Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.


Where are we going? to the web that you can vote Dora that it's the worthless show ever made.

I hate Dora but I like Swiper. That thug thieving Dora's stuff, she deserves it. - Discord

This show is so stupid, it is a perfect example why most Americans aren't well educated. Where are we going? DHC. (Dora Haters Club) Dora is such a moron, and lives in a world in which almost everything talks. FREAKY! Why is Dora so audience dependent? YOU HAVE BOOTS, THE MAP, AND BACKPACK TO HELP YOU, JUMBO DUMBO! And Backpack should give Dora a butterfly net to catch stars. Swiper should kidnap Dora and bring her to Bowser's Castle and drop her in the lava so she can DIE!

Wait, There is a Dora Haters Club. I wanna join. Dora sucks and deserves to die by getting hit by a train one million times, getting hit by a billboard 8 thousand times, and getting eaten by hungry mad alligators. Boots too ☺. Hope that happens because I have 7 words... I am - MLPFan

This show is so uncreative because Dora and all of the characters are annoying, being stupid, they are losers. They are idiots, they are morons, and they are not even educational to children. The things about Dora is that she has ugly hair that looks crappy, she has a stupid voice that sounds like a dummy baby and she is the same as the other characters and Dora has a rating of 0/100, ZERO!, Ha Ha Ha Dora, you loser, you are such a stupid idiot that you don't even make your show educational to children you idiot, you know what, I don't believe you at all you loser and one of the problems is that the map and backpack are so annoying "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map... , Backpack, backpack, backpack... , the, this is stupid and this show will end quick because of this most annoying show ever and the characters are bad and stupid.

Dora: Where's the mountain?
Me: It's right there.
Dora: Where's the mountain?
Me: What? It's right there!
Dora: Where's the mountain?
Dora: So where's the mountain?
Me: GAAH YOU'RE SO STUPID! *shoots Dora in the face*
Dora: *survives* Where's the mountain?

I feel the same way in going hate club for does on face book and other annoying characters to make a

You aren't the only one who notices that Dora's head is shaped like a lemon. It is also shaped like a football, lime, jelly bean, and maybe Stuart's head from an animated T.V. show called Family Guy.

Anyway, THIS IS THE WORST SHOW IN HISTORY! It has an overweight girl who goes in random places and her parents don't give a crap. She's friends with a purple monkey, and some other animals. They are dumb characters, but the only good character in the show is Swiper the Fox. But all he does is try to steal stuff from Dora and throw it in a random place. To stop him, they say "Swiper, no swiping" three times, and he'll most likely run away like a coward. Dora also needs help finding something THAT IS RIGHT BEHIND HER.

For example:

Dora: Where's the mountain?

Me: Behind you:

Dora: Where?


Dora: Where is it?

Me: *shoots Dora with a gun* There. I'm glad that's over with.

Do you think she's blind and ...more

She is blind and isn't even wearing any sunglasses. She couldn't see a bridge in front of her. "Where's the bridge? " IT'S NOT EVEN 3 FEET FROM YOU! Her stupid monkey friend doesn't even helping her. Either he's blind too or he just doesn't want to help Dora because he is tortured by her stupidity and forced to live under her rule forever and he can't help Dora by her command.

Its us again you know the person and the 5th grader! This show gets worst as you age! Now its time for the 5th grader! Have you ever noticed how dumb Dora is? Go take a hike Dora And what about Boots? Oh my boats are red, and I'm a monkey and I'm dumb, nothing is special about you Boots nothing! HEY BOOTS!, Go take a hike with Dora dummy!, and one more thing why do you always happen to help anybody do you ever think anybody by there selves! GOODBYE YOU LOSE! BAD DAY MONKEY!

I hate Dora the explorer! The Backyardigans is better than Dora the explorer. Please vote Dora as the Worst Nickelodeon Show!

Ugh, I absolutely HATE this show! It's completely USELESS! I speak Spanish and half the things they say on there aren't even a right, and some aren't even WORDS! Where do the writers come up with this crap! Whenever my baby cousins ask me to watch this with them, I mentally slap myself saying "Why, why are you torturing yourself? " And really, I don't know ANYONE who likes this pile of crap! It deserves to be burned! - NerdyPweeps

I hate Dora! I like Rugrats, Fairly Odd Parents, Adventure Time, Gumball, SpongeBob, The Simpsons, and Tom and Jerry much better! Lets keep on voting for this until it reaches Number 1! - TopTens2013

Although I find Dora irritating and I would never have my child go through watching any episode of this obnoxious series, people need to realize that it's a kids' show. As long as it's colorful and distracting, kids wouldn't care. It's interactive, and teaches kids something, so it's doing its job right. Point is, there are much worse shows on Nickelodeon, so don't bother giving all your attention to this dumb, irrelevant kids' show that has five-year-olds as its core audience. Hate on something that's worth it, my Dora-hating amigos.

