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Peppa Pig should be right under Dora. The animators thought kids would like seeing a horribly drawn pig from google paint would be loved by all but boy, they were so dang wrong. Penis Pig I mean Peppa Pig is a rushed drawn ugly pig who lives in a rushed drawn ugly world with rushed drawn ugly people and her rushed drawn ugly family. The designs for the show looks like a 5 year old created the show in the first place. This show is the bane of my existence. I hope this horrible and ugly crap for a show gets cancelled soon as possible! - danielrulez123

There was an episode when they played a farting sound every time the chicken layer an egg

Ugh god this show. Where would one even start? Bad voice acting, bad teaching, bad animation... In one episode, they made fun of the dad pig's "big fat tummy", and sure, he is a bit chubby, but so is Peppa! He's the only one actually doing work, and supporting the family, but do they care? NO. Also, this taught the little one at home to point at people in the super market and say, "Look mommy! That man has a big tummy! He needs to stop eating chocolate cake! "

This show doesn't teach children anything other than that you'll alway get what you want, it's good to fight with your friends, and it's funny being a bully. Peppa is always bullying her brother and making him cry and making fun of her dad just because he's a bit fat (which she is too). She is always fighting with her friends and expects everything to go her way. And if it doesn't it's someone else's fault.

I hate when George cries for a stupid reason like that one episode where he cried just because he dropped a popsicle on the ground. And I think this show got cancelled in 2016 because there hasn't been any new episodes since then but I hope it has been cancelled because Peppa is stupider then Dora the Explorer and go Diego go (more like go Diego die)

But if the show has been cancelled I hope it never gets rebooted because if it does I will die.

It's a show that should ONLY be showed to children that know how to act properly.
And man/woman below me THEY ALL HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS. She isn't very nice, I'd say she's kinda bratty. She miss treats her little brother badly. She treats her friends just as bad. they need to show more healthy food. You can't have pizza and chocolate cake all the time. Now the new show made by the same people is called "Ben and Hollys little kingdom " it's way better. She is still a little bossy but she learns from her mistakes and treats her friends and parents well. Peppy is always calling her dad fat. I mean really peppy you can't talk you are too no offense

This show is the worst for me. It is so mean spirited, I hate the voices (and how they speak), and the animation is so bad. Another bad thing about this show is that their narrator is meant to make the kids stupid enough to not understand what's going on. All the narrator does is just repeat whatever a random character says and he just wastes time explaining too much in a way that makes children so stupid. It is so bad that this is Breadwinners: Nick Jr edition. Even for a little kids show, some of the episodes are torture porn like "The Sleepover" or "Picnic". But there's this ONE episode that is so stupid, mean spirited, and setting a bad influence to children. That episode is "Mr Skinnylegs".

"Oh, I'm Peppa and I'm the best! " THis show teaches kids NOTHING at all! Peppa didn't even get in trouble for being nasty to her younger brother and his friends. Nobody ever gets what they deserve!

Peppa pig was my childhood, and sometimes when I go to my dad's I like to watch it with my younger sister but here's the thing: Peppa pig is a selfish bossy little brat who fat-shames her own dad, puts herself before others, and bullies her naive little brother!

Is should be Number 2 under Dora the Explorer. I hate this show, especially the endings where everyone jumps in mud. Same dumb plot every time. Plus, Bubble Guppies is actually better than this crap.

Peppa pig is a annoying show and is so boring but Peppa is so bossy and called her family a lot of names so are annoying friends but Peppa pig and her brother George are acting cry babies I hate all the characters of Peppa pig

Peppa Pig!
For dumb children who don't know what Olivia is.
At least THAT taught morals! This show has
Peppa: A selfish pig who doesn't know how to share anything and doesn't learn from her mistakes
George: A worse Peppa, who along with all of the bad qualities of Peppa, but multiplied by 2, is also a whiny little brat who cries over anything!
The parents: Mummy and Daddy pig don't know how to teach their children anything, because they let their children do absolutely EVERYTHING, AND ANYTHING.
Narrator: Just overall plain stupid. Repeats things said by other characters CONSTANTLY. Just shut up!
Horrible animation! It looks like it was done by a second grader! Not adults! Even Olivia got it right, with actually detailed 3-D animation!
Voices: Annoying British accents! George barely says anything at all, and cries, and every time he cries YOU JUST WANT TO DIE.
Overall horrible show.

~TenorTen - TenorTen

How come Edmond talks and George and Richard do NOT talk? That's not right. - EpicJake

We're having bacon for dinner tonight. - SheepBuggy

I like this show sometimes (hallelujah), but how are little kids going to know the British words? Okay, yes, their moms or dads can explain it to them. But this teaches kids to make fun of people who are overweight.
Mummy pig is always saying "Naughty Daddy! " which is a bad influence to small children. Need I say more?

Peppa reminds me of Caillou and Ruby from Max and Ruby.

I hate this show so much! Needs to be at the top! I can't stand Peppa in this show, please send her back to the barn where she belongs!

This show is annoying! It was one of the shows that started all these inappropriate low-budget toy channel cartoons on YouTube! Not only that, but the show itself is a pain to watch! - Target

My 4 year old sister and her friends can draw peppa pig as well as she is animated.

Peppa Pig stinks I'd rather bang my head against a wall than watch this show - Neonco31

This show is a cheap ripoff of porky pig and olivia! I'd much rather watch olivia pig than pepper pig any day. I hope she turns into bacon just so I can eat her with pepper.

How come people try so hard to not hurt her feelings I mean like when she cries I just want to choke her and stab her

It is that the stupidest show I've ever seen my kids don't even like it

The show got canceled in Australia because it made kids friends with poison spiders

Peppa pig should be taken away to the barn where she belongs