taking care of him. It is the same thing in every episode max bugs ruby that his toys are lost. Max just find it yourself shut up and stop nagging. I used to watch this show a lot but where are these kid's parents? It is only a grandma making appearances and max and ruby's parents do not. But I always wonder where are max and ruby's parents. I will give you guys a hint there is a hidden object in the living room. Above the couch you can see a frame. In the picture max and ruby are in it but I have a feeling that those two adults with them are their parents. I have a theory about max and ruby's parents. Here is the story read below for information.

Their parents were on their way to pick up ruby from the girl scouts. But suddenly crashed into another car. The parents died of traffic collision. So I don't know what max did it is unknown why max and ruby's parents are ...more

That was a little disturbing for me I don't know why probably because I'm in a room alone and I'm 10

Seriously Nick Jr? How become you should make a show about 2 bunnies that don't grow up and just do the same thing? Just end this show!

It was just so boring. I watched it as a kid only because my sister loved it, but I found myself exhausted by the way they used only classic scenarios from other shows. And that episode where the grandmother bought Max's mud pie made me approach vomiting! The way she looked at it... Just no

Hey haters, did you watch the parents episode? - Trollsfan536

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39 Happy Appy

I'm going to one day investigate this show after reading about it. Yes, I'm the same person who sometimes says "Excuse my French."

Happy appy isn't real.

This show contains gore and frightening scenes that aren't suitable for kids at all! - SheepBuggy

What's this show doing in here?
That Apple is made of clay murdering children off-screen.
And why does Happy Appy is a Nick Jr. show it's a lost show and how does Oswald, Wonder Pets and other good Nick Jr. shows
doing in this list. TAKE IT OFF THE LIST NOW! And take this show off the list too because you know it!

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40 Pocoyo

This show is what parents think is "good"to watch. But it's actully a crack addict!

YOU PEOPLE R NUTS! OUR WHOLE FAMILY LOVES IT! IT SHOULD NOT BE ON THE LIST! I think this teaches kids how to be nice to your friends and life lessons too. This has a plot and its a very well educated cartoon and it makes kid laugh. Whoever put this on the listbis wrong

This show sucks. Enough said.

Extremely good show!

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