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Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.


This show is about two really IDIOTIC ducks delivering bread to other lazy idiotic ducks who apparently can't get up to by bread at a grocery store and need it delivered to their door instead. What Nickelodeon what happened to you your shows used to be good like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Full House (etc.) and then in 2009 just about all of your shows went down hill like way down hill these shows are pieces of crap that belong in the garbage. And the humor Nick puts in this show is straight up stupid twerking, showing your butt crack, and farting is not comedy it's called desperate to get a show with high ratings depending on how most of your trash shows end after two seasons because of lack of good humor and a good show period. Maybe it's crap shows like this that makes other people frown upon society. And there are literally kids out there who fart and twerk to make other people laugh. And it is most likely the negative influence on your shows that make kids do this. I mean it has been ...more

It was the moment this show aired that I officially gave up on Nickelodeon, after being my favorite channel for over 20 years. This is why I now stick to Disney for putting on better and more mature cartoons with actual humor, good storylines, likable characters, and beautiful animation like Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls.

Even when I saw the promos for this show, my jaw actually dropped to the floor, and the actual show itself was no better than the promos. The animation literally gives me a seizure, it's even worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum's animation, and very few cartoons have that bad of animation. I can't stand the ugly character designs one bit! Are these even ducks? Or are they SpongeBob ripoffs with big ugly green heads, big fat beaks, and other ducks that are just live action shots of real ducks (how creative, Nickelodeon)? This show takes toilet humor and annoyance to a whole new level! Fanboy and Chum Chum had at least one likable character (Kyle), ...more

There should be a petition to get rid of using butts in cartoons as a way of promoting humor. Really, butts is your humor? I don't care for butts, I think a butt is about the ugliest part to a cartoon character, they always look bad. And the only way a cartoon makes it funny is showing it off. Dumb humor, and old, very old humor.

Well that about raps up the comedy in this crap, if there is any.

This little Razzie is called Breadwinners and let me tell you I thought that this show was about frogs. They were green, round, etc. Never would anyone in the history of earth would have ever claimed that these two were duck, I mean come on Nick, stop wasting time with this garbage.

There carriers are boring too. They deliver bread, Deliver Bread? Their Ducks! They shouldn't be delivering bread, they should be eating bread. Here's an Idea for a show, make a show where they get jobs working with bread, have them eat the bread, and get fired. Good show idea, great and ...more

Basically two twerking ducks that go around being idiots and delivering bread to other stock image ducks

From reading that you already know this show is appalling and I'm gonna give three reasons why nobody should have to go through the torture of watching this crap.

1-My first reason for hating this dumb show is that it realises to much are butt and fart jokes. When those type of jokes are done right they can be really funny and comical like goods shows like The amazing world of gumball do occasionally but when they are done wrong they get Cringe Worth AND TIRESOME REALLY FAST.. So when they are repeatedly throw at you they get annoying to the audience and any other viewers really fast.

2 - my second reason for hating this show is because it was based off some dumb YouTube flash animation and that it feels like it took no skill or effort to make the show. IF a show is good it will look like there was at least SOME TIME put into writing or the animation in the ...more

Fred: the Show was bad, but it had some good plotlines and characters once in a while, iCarly didn't get too bad until about 2010, Victorious was far worse but had good morals, Sanjay and Craig was disgusting, but had a plot, Team Umizoomi is a very good educational show for children, Fairly Odd Parents was great up until 2009, SpongeBob is the best cartoon ever, seasons 1-5 were AMAZING, and 6-9 are OK too, Fanboy and Chum Chum was horrifyingly terrible, but had an actual PLOT, and Dora is just for babies. So, every show on this list has some redeeming qualities, EXCEPT for Breadwinners. It's disgusting, unimaginative, and just terrible. Enough said.

IF YOU WANTED TO SUM UP THE SHOW IN ONE WHOLE SENTENCE, THIS IS THE SENTENCE."BUTT SMACKING DUCKS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO IN THERE LIFE EXCEPT DELIVER BREAD! " really nick, is this gonna be the one show that took down Adventure Time or Regular Show in ratings. Is this gonna be the longest running nick show after SpongeBob? I bet this show won't last 1 season. I'll come back here and say that I was right if it gets cancelled after 1 season.

I think this show is stupid. It is stupid because there is cartoon ducks that deliver bread in a rocket van and all the ducks are all real duck pictures from Google. They also mine for bread which I do not really get because you could just make bread yourself. And another thing they make butt jokes which I don't think is funny in fact, I think now one gets really. And another thing they have stupid names which I don' kids find that funny really. I think this the most stupidest show they ever put on Nickelodeon period.

This show is basically just Regular Show with bread and twerking. Seriously Nick? Twerking?! I thought we were trying to keep kids away from this whole sexual dance bit, but no. Nick probably gathered all the animators they could find and said "Who agrees we should make a show about two ducks who deliver bread and sing songs about "big baby buns"? " It makes Fanboy and Chum Chum, Naked Brothers Band, iCarly, and even Nick Studio Ten more appealing to watch! I hope this show is one of the ones that get canceled after its first season. God have mercy on the creators soul...

Breadwinner is so far the worst show on nick the show is about 2 stupid dumb immature duck and all they just do us deliver bread to other duck they just talk about their own butts. and the green duck dress in blue is stupid he's a wanna be gangster he said in one episode this one is for all my homies. really nick really. Don't get me started on the green duck that dress in Red he's is the worst of them all all he just does us talk about butt and show it off. Point is the show sucks balls its probely get cancelled in a year or 1 to 2 seasons My rate on this show 1/10 1

This should be number one and not on nick. These two retarded ducks twerk. Come on why do they put this crap on a kids network. They also say booty. Like come on, little kids watch this show and it's a bad example. I have a little brother who watches this crap and ever since he's been saying all the crap they say on that show. They say stuff like booty kick and blah blah blah. Take this show off before it brainwashes our young generations with crap!

