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61 Keeping Dora the Explorer On TV and Not Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues (Steve version) was ten times better than Dora will ever be - Connor360

Blues Clues was ten times better than Dora will ever be. - Connor360

Blues Clues was way beyond infinity times better than that Dora the Explorer crap.

Why did they have to do this?! Blue's Clues was a classic! - Powerfulgirl10

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62 Fred: The Movie

AGH! Fred has the MOST annoying chipmunk-like voice in the world! I absolutely hate Fred Figglehorn. I hate this film as well! But "Night of the Living Fred" and "Camp Fred" are even worse. I know Kevin hates Fred, but all he ever cares about is himself an being superior.

Night of the Living Fred wasn't as bad as the others, it was more exciting in comparison to the other movies & the show.

I somewhat like how Fred screams, and his dad is John Cena! Duh duh duh duh! His mom, I don't really know... I don't like Fred that much. His voice is so annoying. Even more than Alvin, which I like.

Fred Figglehorn + Coffee = WE'RE ALL SCREWED!

I am very sorry to say that I actually love all the Fred movies. I can make a loud chipmunk voice just like him!

63 Replacing Nearly Everything Good With SpongeBob

SpongeBob is great, well the first 4 seasons were. - Garythesnail

Well, when you think about it, Avatar, Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life (the three best shows in Nickelodeon history) were all cancelled to make room for SpongeBob. - xandermartin98

It will be very good to give the old scholl episodes back

This should be higher. What was Nickelodeon thinking?!
New episodes I dislike:

SquidBob TentaclePants (Too gross, especially the ending)
Pet Sitter Pat (Patrick tortures Gary and doesn't even realize it)
A Pal For Gary (SpongeBob is an idiot and punishes Gary for nothing)
The Splinter (Way too gross)
Face Freeze (Creepy faces, not funny at all)
House Fancy (The toenail scene is the only problem)
The Gift of Gum (Patrick give SpongeBob a ball of gum and it gets everywhere.
Krusty Dogs (Way too many penis jokes. How immature are these writers?! )
Krabby Land (Mr. Krabs cares about money even more than customer satisfaction)
Kenny the Cat (Pretty boring, still cute)
Wormy (These idiots think a harmless butterfly is a terrifying monster)

New episodes I like:
Lost in Bikini Bottom (Best ending ever, actually a good episode)
Planet of the Jellyfish (Interesting and cold)
Whale of a Birthday (Funny, has a good ending after a bad ...more

64 Rerunning Sam & Cat

This show is so bland, the plot of 2 babysitting girls is boring, the laugh track is too much annoyance, Please remove the show from this channel.

Sam and cat is kinda good and kinda stupid. But Dan is doing pretty decent with Henry danger

This show isn't bad. I like it. Don't even think about calling me a retard just because I like it. It's called an "opinion! " We all have opinions.


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65 Applying the TV-G audience rating to iCarly

My mom has not understood how inappropriate this show is, seriously full of pornographic flicks on it, thank god this show isn't on production, but Nick needs to take those reruns off.

ICarly is so stupid and lame, there is nothing interesting about it, it's just jumping and screaming around, talking about rotten food and hobos, and Sam's breast was exposed in one episode in the makeup department and she even dated Freddie, that is too dramatic and there would have been a chance of Sam & Freddie having sex and giving birth to babies, what a disgusting show, glad it ended. - nelsonerico2

I have watched almost every episode of icarly and except for the dirty joke have not seen any porn in it or inappropriate images in it

ICarly should have been rated T.V. -PG, it is totally not suitable for kids, there were sexual lines and violence increasing as the show went on, not Nickelodeon appropriate.


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66 Fred: The Show Fred: The Show Fred: The Show is an American television series, created by Lucas Cruikshank that originally aired on Nickelodeon, in the United States from January 16 to August 3, 2012. It was cancelled after the first season due to low scores.

Fred's voice is is annoying.

