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121 Cancelling Catscratch and The X's after only 1 Season

Catscratch was alright but too short and underrated same with The X's

122 Forgetting about the Mid and Late 2000s Cartoons
123 The Cancellation of WITS Academy

Why is this 115? It should be in the Top 30. That was so stupid of Nick!

WITS Academy was a great show, it was a spin off of Every Witch Way, which was also a good show, it had a good first season, it was having a marathon of its first season to get ready for season 2, but then it got cancelled.

What was Nickelodeon thinking? Every Witch Way ran all the way through, with 4 seasons, but with WITS Academy, it didn't even make it after the first season.

This shows us that Nickelodeon is still screwed, they still like to cancel good shows so that they can keep making more money, yet many bad shows today get low ratings and keep running for more seasons, but this one got cancelled, even though it got good reviews compared to Every Witch Way, so this means Nickelodeon still doesn't even care about their fans, but money, they're too desperate and don't want to have the wisdom or hearts to respect any of their fans, so all they want to do is shove their worst shows towards children's faces and play around with money, they're really screwed.

124 The Cancellation of Avatar

At least the show had a a good or bad ending?

125 Putting NickMom on Nick Jr.

Nick at nite can make better than nickmom - lincolnloudness

126 Getting Rid of Nick Jr.'s Beloved Mascot, Face

I loved when that came up on Nick Jr or Noggins not so good copy. It's a shame they took it away and it feels like Dora is they're new Mascot

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127 Shutting down

They might since the site says "We moved you're favourite Nicktoons to! " and most of the nicktoons on is not even there like Hey Arnold and other classics.

128 Airing Annoying Commercials
129 Airing the Nick Playdate Block Instead of the Classic Nick Jr.
130 Adding Dil & Kimi to Rugrats
131 Adding Poof & Sparky to Fairly Odd Parents
132 Rerunning Breadwinners

Nick doesn't give a **** what their fans want, they want those shows to stop, and thank god they ended, but seriously, Stop rerunning them on any channel, that means Nicktoons too, Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig.

133 The creation of Harvey Beaks

It was already bad enough C. H. Greenblatt made a show for Cartoon Network. Now, he's created a show for Nickelodeon?! Screw that monstrosity! Harvey Beaks is just as atrocious as Chowder! Chowder just came out of nowhere, and FAILED to save Cartoon Network! Harvey Beaks, the same thing, except it's a Nickelodeon show! I really don't understand why people like Harvey Beaks OR Chowder!

134 YouTube Copyright infringement
135 The Worldwide Day Of Play
136 SpongeBob Over Saturation
137 Fun Size

This film has adult content! This should never be made my Nickelodeon. I hate Victoria Justice's acting, it's so horrible.

Awful. Just awful. Had adult content. Warner Home Video (Nickelodeon's current video distributor) should not release it on Blu-ray Disc and DVD at all. - shelleyduvallfan10

One of those tasteless funny but bad movies.

This is one of my favorite movies - Neolion

138 Big Time Movie

This film is just useless. I really hate Big Time Rush.

My bro likes Big Time Rush. I don't.

139 Imagine That

This film is awful. Eddie Murphy betrayed us!

140 Barnyard

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Steve Odekerk oughta be ashamed of himself. Jimmy Neutron was way better.

Back at the Barnyard isn't that bad, but I've never seen the movie before.

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