Top Ten Worst Nickelodeon Moments

Here they are: The Top 10 Worst Moments of Nickelodeon.

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1 Reruns of Fanboy and Chum Chum

Fanboy and Chum Chum is one of the worst cartoons ever! No surprise, it's worse than Phineas and Ferb

Yes. Whoever make this list and put SpongeBob on here is stupid. - toy

Here's what Nickelodeon said after cancelling Fanboy and Chum Chum:

Nickelodeon: Duhh...! [retarded voice] We R 2 B Nickelodeon! Let's bring back one of our worst cartoons ever that everybody knowing and loving called; Duh! Fanboy and Chum Chum! *guffaws* We loving more and more Fanboy and Chum Chum! YAY!

Phantom Strider agrees that this show sucks

2 No More of Nickelodeon: Games and Sports for Kids

I wish I had more of Nick: Games and Sports.

They replaced it with the pointless NickSports block on NickToons

3 All Other Older Nick Shows Not Coming Back

I'm so annoyed that I was born in 2003. Wish I was born in the 1990's so I could watch the amazing T.V. shows you guys had. It's like when parents say "Stop using your cell phones! " I'm just like, you had stuff we didn't like good television shows. My cousin who's 23 told me that Nickelodeon and Disney used to be such incredible channels that would bring family together. But today, my parents yell at the television and say "Turn that crap down! " and I agree with them. The only good show today is Gravity Falls. I'm the Gravity Falls 1# fan! I watch Gravity Falls YouTube channels and I carefully watch the show to look for clues of Bill Cipher and I watch Alex Hirsch interviews! Wish every show was as good as Gravity Falls. By the way, for A LOT of people who don't know, Girl Meets World is a new Disney show coming out in December this year and it's going to offend a lot of the makers of Boy Meets World and the people who had watched that. OK, as conclusion, all I have to say is that ...more - maddyparrot22

I was born in 2002 and I'm sad I couldn't see much of the old shows but lately I have been watching them on YouTube and really like them and I also want them to bring old shows back even though I was born in 2002 and I wanted to be born in the 90's. same with Cartoon Network and Disney Channel - Pastakirby7

They seriously need to consider bringing back some of the old Nick shows all these new Nick Shows suck. - egnomac

To bad I was born in 2005 one year before Invader Zim was cancelled I never got to see it :( I really wanted to

4 Cancelling Invader ZiM

I want more new episodes of Invader ZiM.

This was my favorite show growing up - DrRyAn

Here's what nick said before canceling this.
Duh! (idiotic voice) Since not many kids liked this now means it will be hated in future. Lets rerun fanboy and chum chum or make more idiotic SpongeBob episodes with innapropiate jokes the fans will be happy forever!

They cancelled it because too many soccermoms were complaining.

5 A Lame New Logo

Yeah, when Nickelodeon changed their logo, things were already starting to go downhill.

Bring back the splat! Bring back the splat!

The splat logo was awesome.The new logo is too generic.

Oh Boo Hoo! Logos Change! It's Part of Life. - kcianciulli

6 The worst programming that will not go away

Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners are the worst shows ever my mom hates them too

1. Dora the explorer 2. Sam and cat 3. The haunted hathaways 4. Sanjay and Craig 5. Rabbids invasion 6. Bubble guppies that's my worst programming that will not go away.

Let's not forget The Haunted Hathaways and Dora the Explorer

Bubble guppies, sanjay and craig, rabbids invasion, DORA (i hate 2 most), The haunted hathaways, SpongeBob ( I hate most)

7 Making more new episodes of SpongeBob

SpongeBob could of had such a good name, if they cancelled it after the movie. They should cancel it. It had it's time, but now it just has to go. The episodes are bad, everybody is starting to hate it, and it's giving Nickelodeon a bad name. Derek Drymon just can't do SpongeBob. They should take it off, before it gets even worse.

It shouldn't be cancelled, it will always be Nickelodeon's most iconic show, They just need the original creator to come back, and then SpongeBob SquarePants will be good again.

At least the new ones are occasionally watchable unlike Marvin Marvin and Fred the Show.

SpongeBob was good until after the movie, what made it go downhill so much was because it's original creator, Steven Hillenburg, retired, and the writers + the new ones couldn't think of much to put on the show, and some of the newer writers put bad things on the show, such as splinters, toenails and suicide, Cancelling the show would in fact not help at all, the only thing that would help is that Steven Hillenburg needs to return, and he did, Season 10 will come in the coming years and will be the best ever.