I somewhat like how he screams.

Lucas even regretted working for Nickelodeon. - kcianciulli

Not as bad as some of the other shows Nickelodeon put on.

67 Giving Sam & Cat a TV-G rating

Sam & Cat shouldn't have had a T.V. -G rating, it should have had a T.V. -PG rating, there is toilet humor on it, although not as much as iCarly, there was also violence especially in the finale which kids shouldn't look at.

I like Sam and Cat. Why does the rating even matter?

Sam & Cat did not deserve to have a T.V. -G rating, it should have had a T.V. -PG rating, it was violent and contained toilet humor, which is disrespectful for Nick, the lessons, quality and acting were bad.

Sam & Cat should not have had a T.V. -G rating, it should have had a T.V. -PG rating, it was violent, a girl was attacked by Cat, there are bad lessons that kids would not find friendly.

68 Exposing a woman with a big breast on Oggy & the Cockroaches

This just crossed the line. She's wearing nothing but a tiny blue thong. Seriously, what was Nickelodeon thinking?! That is way too inappropriate for children. I never noticed it though, and I'm 11. I saw a picture of it on Google, though. It went to a website that said parents got angry that there was a picture of a naked woman with big boobs. What is wrong with Nickelodeon?! The lady also looked ugly, too.

I can't believe Nickelodeon managed to get away with that scene. I mean, it's a naked duck-woman with massive boobs. Need I say more? - Powerfulgirl10

We all knew that Nickelodeon was turning bad but we never expected something this bad to happen period, in one episode of Oggy & the Cockroaches, when Oggy opened the door, a picture of a naked woman with a giant breast appeared and shocked the kids who watched it, this caused major controversy among kids who go on Nick, it is considered, by far, the biggest and most shocking innuendo in the history of Nick, this is why the episode got banned, this is the dumbest move you ever man.

We all knew that Nickelodeon was turning bad but we never expected something this bad to happen period, in one episode of Oggy & the Cockroaches, when Oggy opened the door, a picture of a naked woman with a giant breast appeared and shocked the kids who watched it, this caused major controversy among kids who go on Nick, it is considered, by far, the biggest and most shocking innuendo in the history of Nick, this is why the episode got banned, this is the dumbest move you ever made Nick.

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69 Cancelling the Fairly OddParents

The old series, but it went downhill in 2009. - nelsonerico6

It got renewed for a 10th season, which will also be crap.

One of the only good shows left, and it got cancelled. Sure, it's not as good as seasons 1-5, but be honest, would you rather watch modern Fairly Oddparents, or Fanboy and ChumChum and Planet Sheen?

70 Playing Henry Danger on Nicktoons

Nickelodeon Doing That Kind Of Mistake Pretty Much Proves That Nickelodeon Is Just About As Dumb As Cartoon Network Would Ever Be. Maybe Even Dumber.

Nickelodeon You Seriously Have No Idea How Stupid You Are. Yes Nickelodeon You're That Stupid.

Nickelodeon Why In The World Would You Put A Live-Action Show On Nicktoons?!

I don't give a crap.

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71 Putting G-Rated Programming on TeenNick

TeenNick is for tweens and up, and they put shows on it that are for all ages, such as rerunning some of the 90's are All That, and Every Witch Way, it totally messed up the network's audience.

So what?!

This is a dumb mistake, disrespecting the channel's title and audience.

With reruns of shows like Ned's Declassified and 100 Things to Do Before High School.
TeenNick is supposed to be for Teens, and they're rerunning little kids shows on it.

This is like putting live action shows on Nicktoons, again disrespecting the name.

Not to mention that they're rerunning the old nicktoons on TeenNick with the Splat, and that includes little kid shows.
Even little kids watch those shows, and we know TeenNick is not a kids channel.

