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Team Umizoomi is an American computer-animated musical children's television series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons.


I think that this show is stupid as is, but on top of that it promotes sexism and teaches kids how to be gender stereotypical. The BOY can make shapes and build things and do really cool things. But what can the girl do? She can change the pattern on her flowery dress. And flop her pigtails around uselessly. It's ridiculous and sad that you teach kids at a young age how if a male shows any signs of weakness, he's gay ( which, by the way, should NEVER be used as an insult ) or a loser, or wimpy. And also teaches them that girls only like flowers and can do nothing useful besides matching the room with fashion.

Honestly this is the worst Nick Jr. show in my opinion. I don't know why I liked it as a child. It has bad acting, bad animation, and the special effects are terrible. Why couldn't they animate humans into their universe instead of making real humans perform horribly in front of a green (? ) screen? Plus the characters in this show are completely lazy and emotionless. Their emergencies can be solved by literally anyone else including themselves. For example, a girl is stuck in a treehouse, and a girl "needs" to buy a specific type of yogurt for her baby brother. Get your parents or call a firefighter instead of tiny animated characters! Plus this show is really boring, and everything is so cheesy. The voice acting, the music, just everything! I don't know how this teaches kids anything, or if it does in that matter. I bet it lowers their IQ or gives them a bad role model. I could go on for centuries, but I don't want this comment to be too long. - Powerfulgirl10

Ok so really team umizoomi. Um milly all she does is just do patterns and her dress changes and all she does is measuring her ponytails grow long. Oh and damn geo all
He does is build shapes. And their stupid robot friend bot he reaches everything he can't reach. And where are milly and geo's PARENTS!? It looks like geo and milly had found a tin green can and turned it in to a robot and poof! Bot is born. Milly and geo are probably orphans or they do not have parents at all. But that annoying dormouse does not let them go in and get something unless they solve something. Oh and those kids are spoiled and lazy to just do simple things in one episode a boy was asking them for help just cause he lost those coins and he really wanted sparklepup! Paw patrol teaches better things like real emergencies. After teamumizoomi has been on for over 4 years and plus it came out before toy story 3 and tangled! It needs to be cancelled now. that darn team is the same way as dora asking stupid ...more

First off, I defiantly agree with Team Umizoomi not making any sense. But Paw Patrol is a horrible show.

I just don't get Team Umizoomi. I don't understand why the Dump Truck keeps coming back for revenge and why all the kids have goofy looks on their faces when they look at the screen. And why did they consider a race a emergency? They also cheated in the race by passing each car in order to win. It makes them villains or greedy heroes. It Makes Dump Truck look like a hero. And the Zoo episode was scary. It's sometimes unusual.

Milli is blind. I mean she keeps saying omigosh where is it? And their name should be team stupidzoomi!

I hate this show. The characters have no special powers at all. Millie just changes her dress colour which doesn't do a single thing! Geo is just obsessed with shapes, that teaches kids nothing. Bot doesn't even make sense in the show! I don't understand what he is programmed to do at all! This show should be removed definitely. In fact, I could name a whole bunch of other shows which are better to watch. Anyway, this show sucks.

Team Umizoomi is absolute nonsense, I mean, just because a ice cream truck is running late, means that it's an emergency?!? Even in the intro when it shows kids have an emergency only because they lost balloons? Those lazy kids need to figure it out on their own! The only effect from this crap is that it brainwashes kids (if I have any) and makes them into absolute slackers. This show needs to be cancelled permanently.

An Ice cream Truck running late is Not an Emergency! A Flight Disaster is a Real Emergency! Team UmiZoomi insulted the TWA Flight 800 Disaster! - WilsonAsmara

Okay, if you are above age 6, then you pretty much automatically hate this show. Its about 2 mini people and their cooky robot, and they go and save useless things, like, "Oh no! No NUMBERS?! " And, above everything, the cast, especially the live-action ones, don't look like they care.

