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21 Blaze and the Monster Machines Blaze and the Monster Machines

This show rips off Cars and the Dora franchise. - nelsonerico6

A rip off of Cars and All of the Dora shows, it's basically a horrible piece of crap, why would preschoolers like/watch this, it's so stupid and overrated.

This show is a rip off of Thomas and Friends as well as Dora the Explorer.

This show is on for like 3 hours a day it's so annoying, all I want is to watch sponge bob but now I can't because other shows are taking up space

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22 Choosing Fanboy & Chum-Chum over Adventure Time

Oh really! Nick got an very nice offer and didn't take it. Adventure Time is a popular show on Cartoon Network and with Gumball makes Cartoon Network at least watchable. IT SAVED Cartoon Network from being trash loaded to the garbage dump. Nick though took Fan Trash and Chump Chump. That show sucks and that show was the ultimate Nickelodeon Downfall. Nick lost popularity by a lot. Nick, what happend to Old Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron, and Doug, Rocko and Invader Zim. Just because some idiots say that's inappropriate doesn't mean you have to replace it with crap and now you gave your special oppurtunity to at least get a watchable show and just pissed it to Cartoon Network.

Nick is now like a dry tree, just barren, which used to flourish and all the birds and animals enjoyed it. Now it is dry, lonely and dull, it is gray with none of the beauty which used to make it enchanted. Now it is ignored by the animals, ignored forever, with no hope.

Which leads ...more

Nickelodeon, HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?! I knew you were offered AT, but I didn't know that the reason you didn't air it was because you chose ' FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM over it. Adventure Time is one of the best shows ever, and it's certainly my favorite show ever. Now you are airing Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, and other sucky things? Adventure Time could've saved your channel, Nickelodeon, and you blew it!

This should be number one. Rejecting Adventure Time sent Nick back five years. Cartoon Network got the upper hand due to shows being attracted to it due to Adventure Time's popularity. Had Nickelodeon chosen Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Steven Universe would all have been on the channel. 2010 is a year that will live in infamy for the channel. Nick's dead and Adventure Time's success killed it.

Oh Well. At Least Adventure Time Is Saving Cartoon Network. That's Better Than Just Not Putting It On Any Channel At All. That Would've Been Even Worse Because We Wouldn't Even Get The Chance To See The Show.

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23 SpongeBob Continuing After the Movie

Having Steven Hillenburg retiring was bad, but it has been reported that he will return this year, that will bring the old SpongeBob back to life.

I don't want SpongeBob to get cancelled. I want the episodes to get BETTER!

So what? They can do that if they want!

I hate the new season sponge bob more like Eugenie vs Sheldon (Mr. Krabs vs Plankton.) The jokes are dumb and it featured the worst episode, Spongebob vs the goo.

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24 The Cancellation of Rugrats

This was a classic for crying out loud, A CLASSIC! - Connor360

Rugrats got cancelled because of spongebob's fault - lincolnloudness

I like this show, but one episode had a bad ending, which made me like it less.

I watch this show every night before I go to sleep. Maybe because it puts me in a state of mind where I don't have to be thinking like an adult.
I have every single episode
Thank you

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25 The Cancellation of Danny Phantom

Such genius.. Destroyed... and replaced with absolute TRASH! :(

This show was awesome why was it cancelled

I miss this show so much! :(

Oh, shut up about this, this crap should cancelled. Danny Phantom is crap! 😾 - ChatNoirFan18

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26 Breadwinners Breadwinners

Seriously, Nick, were you even trying with this show?

I know it's the worst

The only thing that's bad about it is all the butt jokes and horrible humor. If they got rid of all that, I would actually like the show.

Why does this show EXIST?

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27 Moving The Legend of Korra online

Putting The Legend of Korra online instead of playing it on Nickelodeon is a dumb thing for Nickelodeon to do, just by dropping ratings during the third season, how stupid of Nick, Korra got ruined.

Killing the series was the worst thing they did.

It is on nicktoons.

Legend of Korra sucks - mayamanga

28 Replacing Jimmy Neutron with Planet Sheen

When Planet Sheen got announced everyone got kinda exicted. But the results we got was horrible.

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29 Looking for Shows Off the Internet

Same thing as importing YouTube. - nelsonerico6

This is where Fred the show came from, and also the worst nick show of all time, breadwinners.

30 Firing John Kricfalusi from the production of "The Ren & Stimpy Show"

I don't care if Ren and Stimpy was inappropriate. I still like the show.

The guy who fired him is EVIL & STUPID & the boss needs to get fired as well.

The Ren & Stimpy show was so violent and inappropriate that he had to get fired. - nelsonerico

I wish that boss gives a creator a chance rather than getting fired.
I think it was the writers not the creator himself

Take this off the list please, that was a good decision because it was not appropriate for kids, it was an adult show like Family Guy.

31 No longer rerunning older Nick cartoons on Nicktoons

I wanna see reruns of Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocko's Modern Life again!

They have the Splat on TeenNick, but there has to be more than just that. I hardly see any of the older shows playing (ex. Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Avatar, etc.). When they do, it's usually at like 3 or 4 in the morning, and no one wakes up that early.

Rocko's mod life, danny phantom, invader zim, jimmy neutron etc they were pretty much the whole reason nick was awesome but the annoying thing is they never show reruns at all! They just replacing all the old shows with stupid, retarted new ones like Henry danger, thundermans, Henry danger, Nicky Ricky dicky and Dawn, haunted hathaways etc instead of rerunning the old awesome ones on nicktoons this is the 1# thing I hate about Nickelodeon. This is one of the worst choices nick has ever made!

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32 Reviving Ren and Stimpy

It was revived into the Adult Party Cartoon, which sucked and was horrible.