I wish they ended the run after the movie. Or after Skill Crane. - Garythesnail

8 Cancelling All That

All That was one of my favorite franchises ever. But now, it's gone. The last two shows remaining from the All That franchise are The Fairly OddParents and Figure it Out.

All That was good enough, but it was going on for too long.

9 Incoroprating shows from DreamWorks Animation

The Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and Monsters vs. Aliens are boring. I know a lot of people love them.

Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs Aliens were lame. The Penguins of Madagascar was good though.

10 Over-Using the SpongeBob franchise

It's ok to overuse SpongeBob, but not the episodes that came out after the movie, those new episodes are dirty poopy crap compared to the old episodes.

Its all they care for.

The Contenders

11 Showing Big Time Rush

I voted for this just to share my opinion. First of all, what is wrong with Big Time Rush? I'm a big Rusher even now in 2017, and so are millions of people. The 4 main characters had to be good dancers, actors and singers in the first place. Not mentioning how many stunts there are in the show. When they weren't filming the series, they were either on a tour or recording songs for the new album. Second, why would someone put this on the list, and not all the stupid new shows like Regal Academy or Game Shakers? From Big Time Rush you could learn so many stuff, such as how far you can go if you just follow your dreams or that other people's opinions aren't important as long as you still have support. And from these new shows, all you can learn is more insults and butt and toilet jokes. In my opinion, this shouldn't even be on the list.

Good thing Big Time Rush didn't have a laugh track, but it was still stale & mostly relied on pop music and there's no plot. - nelsonerico6

There's a big time rush to get away from those jerks!

This show is average

12 Getting rid of SNICK

We want more of SNICK!

Eh, I was born in the 2000s so I knew nothing about this.

I'm a 2000's kid... I never got a chance to see it... *cries*

13 Cancelling Making Fiends

I want more fiends, Nickelodeon!

Making Fiends was the best Nicktoons original series.

I bet people will hate me when I say

I loathe this show. I'm being serious. I hate it with a burning passion. This cartoon is seriously screwed up. Plotting a murder on an innocent little girl. This is Nickelodeon we're talking about.

14 Getting Rid of Noggin

I even have tapes, though I'm not sending for obvious reasons. They were awesome! 2009 is my least favorite year T.V. wise.

My childhood... gone :'( - Chaotixhero

This should replace the spongebob shtick, this should be higher

Screw the CEO who thought it was a good idea to get rid of Moose A. Moose.

15 Game Show exploitation

Figure it Out is the last remaining game show on Nickelodeon.

Some of their game shows were decent

...and it's gone

16 Keeping Dora the Explorer on TV and not Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues was great. Dora, not so much.

17 Giving the green light to the Naked Brothers Band

I hate the Naked Brothers Band so much! That name is just way too terrible. The Naked Brothers Band is one of the worst musicians ever, next to Phineas and Ferb, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Alyson Stoner, Rebecca Black, The Jonas Brothers, The Wiggles, Hannah Montana, and other boring musicians.

The title sounds too inappropriate for Nick.

18 Nick Studio 10 Nick Studio 10 was a programming block on Nickelodeon which debuted on February 18, 2013 and ended on June 17 of the same year, never returning from a planned hiatus after one additional Labor Day special. It aired weekday afternoons during the traditional school year from the network's headquarters more.

This event makes us all scream in horror. All because of the fart in the jar song and the stupid interuptoins.

It interrupted shows, contained stupid skits, and showed people wasting food and abusing animals.

This show is just way too retartded.

19 Adding Worldwide Day of Play

I like the idea of having a day to exercise and go outside for a change, but there's one thing I just don't get: Why would Nick be promoting kids to go outside, when they really want to promote kids to watch their show? That just doesn't make sense to me.

Well, at least we still have Cartoon Network to watch... That is if they stop airing teen Titans go 1 million times a day

Yes I hate this I am not a fatty but I hate this all I just want to spend my weekends watching spongebob and playing games and going here not a man lecturing me to go outside

Screw that three hour trash - siguy

20 Letting SpongeBob win the most Kids Choice Awards for favorite cartoon

Jesus! How much more are they gonna give this show?!

Spongebob is taking over nick

HomertheSimpson is right, this show is overrated

It won in 2018 too! - ShopkinsLover

21 Giving Fred his own show

His voice sounds really squeaky and annoying. That's about it.

They gave him TWO shows, 3 movies, and made him guest star in shows like iCarly.

