Worst Nickelodeon Movies

This movies were in the movie theaters, on T.V., or straight to DVD.

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1 The Last Airbender

I watched in a drive in, and it sucked. - Connor360

I slept throughout the whole movie? - JaysTop10List

I watched it. I puked.

It took 7 seven airbenders to throw a rock smh

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2 Fred: The Movie

It sucks, that's the voice you hooked

It's a Fred movie. That's all you really need to know. In the beginning, it shows him stalking his neighbor, he goes on a long quest and just screams at the top of his lungs. Most of the humor is for 6 year olds. But then again, that IS the demographic! Halfway through we get him barfing over and over too. That's exactly what you want to see in a movie! I swear, it's like the scene was directed by Adam sandler

Who asked for this movie... WHO ASKED FOR IT?!

Super annoying movie, what was Lucas even thinking.

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3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

How the hell does Michael bay keep getting a hold of the rights to cartoons and then make them into a movie

This is why Michael bay should stop - Ihaskitty1234

I always hated teenage ninja turtles - PatrickStar

WOW! NOt suprised. I haven't seen this show not even 1 episode but I'M GLAD I DIDN'T. SOUNDS BAD

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4 Nacho Libre

Okay this one was really stupid the only good part was the song I'm at the party - Grumpybob

This movie sucks big time


5 A Fairly Odd Summer

When I watched it is was like WOW. Drake Bell GET A LIFE - Grumpybob

This movie messes up what The FairlyOddParents has always been.

Timmy randomly starts loving Tootie, though he tried to run away from her in the past episodes.

Everyone now knows that Timmy has fairy godparents and yet still keeps his faires

Timmy just grows up randomly

And the worst one

Timmy becomes a fairy and yet they made newer normal episodes

I always hate The Fairly odd movies because the directors have missing the plot and the big picture of the show 'The Fairly Oddparents'. First of all, Timmy has been his school for 13 years and still in fifth grade! And not only that, he is way older than his friends and classmates.
But the biggest thing messed up was the actors, I mean Timmy, his parents and the rest of the characters were alright. But Tootie didn't resemble as herself in the show including Vicky because her voice sounded like an old lady. Her hair and clothing didn't resemble as much as herself in the show. But on the other hand, those movies were fairly okay. I would rate it 1/10 for that credit.

Before the first movie,I thoughted nick will put the fairly oddparents to be in the big screem, but nick did it. nick should put out.

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6 Fred 3: Camp Fred

Why was this even created why was the first movie even made in the first why was a second installment EVEN MADE one of the worst movie franchises ever

What kind of name is Camp IWANNAPEEPEE?! That's the worst name ever!

This IS extremely bad, but I have to say the "This is for the losers" song near the end is pretty catchy. (And back in 2012 as an idiot child, at the time I loved the film. )

Man this was BAD - Grumpybob

7 Fun Size

It was cute but not funny - Grumpybob

This movie is great

8 Charlotte's Web

What this the best movie based of a book ever!

What, I mean this movie is great, haters!

Shes kind people show respect

This movie's good - jameshoward

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9 Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred

Do I have to tell you why - Grumpybob

Living Fred should be dead

This should be higher than the original. - Cesium

10 Monster Trucks

Go see Andre "Black Nerd"'s review on Monster Trucks to see how much agony you will be forced to go through if you watch this movie. What do you expect from Nickelodeon. They make excuses out of the fact that they are enslaved by Viacom, unlike Paramount, its sister company.

I will never watch this movie. It looks disgusting and stupid.

This movie is super gross. Paramount and Nickelodeon are going to suck more. - ShopkinsLover

You put a picture of a monster trucks video game.

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The Contenders

11 Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner


12 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Are you seriously treating your strong opinion on The Boy Who Cried Werewolf like a true fact?! This looks very intriguing and annoyingly stereotypical toward teenage romance at the same time.

This is a great movie

13 Rugrats Go Wild

It was alright but nowhere as good as Rugrats in Paris - Mcgillacuddy

This movie is amazing, how could anyone not like it!?

I liked this movie - jameshoward

Now let me tell you something, A crossover can be good depending on what shows you do, for this Acceptable, Power Hour Alright, The Nicktoon Games No (don’t get me started with the horrible CGI) Literally who wants to see the Rugrats pairing up with Avatar, or Spongebob crossing over with Danny Phantom, or Invader ZIM Crossing over with My Life as a Teenage Robot, that would be a total TRAINWRECK, I’ve heard that Nickelodeon is planning to make a Nicktoon crossover movie, Oh god I hope it doesn’t happen... If it does it will destroy all the good Nick shows... I do not want Danny to team up with a Stupid Sponge, a Whiny Boy, a Screaming Wallaby, a Bratty Robot, a bunch of babies, A naked Boy, and a destructive Cat and Chihuahua

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14 Rufus


15 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

It the best movie

Oh my god this movie was horrible. They tried so hard to make it gothic it got fake. The humour was in poor taste and don't even get me started on count olaf. I know he's an eccentric character but his actor was so over the top and corny. He was like an entertainer off cbeebies.

Whatt. Are u guys crazy! this was one of my favorite series. U guys are daft and airheads

16 Swindle

It was a terrible movie and nothing like the book that was great

Ariana Grande is being a snobby priss again. Need I say more?

