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121 Making a Bad Commercial about The Whip

Nickelodeon has been horrible since 2007, and made horrible shows and made a horrible block called Nick Studio 10, and then they were doing better in 2014 with a few good shows, but then they decided to change back with bad shows like Pig Goat Banana Cricket and then they came up with THIS! It's just such an awful decision Nick made to ruin the rapper, Silento's famous song, The Whip, and mess up the lyrics, his look, and the Fan club, It's the worst Nick song since Fart in a Jar and Nick is sinking low once again, they were getting better since 2014, but then they decided to make some of the most awful decisions including THIS! Why DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN A FAMOUS SONG AND MAKE A HORRIBLE COMMERCIAL ABOUT IT! The Patrick Dance and The Wee Wee Dance are crude and bad for people, including YOU, and they KEEP PLAYING THE COMMERCIAL OVER AGAIN, at least Nick still has SpongeBob SquarePants, which has gotten better recently, and 100 Things to Do Before High School, as well as Harvey Beaks, ...more

There's a a copy of this on the list with a better title, it still describes the reason, but it's called "Insulting Watch Me Whip".

Now watch me Whip!
Now watch me Nae Nae!
Watch SpongeBob flip!
And we go Cray Cray!

So stupid.

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122 Putting the 90s Block On Demand for Adults Only

Nickelodeon has just released it's new 90's block, The Splat, on October 5, but when it came on, a warning came up saying "the following programming is intended for adults only, and not for children who are sensitive to irony", All shows from 90's Nickelodeon (excluding Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim) were ok even for little kids, and They put the new block on demand for adult audiences only, How dumb of Nick, and they also put it on TeenNick, which is only for teens and up, not for little kids.

123 Needs New Material

STOP using the same sitcoms and turning the cast different, this channel needs better material and to learn from their mistakes. Why can't they be like CN, or Disney, and use newer, better material? Like Steven Universe, Sonic Boom, and Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

124 Creating Original Movies

Every month they release a terrible, cheap movie. Genie in a Bikini, One Crazy Cruise, Splitting Adams, although Jinxed was decent. All were low budget, and only use actors from their own sitcoms. This needs to stop, NOW. If I had the choice of watching a cheaply animated bargain-bin ripoff movie, or one of Nick's original movies, I'd choose the bargain-bin knockoff.

To be honest, I think their original movies are fine. To me, there isn't anything wrong with them. What's wrong with original?

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125 Nickelodeon Studios closing

It tells us that Nickelodeon is coming to death and SpongeBob is the only show that will save them.

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126 Nick News

Not the worst thing, but it's too much for us.

127 Giving Neopets to JumpStart

They should give Neopets to Sony Corporation, Mattel, MGA Entertainment or Hasbro instead. - shelleyduvallfan10

128 The Cancellation of Avatar

At least the show had a a good or bad ending?

129 Putting NickMom on Nick Jr.

Nick at nite can make better than nickmom - lincolnloudness

130 Shutting down

They might since the site says "We moved you're favourite Nicktoons to! " and most of the nicktoons on is not even there like Hey Arnold and other classics.

131 Airing the Nick Playdate Block Instead of the Classic Nick Jr.
132 Adding Dil & Kimi to Rugrats

That's Not Nickelodeon's Fault - kcianciulli

133 Adding Poof & Sparky to Fairly Odd Parents
134 Rerunning Breadwinners

Nick doesn't give a **** what their fans want, they want those shows to stop, and thank god they ended, but seriously, Stop rerunning them on any channel, that means Nicktoons too, Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig.

135 The creation of Harvey Beaks

It was already bad enough C. H. Greenblatt made a show for Cartoon Network. Now, he's created a show for Nickelodeon?! Screw that monstrosity! Harvey Beaks is just as atrocious as Chowder! Chowder just came out of nowhere, and FAILED to save Cartoon Network! Harvey Beaks, the same thing, except it's a Nickelodeon show! I really don't understand why people like Harvey Beaks OR Chowder!

136 YouTube Copyright infringement
137 The Worldwide Day Of Play

I can't watch Nickelodeon! - Tyler730

138 SpongeBob Over Saturation
139 Nick Studio 10 Nick Studio 10

Stop interrupting my toons! - bjinmaro64

140 Loud House Over Saturation
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