Powerfulgirl10 Reviews Episode 3 (Hate): The Loud House and its Fanbase

Powerfulgirl10 This is outdated! I have a different opinion of the show now! My opinion of the fanbase has stayed the same.

Mother of God... I haven't made a rant in a long time. I couldn't think of anything to write about. But anyway, I guess I'm with the bandwagon of this episode's main subject(s). So here's my honest opinion of a Nickelodeon show called "The Loud House" and its fanbase.

When I first saw this show, I actually liked it. It was better than most of the modern Nickelodeon shows airing back then. I'll admit I thought the animation was somewhat decent, and the episode quality wasn't that bad. But now I'm starting to have second thoughts. I'm starting to dislike this show for many reasons. First off, the episode plots are pretty bad. I mean seriously, trying to save the best seat in a horrible car? Sitting at an adult table? Those are some major examples of bad episodes.

And second, the characters are pretty annoying, especially the Loud kids. The antagonist is an 11-year-old boy who tries to get his way. He acts like a jerk, and he's also surrounded by many females who are possibly worse than him. He also has ten sisters who each have totally different personalities. They consist of a bossy teenager, a moron, a rockstar, a joker, a sports player, an emo, a tomboy, a pageant, a scientist, and a poop machine! The Loud kids always fight and argue for many stupid reasons. I can't name many examples of when because I don't remember some of the episodes, but take a look at one of the examples above, and you'll believe me.

There are also the Loud kids' parents. I honestly liked it when their faces weren't revealed so the audience could wonder what their faces would look like and that it could be a secret. But in a Christmas special, they revealed their faces, which pretty much ruined everything in my opinion. They actually aren't bad characters compared to their kids, but they can be stupid sometimes..

That's enough rambling about the show. Now I want to talk about the horrible fanbase this show has. It's called "Loudcest." I'm not kidding. Apparently, the fans must've thought it would be a good idea to mix the show's name with the word "incest," which means to have sex with your siblings. And they even make really bad and gross fan art of the characters. I've seen some decent drawings, but it just gets worse and worse. Don't look up "The Loud House" on DeviantART unless you want to see drawings of the characters twerking, what the characters look like in different ages, or pretty much any horrible fan art of the show.

And there are also very butthurt fans. I mean, if a person who dislikes or hates The Loud House nicely states his or her opinion, then he or she will get bashed by rabid fans. And I bet if the fans read this post, then they'll probably bash me. I've already seen this happen to a user on here when he made a list about the worst things about The Loud House. To be honest, that makes me feel really bad for the people that don't like the show, especially since they did nothing wrong to the fans themselves. See? This is why I don't have faith in humanity, and that I think most fandoms are full of cringe.

I'm going to stop ranting now, and just end this episode here. I think I've said enough about these two things.


Ikr? When I saw a Porn arts of Loud House, I much like "am I not allowed to have a chibi fanarts of this show? " (yeah, since I love chibi fanarts and I always downloaded it on my phone). I much want to vomit when I saw the horrible fanarts of Loud House. So, yeah, I hate the fanbase. They completely a big pervert - visitor

Great post. - visitor

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