Worst Nickelodeon Shows of 2021

Last time I checked, Nickelodeon (Disney Channel’s rival) still isn't doing its best like it used to. They had better shows back in the days & ever since they got rid of the splat font in the logo, they took a turn downhill on the road.
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1 The Patrick Star Show

Even though it's a slapstick cartoon (like Mickey Mouse) & has a story, the reason it's on the top here is because Nickelodeon decided to green light it in the 1st place when the executive of it as well as the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants (Stephen Hillenburg) told everyone he didn't ever want SpongeBob to have a spin off. But Nickelodeon decided to do what he didn't approve & they greenlit it. Patrick is dumb anyway & they just gave him a personality we don't even understand. He was way better on SpongeBob actually & he was funnier as well. This show also ruined the idea of him living under a rock & now we see him living inside a coffee jar. The whole concept is non canon. SpongeBob was way better & Nick decided to rebel Hillenburg. It shows you how disrespectful Nick has become since they got rid of the classic logo & all the other stuff that happened. Never forget all the creativity they gave us. R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg.

This list is FINALLY FIXED in a way though. Kamp Koral still deserves #2 though. Nick disrespecting a talented creator (who put so much effort into a show & didn't ask for spin offs) by green lighting it. Like Nick thinks it's ok to rebel him after his death. Death can't end promises & his promise of 0 spin offs would never be stopped by his death but Nick decided to disobey him anyway. R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg.

I haven't seen this yet, but spin off shows starring secondary characters never seem to do well. For an example Planet Sheen, and Sam and Cat.

2 Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan

Nick decided to green light a show of a young hip hop artist that has practically no good story or morals. It's lame & boring & the fact Nick is promoting rappers is getting people like me worried that kids could sneak into dirty rap songs (which have vulgar, racist & violent dialogue as well as stories of drugs) & there are many rappers who overdosed on drugs & we can't have children overdose on drugs in the future. Remember when we thought Miley Cyrus was a good role model until she turned to the dark side & released content like the Wrecking Ball music video? Yet think of the chunk of people grew up watching the channel & became Disney stars yet eventually messing up in life? These stars used to be people growing up with the channel. All Showing us Disney has been abusive to kids & it seems Nick might be doing the same thing with shows like this.

3 Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years

Again stephen didn't say he didn't want any spinoffs and just because it's CGI doesn't mean it's bad, I do think this show is slightly better than the patrick star show but yeah.. You sound like the typical spongeboomer putting words in stephen's mouth and probably can't think of a reason to hate it other than it's CGI, the animation, or it's a spinoff.

Another spin off which Stephen Hillenburg didn't approve. Yet it's CGI which doesn't make sense for SpongeBob (which was best at 2D animation). It's the worst CGI series Nick has ever put out besides Fanboy & Chum Chum & Planet Sheen (not in storyline but the fact Stephen didn't want Nick to give SpongeBob any spin offs). SpongeBob was meant to be a 1 of a kind show but Nick disobeyed him & it shows us how careless & selfish they became. They'll never be the glory they were. R.I.P. Hillenburg.

I hope this show gets cancelled. Nick made a dumb decision airing this abomination.
They like wanted Hillenburg to die so they can disrespect him with these spinoffs.
He will always be in our hearts and Nick betrayed him.
RIP Hillenburg from ALS.

4 Baby Shark’s Big Show

If Nick decides to keep importing shows off of the internet, then you know they don't make original content anymore. This imports Baby Shark from YouTube & so many kids all saw Baby Shark on the YT video which became the most watched there (with over 9.4B views which's more than our entire global population of nearly 7.9B). Nick has truly become a popularity contest & cares more about money than what the true fans want. They would keep green-lighting more seasons for all the junk like the SB spin-offs & stuff like this & not let the best shows last no matter how people feel. Nick Jr. had much better shows (like Blues Clues - even though it's back - as well as Franklin, Maggie & the Ferocious Beast & many more) & they had Noggin which was a classic kids' channel, but they got rid of it. Nick really jumped the shark with this baby (no pun intended).

Yeah... can't say I'm not surprised by the idea of this. Since Fred: the Show. Nickelodeon seems to have an infatuation with having imported YouTube things become shows. It just doesn't work.

5 That Girl Lay Lay

Another "sitcom" with a subpar plot & a rapper. Alaya High (the youngest female rapper) is being viewed even by little children & since rap nowadays is full of dirty, racist & violent lyrics, the future could be dark for viewers growing up. If Nick keeps on promoting rap content to kids, time would tell what will happen to them as there are chances people can mess up & it seems obvious such people could sneak & expose themselves to such content even without their parents or guardians. Plus even the actors/actresses themselves can mess up too & that's happened plenty of times. Plus this's another show importing media/Internet personalities like her & Nick was meant to be original but how could Nick own the rights to the content on internet platforms & websites even though some creators agree with being on signed onto the network? We forever miss the good ol' days of funny, original & creative content on the network. It'll never be the same again.

