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141 Getting Rid of all of the Girls' Shows
142 Fun Size

This film has adult content! This should never be made my Nickelodeon. I hate Victoria Justice's acting, it's so horrible.

Awful. Just awful. Had adult content. Warner Home Video (Nickelodeon's current video distributor) should not release it on Blu-ray Disc and DVD at all. - shelleyduvallfan10

One of those tasteless funny but bad movies.

This is one of my favorite movies - Neolion

143 Big Time Movie

This film is just useless. I really hate Big Time Rush.

My bro likes Big Time Rush. I don't.

144 Imagine That

This film is awful. Eddie Murphy betrayed us!

145 Barnyard

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Steve Odekerk oughta be ashamed of himself. Jimmy Neutron was way better.

Back at the Barnyard isn't that bad, but I've never seen the movie before.

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146 Snow Day

This is the worst movie that I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

I should find a copy on videocassette. - shelleyduvallfan10

147 Rerunning iCarly

Icarly sucks, it's basicly just about 2 bratty girls who make a webshow where all they do is jump around, scream and be immature, the stuff they did on icarly was just gross stupid things that only made you laugh when you were 2 years old. But it got even worse after the episode where Carly kisses Freddy and the whole show just turned into a Soap Oprah, after that point it basicly lost all intrest in entertaining the little kids it was made for and instead tries to entertain the teenagers who are too mature to watch this show, so at that point all you can do is look at it and ask yourself "who is this made for? " it has all the content of a bad soap Oprah, but at the same time has those incredibly dumb moments and jokes that are made for 2 year olds. I think icarly was awful when it started but got worse as it went on, because the old episodes were simple and geared towards kids but the turned into a crappy soap Oprah that didn't know what it's target audience was

Icarly was pretty good except for the gross pranks and stunts and the dirty jokes

Victorious owns icarly in nearly every way - mimimelon987

Icarly was pretty good except for the dirty jokes and gross stuff

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148 Rerunning old Nicktoons on TeenNick

TeenNick is a channel for Tweens & Teenagers, and they decided to run kids shows on it, the two channels switched each other, but not their names, shame on you Nick.

Too bad Ren and Stimpy got cancelled. I like that show.

Um, almost NOBODY stays up that late.

149 Rerunning Every Witch Way on TeenNick

Every Witch Way is a G-rated show suitable for all ages, and TeenNick is a channel for tweens & teens, and yet they decided to rerun it on TeenNick instead of Nickelodeon, which is a channel for all ages (depending on content on shows), this show is Nickelodeon's latest masterpiece, unlike the other shows, which are crappy. - nelsonerico

150 React To That

This new "show" is imported from YouTube just like Fred: the Movie, Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, Fred 3: Camp Fred, Fred: The Show, AwesomenessTV, Terry the Tomboy: the Movie and Breadwinners, it will be a horribly dirty piece of crap just like the other YouTube based shows, and it will mean more destruction for Nick, Everyone can not believe how bad it will be, more dumb tricks from Nick.

151 Applying the TV-G audience rating to House of Anubis

H.O.A. should've been rated PG, Nick doesn't understand the whole concept of soap operas, including this one, Everybody knows soap operas are not for kids. - nelsonerico

152 Hey Arnold!: The Movie

I love Hey Arnold! But this movie sucks.

I saw a tiny bit and it looks the same as Recess:Schools Out - mimimelon987

I love this movie take this of the list

I liked the movie. But Hey Arnold! Is WAY better. My favorite show, in fact.

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