The Dude Perfect Show Coming To Nickelodeon

Why must this exist?
Many people have been saying that Nickelodeon is starting to improve and may become the best of the three main children's channels(CN,Disney,Nick). It definitely has improved from their terrible years in the 2012-2014 era, but I still can't call it a good channel. They handled Harvey Beaks horribly, not even telling Greenblatt at first. Their bad sitcoms are still airing new episodes such as Game Shakers, Henry Danger, School of Rock and The Thundermans. Their new promos are also completely random.
And now they will probably have another bad show. The Dude Perfect Show will be coming to Nickelodeon later this July. It, of course centers around the YouTube channel Dude Perfect. The series also already aired on CMT. It showcases their lives and shows behind-the-scenes clips of their videos.
I have not seen The Dude Perfect Show yet, or any of the Dude Perfect videos. However, I definitely can't see this being good. There's only very slight chance it will even be passable. During the 2012-2014 era they did stuff like this a lot. There was AwesomenessTV(or Awfulness TV as it should've been called) which was based off a YouTube channel, Fred: The Show, also based off of YouTube, React To That, based on reaction videos, Breadwinners, based off of a YouTube video that wasn't even intended to be a pilot, and Marvin Marvin, which wasn't based on a channel but had an actor from YouTube. These shows were really unoriginal. They relied on already successful internet series just to make their shows more popular. With the exception of Marvin Marvin and Breadwinners, you're wasting time watching these shows, since although they have a lot of changes made to them, they also have many similarities to the YouTube channels.
Since these shows sucked, I would guess that this will also suck. The Dude Perfect Show will have many viewers at first, but after a few episodes kids will get bored and go back to watching SpongeBob and The Loud House. Breadwinners was really successful with ages 2-11 in it's first month, but then it lost viewers and got moved to NickToons. If we have mostly seen the same result for every internet show on Nick, then I don't think there will be much of a change in The Dude Perfect Show, both quality-wise and success-wise.
With shows like these, Nick is proving that despite a minor improvement, they continue to be unoriginal and random. I'm way more excited Welcome To The Wayne than this. I can't say for certain about Cartoon Network, but I think Disney/ Disney Channel is definitely coming on top this year.


I used to watch dude perfect on YouTube (still do occasionally) and they are actually pretty cool. I don't know how an entire nick show will work out for them, but I see it being better than awesomeness T.V.. It's probably because the name sounds pandering af - Phillip873

Like you, I've heard of Dude Perfect but I've never watched him and I agree that this show will fail. Even worse is that the haters of DP's YT channel will leave bad reviews on review sites, which has a lot more impact than a hate comment written with bad grammar. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Also known as, "Nickelodeon's sneaky way of getting kids to watch their shows." - TristGamer

What theheck was I thinking when I wrote this post - visitor

I mean it's not bad or's just something about it pisses me off in unexplainable ways. - visitor