22 Reruns of True Jackson, VP, Big Time Rush, iCarly, and Victorious

All four of these shows suck! The writing is garbage, the fanbase is annoying, the characters have no lasting value, and I can't see the appeal to these shows, anytime soon. Get rid of them!

ICarly and Victorious went downhill, BTR is mediocre, and True Jackson VP I never watched.

23 Premiering Breadwinners

Has a stupid concept. I mean, seriously? Two lame ducks who shake their butts and deliver gross bread. Real creative nick, real creative.

Breadwinners is the most stupidest show ever because I don't watch it all the time

It's so dumb I only watch one episode and they go to driving school and when the teachers said get those books in your head one of the reatards put the big book in the other retards ear

It was a huge mistake for them to even GREENLIGHT!

24 Removing Korra

Korra shouldn't have been removed, Nick got rid of it because it lost a lot of viewers, but when Nick plays the bad shows and when they lose viewers, Nick keeps them running, Nick needs to stop with what they're doing and start making good shows and respecting fans again.

I don't know what they where thinking

I hate the avatar franchise all of it the last air bender Korra the DVDs trading cards that horrible movie release everything

25 Nick Cancels Victorous

I know this show is hate able but Nick cancels this show even know that its LAST episode is BARELY a finale.

At least iCarly had a proper finale, this didn't. - kcianciulli

They didn't even give it a proper finale.

26 Dora and Friends: Into the City Dora and Friends: Into the City! is an American CGI interactive educational animated television series.

It was not a good idea to give Dora a spinoff.

Awww man, I thought Dora was done for good

Yesss! I totally agree! #GetDoraOutOfTheCity

27 The Fall of Rocko's Modern Life (And the Rise of SpongeBob)

Seriously, what the hell were parents thinking?


28 Hiring Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Richard Pursel

The worst SB writers.

Tisk Tisk, Zeus Cervas also worked for CatDog.

29 Too Many Bad Shows Based Off of Movies and Video Games

I'm completely fine with them making shows based off of movies and games, but only if they know how to do it right.

Tak and the Power of JuJu enough said.

30 The Black Licorice Game

It made over 9,000 kids crap their pants for 18 hours after giving the black licorce to the kids who hate it! - meows

This game is creepy.

So true!
It is scary! - kitten2015

31 Injuring Pups Too Much In Paw Patrol

They doit so much they added marshall being a medic...

I don't see how that's a problem

I don't see that as a problem as much as everyone being just plain dumb. (Except the PAW Patrol themselves-most of the time) For example we have "Pups Great Race" in which Chickeletta pecks at a balloon's rope. Seriously, Chickeletta, you're a cool fowl and all, but must you always cause trouble? Except for being yellow, that rope looked nothing like corn.

And then there's Francois, who blatantly puts his own health at risk just so he could get a picture of a bird. I know it was a rare one, but it's no reason to almost get yourself killed! And if he dabbles in wildlife photography, he should know how to do it without tipping the bird off. - GraphiteTail

32 Canceling Robot and Monster

Why would they cancel such a smart show like Robot and Monster and replace it with a brain-rotting piece of crap like Sanjay and Craig?

Take this off the list, it was a horrible show, they cursed on one episode leading to the cancellation.

To everyone who keeps saying that they cussed on this show, please stop.

33 Cancelling CatDog

Thanks Nick, you just made my day. I'm kidding.


34 A Nickelodeon Version of "Watch Me" Being Created

The original version of Watch Me/Whip Nae Nae was bad enough. Do we need another even worse version of it?

Why. Just, why?

35 Shows that star Lucas Cruikshank

Personally I'm not a Lucas Cruikshank fan (sorry Cruikshank but stick to YouTube it's your fame home). The characters on both shows suck like the shows the only good characters are Bertha, Holly, Judy, Terry, Pop-Pop and Fred's Parents. Both shows suck.
Fred Figglehorn: SO ANNOYING WORSE THAN SECRET MOUNTAIN FORT AWESOME AND UNCLE GRANDPA AND THE PROBLEM SOLVERZ COMBINED. Fred is pretty much the biggest ass-licker anyway and by the way he acts, something is wrong with him. There is no proof that he's mentally disabled (I really apologize and no offense to the mentally disabled out there) but there is no way that Fred Figglehorn was born a normal-functioning person. You know what would've have made Fred the Show good is Judy returning and Fred falling in love with her again and if Fred was more mature but still humorous in that way but not annoying.
Marvin Marvin: WORSE THAN FRED. He acts worse than him and is more annoying and Unlikable. These characters are so Unlikable that ...more

I hate both Fred: The Show, and Marvin Marvin. Both of those shows suck. I'm just glad Nickelodeon had the brains to get rid of them.