I still think the show is atrocious, but hey, at least it's not Breadwinners or Boy & Snake (I refuse to type the name. That disgusting show doesn't deserve it.)

Dora has got to be the most stupid show ever made! Especially since they always play baby shows in the morning on weekdays and they still do it in the summer and they should know that we aren't going to school in the summer so they should play older kid shows. In this show Dora is always like "Where's the tree? " when its like 2 feet away from her. This show is plain old GARBAGE! I'm so glad that I don't have any siblings! Especially a little sibling THANK GOD!

I would never, ever, let my 5 year old watch this crap, it's confusing, weird, and a HUGE time waster! Seriously, a overweight 7 year old girl who hangs out with talking animals all day and doesn't have the brains to see a bush when it's 3 feet away from her is supposed to be teaching something? I don't think so. Anyway DON'T let your daughter/son watch this, it's gonna waste there valuable time and melt there brains and make it them stupid and dumb. - an OLD Nickelodeon fan.

I hate Dora so much! I don't even know why I watched her show as a toddler. But, I think whoever watched that show whilst they were a toddler fully regrets it laugh out loud.

I quote: "Can you see the flashlight? " -Dora
1: She was talking to the audience, which is dumb! Everyone knows your not supposed to break the fourth wall in acting!
2: Why are you waiting... you can't even see the child that your speaking to! Dora was probably asking a bush this question!

I hate this show so much

Dora is the worst. Dora is like where is the bridge when it's obvious it's right in front if her face. And then they gotta climb some mountain when they can just use their brainless brains and go around. The grumpy old troll please. They gotta solve some riddle. They could've just pushed the troll over the bridge. I know I would.

This is my third review on Dora! I HATE her! She's so stupid! It's like Nickelodeon said "How 'bout we do a show on a 4 year old girl from Mexico who goes on stupid adventures with a retarded monkey named "Boots"? And she can have a flipping map that can talk? " SERIOUSLY? YOU CALL THIS GOOD? I refused to watch this when I was like, 3! I never liked this little girl! I swear, it makes iCarly look like a masterpiece when that show was so bad! Jennette Mercurdy can act but everyone else on the show can't! DORA SUCKS! - maddyparrot22

DORA! I HATE HER! Dora is one of the most worst cartoon that's ever made I can't stand it some body needs to knock the crap out of her all she does is run her mouth until the end and she is a worst singer ever hang out with her stupid monkey with stupid boots and she so ugly her belly sticks out like a jello globbering all over the place stupid dora

She is a dorky kid who doesn't have parents and when she says that she's in Mexico, it's clear that she is in some tropical place like Costa Rica. She doesn't realize that all of the animals around her are talking and that she should take them to a hospital. Plus, her only friend is a talking gray and yellow monkey with neon red boots, who is also named boots. - TACO63

Dora is so stupid and lazy. The morals on this show is really bad, The characters are just one dimensional and cliche. This show is also irritating and overrated. And the morals are:It's okay to eat to many junk food, It's okay to play dumb by asking people silly thinhs, It's okay to abandon your children as long as they're save, it's okay to be lazy. Glad that this show is getting cancelled - MLPFan

The Dora Theory; Dora is actually a teenage girl who is on LSD and Pot. She never really went on adventures. She was just tripping. When they make a new episode, they tell her to take some LSD or smoke some pot. When she's out of her trance, they tell her to explain what she 'saw' and they write it down, thus a new, messed up episode is made.

This show sucks because it is boring, annoying and stupid and dora is the most annoying person ever, unacceptable, everything from the beginning to the end are the most annoying.

If you get me started on this one I might not be able to stop. This one is annoying, she makes kids believe that monkeys can talk and they wear red boots and I can go on and on. How is avatar on this list? That was an awesome show loved it so much.

The stupidest show in the world. She leaves home with out even telling her parents. laugh out loud like is that what y'all want kids to think is okay? Cause if a child likes the show or character, they will try to be just like them. I feel it shouldn't be on Nickelodeon. Plus she talks to all these animals who, if approached, can & will hurt if forced upon or made angry. It's not a good image for younger viewers.

Dora makes fun of itself! Who carries a pet monkey with boots on?! And the backpack should be more helpful all it does is basically say, I have some stuff you do the rest of the work. And the map sings like a really boring song each episode about who he is. Even when I was three I new what a map was. This show is an insult to Nicolodeon.

Ok, so Dora the explorer is a bad show. But why are you posting stuff like "I hate it". It's for little kids, just leave it alone. And why in the world is Icarly on this list. That show is a classic!