This movie is super stupid and annoying. It should be at the top of the list.

17 Rags

It's Nickelodeon. Don't expect severe originality or a lack of teen stereotypes.

18 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

It's only here because after it was released, the original creator retired and the show went downhill.

Why is this here? You're ignored haters! This movie is great!

What? This is an awesome movie!

This is a great movie - jameshoward

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19 Splitting Adam

Yeah not the best movie in the world

I didn't like the movie but SPOILERS the end when the clone leave was WAY too emotional for me

I personally think this movie isn't even bad, I watched it and enjoyed it.

Typical sexist Nickelodeon, deciding to pander towards different young genders... >:(

20 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Sponge Out of Water

... Or more like Sponge out of a Depressingly Extended Episode.

Anyways, I put this movie on here because it's essentially just an Extended Episode of a regular SpongeBob episode. The Plot apparently involves a Pirate named Burger Beard (Real Original, New Writers. ) who wants to use a Magical Book (Which has the entire SpongeBob plot) written in it to steal the Krabby Patty Formula for himself. When he does, SpongeBob and his Friends go onto the land (Rendered in Horrible CGI Animation) to go get the Formula.

At the first part where SpongeBob begins to sing, I skipped through the entire sequence before taking an aspirin. SpongeBob's voice is still as annoying as ever.

The plot twists and turns many times in the movie, resulting in a jumbled and random mess of a plot.

The Movie is also really awkwardly sexual in some places. I guess maybe the new writers tried to copy the old writers, but didn't do it right.

The ending really made me cringe. Plankton ...more

Burger Beard is one of the most ridiculous villains in cinema history...

Shut up haters! I loved this movie!

not good

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21 Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure
22 Rufus 2

This movie didn’t deserve a sequel
Plus the made that steoptype thing that dogs are masculine and cats are feminine but the not it depends on personality

23 iParty with Victorious
24 Harriet the Spy

I liked this film - jameshoward

This origin of Nickelodeon Movies would be much better if it were not targeted at a young demographic. Nevertheless, it's decent. I guess I did not expect much from an adaptation. I do love the fact that they made this Michelle Trachtenberg character with a lot of personality. - The Ultimate Daredevil, knowing that this is released in the late 20th Century, back to when Nickelodeon had a universally positive impact for reasons

25 Good Burger

Hey I love good burger

Yeah me too - Watchmojo


26 Rango

I liked this movie

Formerly, Rango was one of my favorite movies of all time because of the Old West atmosphere, originality and Johnny Depp. Nowadays, I would review Rango like AniMat does.

27 Jinxed

I can't believe I used to like this movie...

Is this the worst Nickelodeon movie? No. It's the worst Nickelodeon THING ever. Jack Griffo and Ciara Bravo are good actors, but these were NOT the roles for them. Their ability to cope with the curse when it's switched was poor and the was almost no connection between the characters.

28 Terry the Tomboy

What a sexist, empty, kiddy movie. Terry the Tomboy deserves an F. I am not surprised that Nickelodeon made this and stole this from Awesomeness T.V..

29 One Crazy Cruise

It makes no sense! What a waste, who cares!

I watched this with my Grandmother. we both agreed it was the worst movie we had ever seen - Frouze

30 Lost in the West

It's Nickelodeon. I expect stereotypical Southern accents.

31 Legend of the Hidden Temple

I don't expect it to be as great as the Legends of the Hidden Temple T.V. series, but hey, I believe it will be above-par at worst! It will be kinda epic and have a somewhat loose grasp towards its source material (the T.V. show was a game show and the movie is a fantas adventure), and I also expect the children to be somewhat excruciating. But hey, just because it's made by Nickelodeon (gawd, that name! ) doesn't mean it's always going to be crud. - Kieran Stark

32 The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie


This movie literally had stronger had swear words such as "boobies", "dick", "Jesus" and " c*** ". Strongest language I've ever heard in a little kids' film. Wow, Nickelodeon. You need to be sued big time. And the one-dimensional characters (more like real people acting fake). As much as I hate Nickelodeon, please put this in this top 5s.

33 Spectacular!

To everyone that hates the High School Musical franchise and all the other Grease ripoffs, be lucky it's not THIS or Penis Beach Movie duology! One of the only things that are spectacular about this high school musical is that this is where Victoria Justice (as a bratty, feminist Wendy Whiner) made her debut.

34 Nicky Deuce

One-dimensional teenagers acting like mature adults... what?!

It was so bad

35 Snow Day
36 Santa Hunters

My brother enjoyed it

37 Hotel for Dogs

Talk about cliches and unreasonably devastating situations! Hotel for Dogs disgusts me in many ways. It's Nickelodeon, so I expected.

38 Big Time Movie
39 Clockstoppers
40 SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

A great idea turned into a bad episode of SpongeBob. And yes, T.V. movies based on SpongeBob count. There were only TWO T.V. movies of SpongeBob made. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

41 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

GREAT MOVIE - jameshoward

This Definitely Deserves to Be on the List Because the Animation was Too Ugly.Same with the T.V. Series.
I Would Probably Stick to"Barnyard(2006)"because it's not that Ugly at All and the Colors are More Brighter.

42 School of Rock

I love this movie with Tomika

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