Ok so first things first bot is drunk! And that very ugly car is all ragged and brittled up we have to just beat up that car and the car 's voice is annoying as HELL! Also milly is dating geo! Who created this show it needs to be cancelled and the creators need to change a bit. All it is just about tiny midgets who save their city with their math powers. So their city is real life how in the world do they film this with all the kids and drawings cannot come to life. And also that buster dog is fake to he is not real!

This show sucks the kids are lazy it takes them like 2 and a half hours to do the simplest things like go to the store the kids are like NO MILK WERE ALL GONNA DIE man shut up just go get some at the store my god!

Nick Jr get RID of this show, keep Backyardigans and Paw Patrol, and maybe get rid of Dora The Explorer and maybe Go Diego Go. Is television supposed to be mainly educational? Sure, if it's kids shows. But you can learn things like that in SCHOOL. If Team Umizoomi were real, no one would call them for help. I certainly wouldn't.

Team Umizoomi! It's my baby brothers snack time and we don't have his favorite snack!

Enough said, show is absolute trash that doesn't teach kids anything. Tiny superheroes who go grocery shopping is what this is.

This show is childish because they make everything a huge deal. Imagine this:
Someone burned a house after stealing stuff from it. And living people are in the house, being tied up to chairs and tables and no one has called the police or the fire department. What do the team umizoomi do? They do NOTHING! And they say "That's not an emergency" and when there isn't any balloons in a party(that doesn't even need balloons). They go all "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY". How annoying and stupid, isn't It? The characters are cute and all, But It's just stupid - MLPFan

The super heroes are too short to save their city with their math powers, and the kids are too spoiled and lazy to do simple tasks like get milk from Walmart, Kroger, or what ever supermarket they go to. Instead, they rely Team Umizoomi to do the tasks for them. - Connor360

For the person who said it teaches math and stuff yes that is a good thing, but there is a better way out there then teaching kids to call 911 if the ice cream truck didn't come today.

Can anybody just step on them and end the madness?!

You're a real comedian! You should get an account and everyone would love you! - Trollsfan536

The plots are pretty dumb and/or boring in pretty much every episode, but the show itself is cute, and at least they teach kids stuff they actually will benefit from, like lots of math shows. My son learns so much from it. And unlike other "math" shows on Nick Jr, they don't just teach them counting and which number's biggest/smallest, they teach them measuring, and skip counting, things kids don't learn until like 1st Grade.

I'm not gonna judge the robot, but the boy loves blue and the girl loves pink and ballet and other crap... Oh, look, it's the classic girl/boy stereotype. Is this supposed to look appealing to kids? I don't really see any communities or anything about it.. - SheepBuggy

The creator of team unizoomi steals the creators of Mario And Sonic's idea. Why do they have to drive on a car it looks weird I don't like them. They were on the race with taxi's, trucks and there was a fire truck on the race it looks like Mario Kart. This needs to be cancelled because they suck like dora and they need to go to hell!

This show teaches kids NOTHING. Blame Nick Jr. when your kid goes into school measuring things with "UNITS" and thinking HAIR is a measuring tool

My little sister watches it all the time and it's so embarrassing and humiliating. How do those morons teach toddlers anything

I hate it

The heroes have dumb math powers and thinks something is an emergency. I mean kids that have no milk at a supermarket, a school, and at home? Just buy a different beverage you darn kids!

Team umizoomi is one of the most useless shows my 5 and 2 year old cousins won't watch it Oh no a house is burning down but the ice cream truck didn't come oh let's save the day for the kids who can't be patient and want everything their way the plot makes less sense then the Cleveland browns going undeafeted

This show is weird and makes your head hurt, the lack of knowledge and experience the characters have is irritating and makes you hate math, stick with blues clues, but not this

This show isn't showing kids what to do in an emergency, come on! If an ice cream truck is late, it' doesn't count as a real emergency!

I agree with you! This show insults Life Threatening Emergencies! - WilsonAsmara