Paw Patrol

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PAW Patrol is an Canadian animated television series created by Keith Chapman. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment with animation provided by Guru Studio. In Canada, the series is primarily broadcast on TVOKids, which first ran previews of the show in August 2013. The series first aired on Nickelodeon more.


This show makes adults look like baffling idiots who can't do anything themselves! Who would give dogs the responsibilities of protecting a city? And even more importantly who would give a CHILD the responsibilities of controlling puppies? People are in life threatining situations here, and your allowing an ignorant child to save the day with stupid puppies! Seriously?

I like this show! My little sister watches this and I love to see the puppies solve real emergencies, but I have one complaint. Why does a ten year old kid surround himself with a bunch of talking dogs, and Chase is always used, while Zuma only has three lines per episodes, all howling, barking, and laughing. But this show is good in writing (most of the time) and it has good morals and great examples of helping and/or saving the day. It has decent animation and is a good show for preschoolers. Sometimes I laugh at some decent jokes, like one time Rubble said, "Last night, I had a dream that cats could talk," and Skye replied, "Weird."

Thumbs up, Nick Jr.

Its not amazing it's not even good. It's like one big long toy commercial. Like they came up with a line of crappy dog themed toys then created an equally crappy show around them.

I was expecting this show to be about cute fuzzy cats and dogs that team up and fight humans because humans suck but no.. It's just talking dogs with bad animation saving these multi-colour animals. :/ That's kinda offensive to cat fans.. Why no cats? - SheepBuggy

One episode Alex didn't even know that a sea turtle belongs in the sea

He makes all the dogs come to the meeting when he only needs like 2 or 3

This is the ONLY show on nick jr. that is good, this is one of the good shows hence the other shows that have characters that run around like stupid idiots, like team umizoomi, like an Ice Cream Truck running late is NOT an emergency, but a lighthouse that got broke is an emergency, cause no one wants people to crash, and die a horrible death, 10/10, and NO grounding series out of it please, do it out of Milli, Geo, and Bot.

No. Blues clues and other old Nick Jr shows are good. This show is CRAP AND It's THE WORST! SHOW! EVER!

Delete this show now! NO PAW PATROL I rather choose Mutt and Stuff - TheAwesomeFire

Paw Patrol is really annoying My brother watches it and it drives me crazy. Chikaleta is so stupid, just a stupid chicken. Half of the time she is the one causing trouble. She has no brains. And The major, just really dumb. "You have to save my chicken! " NO ONE GIVES A CARES ABOUT YOUR CHICKEN. And the whole show's stupidity just makes me angry.

Like come on this show is amazing but Ryder thinks he's so cool where do they get this stuff like cars and and hair and there extricate bill I mean Ryder is homeless I think he steels this stuff like every car the dogs got they don't have money and Marshall needs to stop running what about there water bill I mean look at all the gadgets and they get in there suit there naked what do they do all day until there called

PAW patrol is good but dogs can't talk and their cars are made so they push buttons and pedals so yes they can drive.

Paw patrol... More like Paw Pa-Stupid. My name is Katie and they personally caught that name to make it a blonde girl wearing a dress with Capri leggings on a summer day. And those talking dogs that talk and their doghouses turn into vehicles and save the day on a stupid small island and say "pups" a lot, PLEH! Horrible! SCREW PAW PATROL! ITS WORSE THAN DORA!

I think PAW Patrol is the best cartoon on Nick Jr. It teaches kids good examples and wonderful morals this show should be removed from this page of worst Nick Jr shows. PAW Patrol rocks and should be renewed for more seasons on Nick Jr. 2 thumbs up PAW Patrol is number one on Nick Jr. PAW Patrol rules! PAW Patrol should be the most best cartoon on Nick Jr I love this show more than any other show on Nick Jr I want more PAW Patrol on the Nick Jr Channel timeslot I love PAW Patrol so much PAW Patrol is most amazing cartoon on Nick Jr It's so awesome I wish it could go on forever it's that great I am such a gigantic fan of PAW Patrol. It should go on forever until I die I love PAW Patrol so much it hurts

You are wrong, this show teaches nothing at all and bad morals, ENOUGH SAID! - awecool

Ok so first of all, dogs can't talk. My theory is all of it is just Ryder's imagination. When he wakes up, he will be like, "Pups? PAW patrol? " Then he will realize he is not living with six dogs who can drive, talk, and "save" people. He will not be living in the Lookout in adventure bay. He just lives in some random house in whatever town. Then he will have to sit in the corner and get over his traumatic past. JUST A THEORY.
Anyway, in newer episodes, the pups have competions against cats. Isn't that like mean. Not all dogs hate cats, I found. Seriously. Are you kidding me nick jr.?

This is an unoriginal Road Rovers rip off starring Justin Bieber. This is Justin Bieber of animation. This have lame morals like force is positive thing, make nonsense sounds for help, and overused annoying cliches. Their fans are stupid psycho sinners.

Should be higher. Maybe #3 or #4. No original ideas.Remember Road Rovers? Paw Patrol copied that and made it worse..

I remember when my little brother was in kindergarten he was OBSESSED with this show. Every time I wanted to watch SpongeBob SquarePants, I would only get to watch the last 5 minutes of the episode because my little brother would always be watching Paw Patrol. My parents were spoiling him and I don't think I can forgive him for that...yet - mayamanga

Oh my god. THIS IS THE WORST SHOW IN HISTORY! I have a long history with this show, just like L Ryan does with Oobi and how mrtyesvideos does with Strawberry Shortcake. I have sent a letter to Nickelodeon demanding Paw Patrol to be cancelled. I have also made The Society For the Cancellation of Paw Patrol. You don't know how much I hate this show that I have even made a law in my house that there is NO Paw Patrol Merchandise allowed. I have even LOCKED it from my T.V..

THIS SHAOW IS THE WORST this unstable town is basically not falling apart because an 8 year old and a bunch of English speaking puppies go and save everyone. Seriously this town is run by a retard mayor who doesn't hire any police force or firemen or EMC or any of that helpful stuff. Literally the 8 year old and his gang of puppies are more smart than the mayor. Whenever your in trouble just yelp for nick jr to PULL THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR.

YES! People call this like it's the best show ever on both nick and nick jr. It has some overrated stuff and everything about it sucks and it's not even cute. Get this in the top ten please. :(

Really guys you like this show this show is as bad as Dora and I hate it when he says his dumb catchphrase I wish this show was canceled really

I kinda like this show but 2 things that's stupid one puppy's don't drive 2 puppy's don't fly

What the heck how can you people like this show
Besides when ever there's trouble all they call are those stupid dogs
And no one is freaked out that they can talk

I love paw patrol in their biggest fan I don't get why it's even on this list so be quiet about it. It's awesome

I think paw patrol is a good show but the ting with chase and skye is just wrong

Paw Patrol is more like Rip Off Patrol, because Paw Patrol is a retarded, lame rip off of Road Rovers.

I HATE THIS SHOW! It's so annoying and super duper stupid and boring. It keeps on repeating like crappy nonsense in Nick Jr. This awful show is way too boring that it's easily 100% like to fall asleep instead of watching garbage. - s10484