Adult Party Cartoon was horrible. I can't believe what I've just watched. - Powerfulgirl10

Adult Party Cartoon is horrible!

Adult Party Cartoon has nothing to do with Nickelodeon. - ad48

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33 The Cancellation of Making Fiends

A show that was able to combine sickeningly sweet themes with darker, more grim ones at the same time. With the right amount of character development to make it well-rounded, but keeping the show from becoming too focused on that aspect. This show was funny, imaginative, and simply brilliant.

So bring it back already.

You know a show was wrongly cancelled when there are die hard fans after only six episodes. Very stupid of nick! This show had such amazing potential! - keycha1n

I LOVE MAKING FIENDS SO MUCH, and after 6 episodes, Nickelodeon has cancelled it! This is worse than Cancelling Invader ZiM.

I literally loved that show. It was so funny. - Powerfulgirl10

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34 Replacing the original Every Witch Way directors with Clayton Boen

WHAT THE HECK! This is not relevant. - nelsonerico6

This is SO irrelevant, this is unrelated to the worst things that Nickelodeon has ever done, in fact, changing the director of this show wasn't even a problem at all. - nelsonerica

The person replying is trying to get this off the list because it's not even relevant, no one even minds getting Clayton Boen the new director, and I know that Invader Zim beats Every Witch Way all the time, but both were better than anything we have on Nick now. - nelsonerica

This is irrelevant, please take this off the list.

Not even related or a big deal about what Nickelodeon has done.

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35 Cancelling Shows Like El Tigre, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Making Fiends, and Edgar and Ellen

These shows were basically my life, I lived and breathed these shows as a kid. Nick is retarded for cancelling these shows and now they're paying for it by making crappy shows that get crappy ratings (but I think that's changing since I just saw el tigre on nicktoons every once in a while)

Even now, I watch these cartoons very often, because the older cartoons could be interesting and funny without being inappropriate and disgusting. That is what makes these cartoons much better than the newer ones! - Elric-san

The reason for Jimmy Neutron's end, was because DNA Productions (the people who make jimmy neutron) filed for bankruptcy.

El Tigre was SUPER underrated. No-one even remembers it in my school!

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36 Nick 10 Studios

This has to be #1 or near the Invader Zim cancellation, all they did was interrupt the shows every 15 minutes with their crap and they dropped Nick's ratings by 30%, and that led to the end of kids television until Every Witch Way, which revived the network, but when that show ends or gets cancelled (if it does) Nick will go back down and keep going down till it's dead (especially after the SpongeBob SquarePants series finale). - nelsonerico6

Ugh... I couldn't STAND Nick 10 Studios! All they do is interrupt the shows with kids doing idiotic things. I will never forget the time when the Campfire Episode of SpongeBob was on and they interrupted RIGHT AS THE CAMPFIRE SONG CAME ON. When the Nick 10 Studios interruption was finally over, the song was over, which really ticked me off. But anyways, I'm SO glad that they cancelled it! But still, even with the cancellation of Nick 10 Studios, Nickelodeon is still going way downhill.

THE WORST THING EVER. They interrupt shows such as The Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob Squarepants, and show an annoying video. I remember once I was watching band geeks, and they were going to sing sweet victory, but then nick studio 10 came on, and SOME PATHETIC VIDEO CAME ON. And when the episode came back, I missed 3/4th of sweet victory. luckily they cancelled nick studio 10, THANK YOU NICKELODEON, for doing something good for once. - Catacorn

37 The Cancellation of SpongeBob SquarePants

Hoax, the site was a satire site, take this off the list please.

Steven Hillenburg just needs to return in order to make the show good again like it once was during the 1st 4 seasons, if it gets cancelled, then Nickelodeon wouldn't even be popular anymore, it would be gone forever and we wouldn't have anymore family & kids' channels, also Disney Channel is falling apart and soon Gravity Falls will be cancelled because the Disney Channel workers are greedy and so is our society.

Umm... SpongeBob SquarePants Didn't Get Cancelled! I Have No Idea What You Guys Are Talking About.

It's still on the air. They're making new episodes. This is a hoax. - Powerfulgirl10

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38 Applying the TV-Y7 audience rating to Breadwinners

Breadwinners should have been T.V. -PG or T.V. -14, because it has loads of adult content, such as butts and twerking, it's stupid and Nick has no idea whatsoever. - nelsonerico6

Should be rated N for no one. Nobody should be watching this heap of trash :/

It should've had a T.V. -14 rating, just like Sanjay and Craig, it had too many butt jokes. - nelsonerico6

Should've been PG. - Powerfulgirl10

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39 The Cancellation of 100 Things to Do Before Highschool

Well. That was stupid of Nick. After that, there are no more good sitcoms.

This Show Taught Lessons.
How to have fun and be yourself.
SHAME on you Nickelodeon for CANCELLING this MASTERPIECE!

40 The Cancellation of Harvey Beaks

Seriously. They suck now!

WHY Would Nickelodeon Cancel This?!
Seriously, they might keep cancelling all the good shows.

At least The Loud House is running more seasons, and it's definitely better.

But Still, Why? (Probably another cheap trick to rebel against fans).

You guys got it all wrong! Harvey Beaks just came out of nowhere and almost made Nickelodeon worse when SpongeBob was already improving! THIS move is one of Nickelodeon's improvements. Partially due to the fact that I despise Chowder! Chowder was one of my least favorite Cartoon Network shows, and I don't understand how people would enjoy this show! Harvey Beaks IS just as bad as Chowder, and it didn't do anything new, it just made Chowder haters, who are also fans of Adventure Time and Regular Show, very angry, the way Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners did! Nickelodeon was improving a bit when shows like this are getting cancelled, but now, they have the Loud House, and oh god! WHY DOES THAT SHOW EXIST TOO?!

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