Henry Danger

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Henry Danger is an American superhero sitcom television series airing on Nickelodeon. The series was created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. The series revolves around a 13-year-old boy who becomes the sidekick of a local superhero. On March 2, 2017, Nickelodeon announced that a new animated series, ...read more.


I could say so many things about how bad this show is. My brother is literally watching it as I type this. The reason they have a laugh track is because no one else would laugh at the stupid excuse for "humor". Captain man gets all the attention, Henry's sister is a brat, and if you watch some episodes, there's some sexist undertones. Like one time they were talking about how girls are "owned" by a guy (like a possession) if they date that person. Does anyone else realize how awful this is? It's a kids' show, for crying out loud. Another episode shows Henry telling his friend Charlotte that a girl could "NEVER be Kid Danger." Other episodes poke fun at religions. How offensive. Jace Norman is a decent actor (especially compared to some of the other talentless on Nick and Disney) but he's really annoying, just like Henry. No wonder they picked him for the part!

And don't even get me started on Jasper.

If Danny Phantom or My Life as a Teenage Robot replaces this piece of garbage, what would you do to celebrate? - Kid_ethinederland

This gets my vote. There is zero action most of the time. The jokes are outdated and unfunny. The laugh track is excessively used. The plots are dumb. And don't even get me started on the characters.

Henry: Stupid, sexist, arrogant. Another typical pretty blonde with no special qualities.

Ray: Arrogant, conceited, vain, womanizer. Also sexist. Claims to be a hero, but behaves like a villain. Huge jerk to his employees and hits on a married woman (Henry's mom)

Charlotte: Is she supposed to be the voice of reason. Her intentions are good, but she comes off as a rude know it all.

Piper: THE WORST CHARACTER IN THIS SHOW! Such a rude, whiny brat. Man, I wanna whack her with a belt so hard.

Jasper: Annoying gross weird dimwit.

This show is also full of morally bankrupt teens, moronic adults, and weirdos. There are even some sexist undertones in this show. Watch Double Date Danger's Let Her Decide scene. It's sexist. They're are also insults to ...more

Fun Fact: If you watched The Loud House Pilot, Lincoln Loud is voiced by Sean Ryan Fox, AKA: Jasper. - TheAwesomeFire

Cheesy Characters, superheroes aren't cool anymore, and they have terrible humor. In one of the episodes, Captain Man acts like the father of the kids, and it was just terrible! I think Nick is trying to get more popularity by creating these last minute idea live - action shows, while me myself, prefer cartoons over live action.

I personally don't hate this show, for me it's okay. But I can see the humor of Dan (director) that he has put in iCarly, Sam and Cat, etc. It just sometimes annoy me with those kinds of jokes, those kinds of jokes that are already in Dan's previous shows. One of the things I REALLY hate about this show is Piper, or Henry's little sister. I know it's just acting, but she's SO annoying.

This show is highly boring and stupid. I feel like it ripped off the Thundermans with stupid jokes, horrible plots and my personal least favorite part about it: the characters. Every. Single. Character. I. Hate. They all have such an arrogant air to them that just can't get me to like a single one. Every time somebody says something, Captain Man or Henry or Charlotte or Piper has to put in a smart-alecky, sarcastic comment proving them wrong. It's like nobody can get the last word in this show. I'm not even sure if they continue making new episodes. Just get it straight, Nickelodeon: you need at least decent characters that viewers can like and relate to to make a show even watchable!

Both this and the Thundermans stink, but one day when I was trying to see if The Loud House was on (yes I like that show) I came across a commercial that was promoting a CROSSOVER between both this and the Thundermans. Yeah two crummy "superhero" shows doing a crossover together, I wonder how that will go. Also that crossover's promotional poster thing COMPLETELY rips off of the Captain America: Civil War poster (they have the same colors and color tones and the two main characters of Nick's dumb shows are facing each other in the exact same way that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were in the Captain America: Civil War poster). Anyway I don't like this show. - Anonymousxcxc

This show is so cheesy and annoying! I usually don't mind laugh tracks but here it's so overused it's ridiculous! My 8 year old cousin loves this show and I feel so bad he has to grow up with crap like this. Dan Schneider needs to retire badly because he just doesn't know how to make good sitcoms like he used to. iCarly, Zoey 101, Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, and The Amanda Show were all great shows. But ever since Sam and Cat, Dan has really lost his charm and is better off retiring before his reputation gets worse. - Disneykid00

Stupid stupid stupid and stupid Dan Schneider just ran out of ideas its just stupid only idiots watch this show this should be on the top of the list I got an idea for the show... To end it

He ran out of ideas when he started making Sam & Cat, which aired a year before Henry Danger. - nelsonerico

This show sucks. I will admit, I laugh once or twice but that is nothing compared to all that laugh tracks garbage. I want to take a shotgun and shoot it at the ceiling. That's where the imaginary laughs are.

