iCarly is a stupid, random, weird show... that's what makes it funny

I absolutely agree that iCarly is a stupid, random, weird show. But, for me at least, that's what makes it funny. There's no need to get all negericely about a show that was purposefully made for kids and teens that like a little random stupidity sometimes. Maybe if you all stopped looking for something to complain about, and stop acting like you all have giant sticks up your asses, you could enjoy the lame humor too. We all act a little mental sometimes. And to the guy who says he can't believe his niece loves this show, chill out! If she enjoys it, be happy for her. Don't ruin it for her. And to anyone who wrote about how much they hate iCarly and its "bad acting" it's a nick show for Tweens! None of those shows have great professional acting! If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Only losers complain about how much they hate a kids show on the Internet to other losers. Again, just in case you missed it the first time, If you don't like something, don't watch it. Problem solved.

For example, that show Breaking Amish irritates me. You don't see me getting all pissed and complaining to people on the Internet. I just don't watch it. If someone asks me if I watch it, I say no. If they ask me why I tell them why calmly and if they disagree I don't freak out and start insulting them or the show or throw a tantrum, I accept their opinion and we move on. I don't waste my time making stupid lists or writing a essay on everything I hate about the show.
In fact, the only reason I'm even on here is because its 1 in the morning and I can't sleep. So good luck to all of you who do waste their time on this. I expect to hear the news of your early heart attacks from all your stress and anger some time in the very near future. And by the way, maybe some of you are just too old or touchy to enjoy the show.

I'm in the mood to offend you all, so please, those people who were offended by the "racism" in the show, please listen to 'everyone's a little bit racist' by Avenue Q. It's a broadway song butter lyrics are hilarious and oh, so true. Peace out and try to relax.


NOT TRUE - hsd

That is true, if you saw Every Witch Way (unlike the other sitcoms, this one is in serial telenovela format), you will realize just how AWESOME (it's true) it is, wait till it comes on, go on Nickelodeon or TeenNick right now and click guide, then click the right arrow and you'll find Every Witch Way, Seriously, it is WAY better than iCarly, iCarly is plotless, but Every Witch Way is different, and don't think of it as a rip off of a Disney Channel show, because it is a spin-off of a Nickelodeon Latin American telenovela (due to high ratings), you should watch it. - visitor

not true - michaelwalton

It's true, iCarly was & is one of the worst television shows in history, two lesbian girls hosting a random web show directed by a gay dude nammed Freddie, who has an overdramatic mother who tortures him, Carly's "guardian" Spencer is iresponsible & destroys stuff (which is a little funny, but not much) and Carly guards him more than he does to her, and most of the lessons in this show are that it's good to insult innocent people, they talk about hobos and use old jokes, there's a canned laugh track (live in the pilot episode) or canned audience track that overwhelms you as well as the show, annoying youtube star Fred guess starred on it, and so did Michelle Obama, the worst Vice President of all time, who ever likes or loves this show needs to get more healthy especially by eating fish & carrots, the bottom line is the truth about how much this show SUCKS, go do a favor and watch Every Witch Way instead, it's better and it's on the same channel, and yes, it's occasional. - visitor

This show has one of the WORST actors and actresses on Nickelodeon for a long time, since Fred, who was on the show as a guest, which brought a new step to annoyance of the show, anyone who loves iCarly is the real jerk. - visitor

It's kinda true, and it has acting that's even worse than than that of a typical Nickelodeon show, Just think about Drake & Josh, that show had good acting in comparison, and Every Witch Way as of Season 3. - visitor

I love icarly so much - visitor

It has lots of inappropriate jokes, such as the upper breast, which is NOT something that Nickelodeon is supposed to let kids get into, yet most of the lessons are bad, like for example, they tell kids that it's ok to make fun of other good people, and that it's ok to disrespect another person's opinion, if you watched enough of iCarly, then you'll realize what I mean and that it's true. - visitor

ICarly wasn't good, Victorious was ok, except for the laugh track as well as the accidental handshot in one episode, it had good songs, but the best show Nickelodeon has ever made since the same year that Victorious and House of Anubis aired is Every Witch Way, not to mention the improvement in acting, which doesn't happen in the other shows we have today, as well as a plot, which also doesn't happen in today's other shows, yet it doesn't copy other shows without adapting them, Every Witch Way doesn't copy anything, but it does adapt from a Nickelodeon show from Latin America called Grachi, if you haven't heard of that show, then that's because that show only aired in Latin America, not this country, yet it's the first time since tthe 2000's that Nickelodeon has made a show without the rude toilet humor that happens on other shows including Sanjay & Craig & Breadwinners, this is also the first time since House of Anubis that Nick has made a show without a laugh track and this show even has positive life-learning lessons, which the other modern shows don't.

The reason I'm saying all of this is because it's all true, a lot of today's other shows on Nick are inappropriate, but not Every Witch Way, this show is the other way around. - visitor