The show is horrendous do I even have to go into detail? Cruddy animation stupid plot stupid characters BEYOND horrible jokes mostly consisting of butt and fart jokes IS NICK REALLY THAT STUPID! What reallygets me mad is before tmnt was playing on saturdays but now now because nick likes to shove crap down our throat tmnt got put on sundays WHAT! Hello people go to church idiots seriously a good show has to be put aside for stupidity. I mean not everyone likes tmnt and I understand everyone has an opinion but a lot of people know tmnt is decent it has a fanbase not everyone lokes it but a lot of people know it's decent so my fave show has to be put aside at a time where me and most tmnt fans are at church so you can show total crap

Nick already ran out of ideas for years... Now it's all about butts and poop, Disney is way better than them, even though I think they are both stupid, THIS IS THE WORST SHOW EVER - MorganChambz

This cartoon is a perfect example of everything wrong with nickelodeon shows over the past decade. Horrendous animation, terrible voice acting, ripping off Regular Show and Adventure Time with the plot of two dudes doing random things (except those two shows are actually good, while this show sucks), obnoxious pop culture references, and of course, OVERUSED TOILET HUMOR. This is easily the worst show on Nickelodeon along with Fred: The Show, Marvin Marvin, and Fanboy & Chum Chum. - Disneykid00

The only things I'm going to say: one does not simply know they are ducks upon seeing it the first times. the "potty jokes" look like they're aimed towards immature 6 year olds. and did you know this got a #1 rating from Nickelodeon itself? See, these are the shows that make me want to kill Nickelodeon. this should be in the top 3. we need all the good shows back, hey arnold, rugrats, catdog, etc. the ones they make now are dumpster quality.

I absolutely loathe this rotten pile of elephant crap with a burning passion! Really? A duck with three little baby buns? Drugging women into loving you? Asking someone if they poop? Are these writers on drugs or something? I don't wanna know. It's literally a marathon of farting, butt shaking, terrible songs, bad morals, and horrendous animation. If your someone annoyed with toilet humor, then GOOD LUCK SITTING THROUGH THE ABOMINATION KNOWN AS BREADWINNERS!

This, Dora the Explorer, Sanjay and Craig, and Fanboy and Chum Chum should be in the top 4, but this at number 1. Everything about this show sucks. There are two ducks who fart and act like 6 year olds while they deliver bread. It's just sad that this show was named after/influenced people who get all the money.

This was seriously based on a crappy YouTube flash video that didn't reach 200,000 views! The art design is worse than Adventure Time's art design, it is infested with bad puns and nasty gross-out and toilet humor, and it is just worse than Johnny Test!

How is the animation of this show worse than anything from the 90's? CatDog, The Angry Beavers, and Hey Arnold! Have better animation than Breadwinners. Those shows were 15 years ago and Nickelodeon got worse in quality. - BetterThanYou

Anyone in the mood for a Roast Duck dinner tonight? This is without a doubt the 2nd Worst Nickelodeon Show ever (only Fred: The Show is worse). The rap songs Sway Sway and Buhdeuce sing are SUPER ANNOYING! The flash animation looks terrible, Sway Sway and Buhdeuce don't even look like ducks, and the images of live action ducks are so lazy and uncreative. Also, what kind of names are Sway Sway and Buhdeuce? Cray Cray and Butt-Deuce sound like more fitting names for these characters. Breadlosers sounds like a better name for this show in general. The worst part about Breadwinners is the nonstop toilet humor and butt shaking. In one episode Sway Sway asks a guy "Do you poop? ", wow are the writers really that stupid? Thank god this got cancelled after 2 seasons, and now we'll never have to worry about Breadwinners taking over our television ever again! Shows like Breadwinners and Fred: The Show are only there to make kids stupider! We need to stop these internet imports/fart joke ...more

Deserves to be at the top. How is this only #11? It is about 2 stupid ducks who tell corny jokes while delivering bread. Who is interested in that? Get this to the top 2 at least please. - EpicJake

Oh please, this might be the worst cartoon to meet my eyes. I'm 12 and I don't want to watch two ducks farting and twerking, you might as well made one of the characters Miley Cyrus, Nick get you're act together. fart humor is not funny period. and the concept is trying to be the next SpongeBob but will fail big time. I hope it the show dies A slow painful death.

I feel like a part of my brain died after watching one episode. Seriously, this show sucks. They took everything bad about modern nick and shoved it into one show. Constant fart and butt jokes? Check. Annoying main characters? Check. Stupid plots that make no sense? Check. Please, if you care about your brain cells, don't watch this show (unless you want to see how bad it is).

This show is so bad even compared to most of Nick's new shows. Two extremely poorly animated ducks sing "songs" about butts, poop, etc. and use "cool" language like "swag" and "homie" to be funny but it just makes them sound dumber than they already are. Not imaginative either.

Way worse than Sanjay and Craig. Nickelodeon's cartoons used to be about fighting, adventures, and comedy that actually made sense. Now it's all about gross stuff such as butts, nudity, and farting that is not even apropiate for little kids. Gosh! Just thinking about the butts and the farting makes me want to splatter my lunch on the floor!

Basically a ripoff of SpongeBob episodes pizza delivery something smells and no weenies allowed. It's just about two ducks that deliver gross combinations of bread. IT'S BORING. I'D RATHER SEE DORA FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM AND OOBI