6 Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered

I tried watching it & while the concept is fine, the execution isn't. Not to mention that unlike all the classic game shows where people got slimed, this show involves 0 slime. Nickelodeon was so much better & more fun back in the days but even their game show franchises have gone downhill & they did BIG TIME!

7 Side Hustle

Another internet-imported show. YouTuber Jules LeBlanc (from the YouTube channel Bratayley) got signed onto Nick & was greenlit for a show. The channel Side Hustle got imported it's a reminder that Nick keeps importing internet franchises & memes onto the channel. Remember Fred? AwesomenessTV? ReactToThat? Breadwinners? & JoJo Siwa? Now they have Baby Shark's Big Show, Ryan's Mystery Play Date, That Girl Lay Lay & This! The story isn't really as interesting as hyped & Nick was meant to provide original content for everyone & this is the exact opposite. Plus YouTube is YouTube & TikTok is TikTok, but Nickelodeon decided to import content from internet platforms & sign such creators onto the network. This tells us Nickelodeon hasn't gotten much better after all & they have spin offs of SpongeBob SquarePants which creator Stephen Hillenburg (R.I.P.) didn't want & a bunch of other junk true Nick fans wouldn't watch. Where did all the creativity go?

8 Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (RBUK) Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty, officially shortened to RBUK, is an American animated children's television series created by Rich Magallanes

A knockoff of Unikitty all I'll say. The title was also renamed to RBUK. Nick still keeps ripping off other shows & it shows us they can't be original anymore. Regardless of how viewers feel about shows like this, it's important to learn & remember Nick (as well as Disney & some other channels) was original & more creative back then with shows like Rugrats, Catscratch, Invader Zim, The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, ChalkZone, As Told by Ginger, Doug, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life (even though that was for teenagers & grown ups), El Tigre the Adventures of Manny Rivera, the Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius & so many more. Even SpongeBob SquarePants was original & much better until it's 1st film. This may be colorful & cute, but it's not an original show. Just saying.

9 The Astronauts

The show isn't even as good as you think & it's poorly executed. Plus we know kids can't just go to space untrained, yet it takes unimaginable strength & courage. Space documentaries are way better than this & so are sci-fi franchises like Dr. Who, the Black Hole, Star Trek, Alien & the original Star Wars trilogy.

10 Danger Force

A terrible spin off of a terrible show (Henry Danger) & not to mention even Henry Danger itself was overrated & somehow outlived iCarly (which was way better) with 121 episodes (whereas iCarly only had 97 episodes when it deserved 100+). They let the garbage last longer & the gems don't even get there. Like they even decided to give Bunk'd 5 seasons while the better shows on Disney Channel didn't even get there. Like Lizzie McGuire only got 2 seasons there & That's So Raven as well as Wizards of Waverly Place (even though fully done) still had 4 seasons yet Andi Mack & DuckTales got 3 & all were way better than Bunk'd. Disney Channel & Nickelodeon both have gone downhill & this show is also a reminder that the channel isn't as great or fun as it used to be.

The Contenders
11 NFL Slimetime

The title got everyone thinking this was a return to regularly getting slimed, but they tricked us. I tried to watch til the end & there was 0 slime in any of the episodes. Yet again it's another show importing the internet. It imports creators from TikTok onto the network. Like Noah Beck for example. Nick should stick with original content they own the rights to.

12 The Barbarian and The Troll

So a barbarian & troll? What's up with that "idea"? Plus it'll never be as good as Sesame Street was. Yet it also seems like a knockoff of Crash & Bernstein in concept which was on Disney Jr, all showing us Nick is still fighting with Disney Channel.

13 Drama Club

So Nick decided to make their 1st live-action mockumentary since the Naked Brothers Band & it's like they're trying to knock off the concept of High School Musical the Musical Series. The cinematography is what you'd expect from these kinds of shows & Nick should've given the viewers warnings about the style (if they even deserved to green light this show) yet the whole drama is just overrated for a channel like this. Haven't we been over this kind of stuff?

14 Top Elf
15 Middlemost Post

I normally watched Disney Channel shows & they were great until the recent years. This came up after I waited for the Patrick Star Show (which disrespected Hillenburg) to end. The story is ok & all & it doesn't disrespect him (as it's no way related to SpongeBob), but there were better shows than this back in the day.

16 It's Pony

We can't replace My Little Pony with a different pony show. So many kids know about My Little Pony.

17 The Smurfs

Remember when Nick made a show about the Chipmunks? Well they're doing the same with the Smurfs. Plus the original books & movie adaptations were better than this.

18 Santiago of the Seas
19 The Loud House The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. ...read more.

An ok show but lots of different stereotypes & messing around. Yet again I was more focused on other things outside of Nickelodeon. Plus Nick is Disney's enemy.

20 The Casagrandes

A Latin-themed spin off. What's crazy was this marked Melissa Joan Hart's return to Nick. She was known for playing in Clarissa Knows It All & Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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