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21 Ciara Bravo

She not funny and her acting is so sarcastic and she thinks she so cool and smart.

Better than Miranda Cosgrove or Ariana Grande.

I'am votes four you because you are the best friend anyone can ask for

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22 Olivia Lioi

Ma go to be on Disney channle. With with all my farinds who are famous

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23 Paola Andino

She's one of the best actresses on Nick, Sure she may have been a little croaky during season 1 of Every Witch Way, but on Season 2, her voice became more smooth and talented, GO PAOLA!

She's a good actress now, Way better than she used to be, and FYI, When you first saw Every Witch Way, You were seeing it's FIRST episode, yet there were many more to go, Plus, she trained acting at the age of 10. - nelsonerico

People, how can you be so cruel. She is so sweet. I love her from Every Witch Way.

I think Grachi is better but both of them are awesome. Paola is now a grearlt actress. She might be ugly but yknow rad.

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24 Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Phoebe Thunderman in the Nickelodeon series, The Thundermans. V 1 Comment
25 Brec Bassinger Brec Bassinger Brec Bassinger is an American actress, best known for her role as Bella Dawson on the Nickelodeon series Bella and the Bulldogs. V 1 Comment
26 Mace Coronel V 1 Comment
27 Logan Henderson Logan Henderson
28 Cymphonique Miller Cymphonique Miller Cymphonique Miller, known professionally as Cymphonique, is an American singer-songwriter and actress.

First off She is so NOT TALENTED! It's so stupid how she acts like she's sexy, when she's clearly NOT

She is so underrated!

29 Avan Jogia

Look good kind

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30 Isabela Moner Isabela Moner

She is the prettiest girl ever to live. Splitting ADAM, 100things to do before highschool, middle school the worst years of my life

31 Lizzy Greene Lizzy Greene

Can you it she was at the dog awards with her dog she's just like my classmate Carmen Tate who's named after Bizet 's opera Carmen golden globes oscars screen actors what is this 90 year old Monroe?

32 Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Umm... she's not a nick actress! she is on DISNEY!

She is a stupid twerking b**ch

33 Paris Smith Paris Smith

Paris Smith is a sweet girl and yet she's gotten much better, she was the brattiest character on television in Season 1, but in Season 2 & 3, she got better, because she's dating Diego, who she nicknames Proxy, P.S. Paris Smith started taking acting classes when she was only 5, can you believe that, compared to the other Nick actors/actresses who did only weeks training or no training at all, Paris Smith as well as the other actors/actresses of Every Witch Way have trained for years rather than weeks or no time, and yet they are better than the actors/actresses of the other Nick shows in a few years. - nelsonerico

Paris Smith is such a cute girl and arguably one of the best actresses on modern Nickelodeon, her voice is so cute and you will love it if you keep watching Every Witch Way.

All the actors from every witch way are terrible actors

They're natural and are exposing their natural talents to the world, they're the best actors since Drake & Josh and Ned's Declassified, or even House of Anubis.

34 Halston Sage

I don't like her role as grace on how to rock

35 Casey Simpson

How I met your mother guest star

36 Leon Thomas III
37 Riele Downs V 1 Comment
38 Ryan Newman

I'm not gonna lie I hated her before but now she's kinda growing on me I guess we can all say she's sweet and nice and her and jack griffo kinda look cute together

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39 Cree Cicchino Cree Cicchino

She is a great character in game shakers but just a very lame, unambitous person otherwise, I mean, she is okay talented

40 Buddy Harrington

He's too annoying and only cares about homework

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