72 Cancelling Drake & Josh for iCarly

Drake & Josh was one of Nickelodeon's most funny shows, it had jokes everywhere that made teens & adults laugh, it was a funny show that no other could compare to, although Ned's Declassified was more than half as funny, but after only 3 seasons, Nickelodeon decided to cancel it just to make room for iCarly, which was very boring and stupid, yet had a lot of sexual content and overused jokes that were not funny, Why did Nick have to cancel Drake & Josh? Maybe for MONEY!

Drake and Josh had to be cancelled because they were getting too old to keep the show going on and if they stayed on the show longer than it wouldn't be fun anymore,so therefore it's not Miranda Cosgrove fault for starting her own show. The reason why I say that is because if she played as Megan forever then she or Drake and Josh wouldn't be the same no more.

I actually like both.

73 Wits Academy Wits Academy WITS Academy is an American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on October 5, 2015 and ended on October 30, 2015. The show, a spin-off/sequel to Every Witch Way, was announced on February 25, 2015, and is created by Catharina Ledeboer, produced by Viacom International and more.

At least it's better than the shows with too much body flesh, boogers, barf, farting, pee and poop, as well as shows with too many laugh tracks and racism, along with the suicide jokes on SpongeBob.

WITS Academy was a good show, so this should be changed into "The Cancellation of WITS Academy".

It was better than most of the crappiest shows on Nick, and unfortunately, like with many good shows, it got cancelled shortly after it first ran.

With crappy special effects, poor writing, and cheesy lines, this is one of the worst shows I have ever watched.

74 Pig Goat Banana Cricket Pig Goat Banana Cricket Pig Goat Banana Cricket is an American animated television series created by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan for Nickelodeon.

The current worst cartoon on Nickelodeon right now, it sucks.

A.k.a uncle grandpa rip-off

75 Nickelodeon Studios closing

It tells us that Nickelodeon is coming to death and SpongeBob is the only show that will save them.


76 Closing Monkey Quest V 1 Comment
77 Canceling The Jungle Movie

AAHHH! I was so mad at dem people! My favorite show is Hey Arnold! But I head that next year they are going to premiere it!

They just stopped for a while. Left it abandoned. While the pushed out a.. eh ok movie of Hey Arnold! But the staff came back and is now working on the movie. I wonder how the voice actors sound like now. Mabye they need new voice actors?

They changed their mind and it's coming out on T.V. in November 2017 - ConorDooley

It's coming out this Thanksgiving. - kcianciulli

78 The Cancellation of WITS Academy

Why is this 115? It should be in the Top 30. That was so stupid of Nick!

WITS Academy was a great show, it was a spin off of Every Witch Way, which was also a good show, it had a good first season, it was having a marathon of its first season to get ready for season 2, but then it got cancelled.

What was Nickelodeon thinking? Every Witch Way ran all the way through, with 4 seasons, but with WITS Academy, it didn't even make it after the first season.

This shows us that Nickelodeon is still screwed, they still like to cancel good shows so that they can keep making more money, yet many bad shows today get low ratings and keep running for more seasons, but this one got cancelled, even though it got good reviews compared to Every Witch Way, so this means Nickelodeon still doesn't even care about their fans, but money, they're too desperate and don't want to have the wisdom or hearts to respect any of their fans, so all they want to do is shove their worst shows towards children's faces and play around with money, they're really screwed.

79 Overusing Magic

Nick can't stop making shows with magic, they use magic in shows too often these days.
Back when Winx Club and Every Witch Way were made, they were awesome, then there was Little Charmers, Shimmer and Shine, Talia In The Kitchen and WITS Academy (although that was a good show too), but now they're all over, yet Nick still keeps making magic shows, with The Other Kingdom.
That show gets its hate for being unoriginal using the magic like before, Nickelodeon just can't seem to add new ideas.

80 Cancelling Robot and Monster

That was actually a good idea, because Robot & Monster was a horrible show like Fanboy & Chum Chum, while not as bad, it sucked.

I miss this show
it's better than pig goat banana cricket - lincolnloudness

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