This show isn't that bad, but it isn't great. Most of the people in the show ar stupid. No one cares about Kid Danger and they only appreciate Captain Man. His parents don't refonize him as "Kid Danger." Piper, his little sister isn't bad, but she thinks Kid Danger is hot, but hates his brother. That's just plain stupid. Like I said, this show isn't that bad. Don't call me a moron for sort-of liking this show, please.

Henry's sister is such a drama queen! She shouldn't have been placed in the show!

This show sucks! This show completely shows how nick is running out of ideas!

Looking at it now, it really isn't as terrible as most modern Nick shows. It at least tries to keep a story going, the plots are innovative (ESPECIALLY Season 3), and the characters have more personality than that of Game Shakers. Just needs a little less laugh track and a little less corny humor. - naFrovivuS

This show is just plain STUPID! Seriousley nick?! What happened?! Why have you been airing lots of stupid shows! Like this one! I'd rather bring back the old shows because most of your new ones are really really really DUMB and STUPID! This definitely tells nick is running out of ideas.

I hate this show. I repeat, HATE it. Stupid, idiotic, overused, jokes that somehow my friend thinks are funny. I had to watch an episode of this garbage today.

Does anyone remember that episode when those teens grabbed a teacher and rubbed a penis with a five year old these sitcoms need to put laugh tracks in at the right time really it is a inappropriate show and it is for little kids it's like taila in the kitchen but dumber please give this show a skip

The formula is always the same: Wisecracking teen protagonist, obnoxious sibling(s), well meaning but clueless adults, laugh track, trite and meaningless "adventures" that present no real peril or opportunity for growth, this time wasting tragedy belongs with the abominations which birthed it in the deepest, hottest crevice in Hades.

Seriously jasper has got to be the most annoying person seriously he claims to be kid danger .BUCKET CON seriously.

This show is definitely not original and unique, and there is no good comedy. Also, it is so unrealistic that nobody recognises kid danger. Who does not recognise their own family just because they have an eye mask on? It's also really repetitive. In every episode, kid and captain man fight some crime and there's something going on at Henry's house. Bo-rring

This show is not bad but not good either. I mean, what kind of company makes see through phones? Someone could see you in public type in your password. And then they can go into your phone and do stuff. And what kind of superhero's do not have super powers. Rey has a super power but what is Henry's purpose if he does not have a power? Also what is the point of Piper and Jasper on the show? Are they just there to fill in some extra slots so the show would have more people. Of course Charlotte is awesome.
In one episode, Henry had to get this girl named Bianca out of an elevator. But then Henry and Bianca kissed at a really weird time. So this show must go.

There are plenty of problems with this series. First of all, Henry and Charlotte don't even TREAT Jasper like their friend at all. Even if Jasper can act a little unusual, that doesn't mean you should treat him like crap! Ray, or Captain Man, isn't even a good superhero! The BIGGEST problem of all is Piper. She is such a spoiled brat, and her parents don't even punish her! There is this one episode where she makes a temper tantrum over her commercial finishing! Even the people she brought (I think those were her friends :P) were like "What the heck is this girl doing? ".
I've also heard they are making a special called "Danger Games". Um no offense, but these shows have NOTHING in common except for the fact that it was created by Dan Schneider. At least "Danger and Thunder" had a crossover special that ACTUALLY made some sense: The Thundermans and Henry Danger are superhero shows, and they are both awful in their own way!

My gosh this show is annoying stop adding new shows that are dumb

"Captain Man is the only good character" my ass. Captain Man is obnoxious, annoying, mean, and dumb. He's probably one of the worst of the characters. Of course, Piper is probably the worst.

What happened, Schneider? Your balls drop off?

I was the one who made that quote defending the show. I apologize, say what you want about it, but I think it's way better than Nick's other shows.