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Fred: The Show is an American television series, created by Lucas Cruikshank that originally aired on Nickelodeon, in the United States from January 16 to August 3, 2012. It was cancelled after the first season due to low scores.


Fred was way better online. Lucas did everything by himself, with no other actors, no other big studios or voice actors. Lucas was a one man show, and I believe that Fred was better before Nick took him under their horrible contracts. This show is not funny, has the worst actors I've ever seen, and Lucas's acting is more terrible here than in the Fred movies. And yeah, the Fred movies were made by NICKELODEON TOO!

This show...
Is the worst thing EVER!
He is so stupid retarded, and has an obnoxious voice that No ONE likes! Just please never put this show back on Nick EVER again
As everyone who hated him (Everyone in the world) succeeded on getting rid of him he came back on Marvin Marvin I can't stand this Boy please get rid of him NOW!
Help us anyone Help us!
He's trying to take over the world because HE NEVER GOT INVITED TO A PARTY A STUPID LITTLE PARTY!

There were so many good shows on Nickelodeon back then, but now there are bad shows, this was bad, it sucked and needed to be cancelled, but then newer shows like Nick Studio 10, Breadwinners and such took place and they're MUCH worse than this, and they got renewed for more seasons, those make us want this show back because of how much WORSE they are.

This show is so bad that even Common Sense Media (a website that generally requires common sense) gave it 1 star out of a possible 5. But at least this show was nowhere near as bad as Marvin Marvin, Bella and the Bulldogs, Every Witch Way, or Harvey Beaks. Seriously now that iCarly, Victorious and Sam & Cat are gone the only good live action Nick show is Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn which is okay sometimes, but still.

Couldn't stand the web series, and when I thought it couldn't be any worse, Nickelodeon turns it into one of the worst television shows of all time. Hopefully Fred stay's in Nickelodeon cancelled show graveyard and never returns.

This show was awful, we hated it since it aired, there was a bit of good stuff in it, but overall it was annoying, but at least it wasn't the worst, not even the 5th worst, there were much worse shows than this, for example, Nick Studio 10, that show had the worst disgrace for Nickelodeon because they make fun of everything, make stupid song parodies with toilet humor, and take away the best parts of SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents with their interruptions, Fanboy & Chum Chum was very awful too, so is Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, but NS10 was the worst of all, this was still very awful, but not that awful.

I know what your thinking, "Did his parents drop him on his head as a baby? " What we should also be saying, "How many times? " At least fifty times a day. And then there's his voice. And singing. And the Fred Movies sucked! They were just horrible! How did this moron become an internet sensation? People locked up in insane asylums probably watched this just so that they won't feel bad.

This was just STUPID! I hate how Fred had this stupid voice that makes my ears bleed. and he can't seem to control himself or follow directions.

Also, the actor who portrayed him just SUCKS OUT THE ROAD!
He has no skills or heart, and he was just milked by Nickelodeon to get more money, and he just tried too hard, and didn't get anywhere in life.

Fred and Marvin Marvin were ABSOLUTE ATROCITIES! If you thought starting a YouTube channel was bad, then take a look and consider thinking TWICE before watching this "SHOW".

He has no wisdom when ot comes to acting or comedy, and he just makes me want to DIE!

And thankfully he left, but you can see if you go on his new channel and see some of his latest videos, you can see he's literally hit up the road.

This was terrible! Why does Nickelodeon import so many garbage channels from youtube like this and Breadwinners? It not only shows how lazy nickelodeon is, it shows how lacking nickelodeon is in terms of originality, and that over the past decade they haven't come up with anything original besides iCarly and Victorious. Fred's voice sounds like a nail being jammed into my ear with a hammer. That's how bad it sounds!

Wow Nickelodeon. You have made another dumb show. Nickelodeon is making so many new series because they cancel their other shows because they are dumb. Nickelodeon succeeded big time in the 90's. We had shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, All That, and more creative shows. Today on Nickelodeon we get dumb shows like this. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! '

Annoying Little Girl:, I love Nickelodeon! First, we can watch Fred: the Show, iCarly, then Fanboy and Chum Chum!
Me: Shut up you annoying little kid! You have not seen the REAL Nickelodeon. Instead, let's watch Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, then Rocko's Modern Life!
Annoying Little Girl After Seeing the REAL Nick: Wow! I am not watching any of those stupid new shows anymore. What was I thinking!

Do you want to know what is even worse than this garbage? Nick Studio 10. I just don't know why Nickelodeon thinks this is a good idea, it is a nightmare. It is just 4 teenagers who do random crap. If you don't believe me, watch SpongeBob on Monday-Friday at 3:00 to 7:00.

This show is about a stupid teenager running around screaming about everything he can in a high pitched voice. First time I watched it I had a huge headache!

Hey this show is lame and just stupid ok I'm glad the show is cancelled thank goodness all the characters especially the main character himself fred with that annoying chipmunk like voice it was unlikable

Seriously, a annoying, ugly, teenage guy who went through puberty backwards, gets his own show! He isn't even funny! PLEASE GET THIS GUY OFF OF TELEVISION!

Hands down the worst show I have ever seen. Of all the brilliant shows Nickelodeon could've come up with, Nickelodeon instead decided to give Fred his own show. Thank god it only lasted one season because it was the absolute worst show ever! - Disneykid00

Many shows lately on Nickelodeon sucked, This was an awful show, it had the annoying voice we all hated, Fred was being a whiny little beeyotch, he dreamed about weird things and went out of control.

His show was pretty bad, but not as bad as other shows, like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Dora the Explorer, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners or don't forget, Nick Studio 10.

This is the most stupid dumb show ever Fred is such a weirdo and talks with a very high pitched voice that is annoying

Man I hated this show! It's retarded I mean his voice used to piss me off as a kid I wanted to jump in the T.V. A kill them

I don't hate Fred, I just never thought his stuff was funny. Online videos was were he should have stayed. Then there was that movie, then the show, and it just went downhill from there.

Obnoxious. The movies of Fred were bad. Now they're making a show? Nick must have fired all of the people who were good at making shows, like SpongeBob! But this... This is just TERRIBLE!

I gotta say this show is bad almost every kids cartoon these days is bad these days... I'd rather watch like anime or something... (I'm an actual smart kid though)

This show is stupid. It's just a teenage boy who has that stupid high pitched voice. His screams made my ears hurt! Thank goodness it's cancelled!

Not as bad as Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners.

I loved his online episodes they were funny but why nick why, nick has ruined so many popular shows or movies like madagascar or kung fu panda and now they are making a new series about the rabbids from rayman raving rabbids which is going to be terrible for sure