Fred the Show and Marvin Marvin stink.

36 Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy & Chum Chum is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Eric Robles for Nickelodeon. It is based on Fanboy, an animated short created by Robles for Nicktoons and Frederator Studios, which was broadcast August 14, 2009 to July 12, 2014 on Random! Cartoons. The series was first more.

In I think 2008, The new crappy show Fanboy and ChumChum was not a major hit. It was everyone's worst nightmare.

This show killed the network!

37 The Age of the New Spongebob

The thing I hate the most about the new SpongeBob is the way they add too much detail into scenes. For instance, they'd show a picture after something happens. The picture would show SpongeBob looking like he had insomnia, he had hygiene issues, and he recently had a hangover.

In another example, they showed another picture of Patrick's back with hair sprouting out and his butt crack showing. It's really disgusting to look at and it makes me sick thinking about it.

In 2005, When SpongeBob comes back. Everyone hated it. Sure season 4 is pretty decent. But still. Its bad in the past and its bad today.

Is it 8 years old a year older than me I am age nine

38 Nick Jr. Joining Nick

Not a big problem

Due to there SPECIALS. They decide this: Nick Jr. : Hey Nick can we borrow your channel just that we can show kids with no brains our dumb special? Nick: * In a dopey voice* Duhh sure you can Duhh borrow our channel for big kids and little kids duh. I swear it felt like that Nick is getting even stupider.

39 Canceling Blue's Clues

I thought I was the only one who thought that replacing Steve with Joe was bad. Joe is a lot more annoying and creepy. Whenever Blues Clues would come on, I'd look at the year before clicking it; to make sure it was Steve. If it was Joe, I'd automatically go find something else.

Replacing Steve with Joe was bad, putting this show off air was worse. - Connor360

When they replaced Steve with Joe it went downhill

I actually like joe - ShopkinsLover

40 The Justin Bieber Episode on True Jackson V.P.

Wait, he guest starred on that show?

41 Snoop Dogg Guest Starring on Big Time Rush

I have no words

Ohhh nooo... Not the dawg

42 Not Cancelling the Fairly OddParents

The new Fairly OddParents isn't so bad compared to most other shows, but not the best and not as good as the old episodes. - nelsonerico6

They might cancel it since it got shafted to Nicktoons

That is an ok show, it's not too bad.

43 Making React To That

A YouTube-imported piece of crap that premiered on December 15, 2014 instead of the scheduled premiere on January 1, 2015, it has no plot and one of the Every Witch Way characters is on it, which puts Every Witch Way in danger of being cancelled too soon and it is a stupid show like the others compared to Every Witch Way.

Another YouTube-imported show set to premiere on NY's day, 2015, it will put an end to Every Witch Way, which is literally one of the best live-action comedy shows on Nick that beats every other Nickelodeon sitcom, Maddie will star on it, please vote.

Crap imported from Youtube

44 Premiering Blaze and the Monster Machines

A copycat of the Dora shows and Thomas & Friends or Cars, Nick seems to rip off shows pretty often.

Why does everyone say it ripoffs Dora, Thomas, and Cars! it doesn't! It still sucks though

45 Cancelling Drake and Josh and Zoey 101

I don't know who posted this topic; but I liked Drake and Josh; but I wasn't that much of a fan of Zoey 101

They had to end at some point.

46 No reruns of Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon

Nick needs to have reruns of Every Witch Way between its seasons and after the series finale, there are only reruns a month before a new season and they air on TeenNick, which is for teens and Every Witch Way is for ALL AGES!

They could not show reruns of it because it's a story arc based show and reruns of a random episode could confuse viewers

47 Every Witch Way's seasons last 1 month long

Nick needs to make Every Witch Way run longer seasons and maybe even air 2 episodes a week, the seasons are too short and the weekdaily format causes a stir of controversy among fans.

That inspired a lot of one-month dramas on Nickelodeon such as Make it pop

48 Becoming owned by Viacom

That makes no sense man its already is even in the 90s

Viacom sucks.

49 Not censoring inappropriate SpongeBob episodes (The Splinter, House Fancy, etc)

Episodes like One Coarse Meal should get removed.

One Coarse Meal needed the most censoring, Mr. Krabs treated Plankton to suicide and that is not appropriate for any age, The show got messed up.

50 "Angel" Adam Sandler


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