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iCarly is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 until November 23, 2012. The series, created by Dan Schneider, focuses on teenager Carly Shay, who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson.


This is one of the worst most overrated shows I've ever watched. Sam is a total jerk and is violent, Carly is just bland she has no personality whatsoever and Freddy is this stereotypical nerd who fights with Sam all the time for the whole episode. The only funny person in this whole thing is Spencer who is artistic, hilarious and creative. BUT I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE GIBBY. When Gibby first entered the show I hated him right away. He was this weird kid that took his shirt off and danced on a table like a maniac. That's not funny it's just weird and creepy. He's this weirdo with no purpose on the show whatsoever he JUST takes off his shirt for comic relief which once again is NOT FUNNY! And there website is really bad. All they do is eat something disgusting or weird or prank other people from their apartment or something else creepy and disgusting. What's worse is that this show is SO overrated. BUT FOR WHAT?! Recap: Nothing is funny about the show, the characters went from okay to ...more

The show was good at first than crap hit the fan...
At the beginning the show had great acting, jokes, and timing.
Now it is stock-filled with inappropriate jokes my nieces who watch the show shouldn't even get. Also, it is way to dramatic for what classic sit-coms brought to the table. I always saw sit-coms as stand up comedy acted for you. A good example of this is Seinfeld. An exception to this rule is That 70s Show, where they use drama but is works for the comedy. ICarly not only tries this but also trying to bringing something new to the table a "everyday" look at something a lot of people watch... A web show. Sadly, This Fails miserably and I Hate the show I find it sad that my nieces say it is the greatest show ever, well, at least they like sponge-bob, they still have hope...

I always speak Latin instead of English. Is that offensive to the Romans? I DON'T THINK SO. And how about my friend who speaks Italian sometimes, or my other friend who speaks Spanish sometimes? Saying something in another language doesn't make it offensive. And they're teenager, s, what do you expect?

1 of the main reasons it got really bad is that when it started they were all pretty young and fitting for a show like this, but the show went on far longer then it should have and all of them got way too old for the show, especially Gibby, he got to point where he stopped taking his shirt off, probably because the actor was like, "this is too childish, I'm not gonna do it anymore" While the stuff they did in the older episodes was probably worse, in the new episodes they were so desperate for laughs that they just did the dumbest things, also starting with that IPhycho episode, the show got really uncomfortably creepy, also they made too many 1 hour long specials, and if you're gonna make an hour long episode make sure the plot is interesting, but they didn't do that, they just made stupid specials, like a whole hour dedicated to Freddy admitting he's never kissed a girl... THAT'S BORING! Also why did they make sequels to most of their specials? Are they really that desperate. ...more

I am only voting to comment. WHY IS THIS ON HERE!?!? Look, I get this show was a little shallow, dumb sometimes and just weird, but some episodes were hilarious. Some episodes even came with pretty good messages. It had pretty good characters (Yeah, there were some I hated as well.) and I am nearly 18 and I still go back to watch this show. Seriously, I feel this show is one of the classics. Let's compare this with Victorious. Victorious came out the same time iCarly came out. iCarly was WAY better. Victorious had it's moments but THAT was a terrible show. I also love Drake and Josh and seeing Miranda Cosgrove playing a different and bigger role was pretty cool. Also would you believe me if I told you that I saw iCarly before Drake and Josh? I'm just saying this show wasn't awful. It wasn't great or perfect like Drake and Josh and other good shows like that but at least it is very entertaining. This show even inspired me and my friends to start a YouTube channel and do wacky stuff. I ...more - Daviddv0601

This show lost the little credibility it had when they made the episode about Fred, cause Fred is pretty much the worst channel to ever exist on YouTube, and everyone except Freddy for some reason I can't understand, actually thinks Fred is funny, and everyone's going around being mean to and hurting Freddy because "he killed Fred", WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!? Fred is the most annoying pile of sh#%* ever created! Not to mention the fact that you shouldn't think he's funny because you're all TEENAGERS, which means you're way too mature to think that crap is funny, why are you defending him?!? And it's really weird seeing them defend a YouTuber who's channel completely died like 5 years ago, icarly seems to have a tendency to support things that are stupid, or someone/something who's popularity died out really quickly, and this is the biggest example of that

Miranda Cosgrove really hit a low point with this show. She was always excellent in Drake and Josh, don't know what happened here. Freddie is the only mildly entertaining main character. Sam is the worst, she is awful in too many ways to count. Spencer is too overbearing to the viewer, and seldom has any mature moments towards his sister. Gibby is somewhat entertaining in the first 3 or so seasons, but he declined and got way too old for the show. However, the minor characters are usually entertaining. The plots are different which is unusual for a kids show nowadays, but are very unintelligent. The humor is very recycled and bland. A blend of inappropriate (for a kid'a show) jokes, Gibby being half naked, Sam's dysfunctional home life, and jokes about Hobos. Truly an awful show, I rejoiced when it was cancelled.

Why is SpongeBob, Avatar, TUFF Puppy, The Penguins of Madagascar, and INVADER ZIM ON HERE? The people who put them on here are serious idiots.

Speaking of idiots, THIS SHOW HAS IDIOTS GALORE! This show is so crappy, and at the beginning of every episode has the STUPIDEST and LEAST FUNNY jokes I have EVER seen.

One thing amazing about this show is HOW MANY FANS IT HAS!

I agree with Avatar, Penguins of Madagascar, and Invader Zim, but SpongeBob I only agree with for season 1 up until the SpongeBob Movie and I don't like TUFF Puppy. - Anonymousxcxc

Hate hate hate this show. So much. Thank god it's finally gone. The acting was terrible, and the kids on the show were just annoying. My least favorite was actually Jerry Trainor... Why does he have to yell all the time? Can't he ever just talk in a normal tone? My second least favorite was Miranda Cosgrove... The girl can't sing or act! Especially can't sing... I know I just said she can't sing, but... She really can't sing. Once again, thank god it's finally gone.

I can't even tolerate this painful show. All it is is a group of teens doing random stuff that isn't funny, and they even thought making a disgusting liquid was funny. And worst of all, Carly and Sam flushed it down a toilet. I see no good reason why there is background laughter. And once, there was an inappropriate hidden image as shown on YouTube. Like Nick's other sitcoms, it airs more often than SpongeBob, which an old episode appears occasionally for fun. It's so racist too.

Best episode ever! Let the apartment burn down with Spencer's fires! It's Spencer's fault in the first place, and I was probably the only one in the entire world that wanted Carly to live with Grandad. Spencer's just an immature baby, he starts fires for cooking something? Wow, just downright stupid. Remember in iWant to Stay with Spencer where a hammer almost killed Carly? Yeah! That's also another reason why Spencer's an idiot. Carly doesn't deserve to be living with an irresponsible maniac, Grandad's a mature and a responsible adult. It really sucked when Grandad decided when Carly could stay with Spencer. Spencer just brought down her inhaler just for Carly to stay. Yet, Spencer did another stupid thing, the entire situation would just get worse if Spencer continued to start fires, almost taking Carly's head with a hammer, etc. Carly's life is in pretty much in danger all thanks to Spencer. If Grandad just took Carly away from Spencer, then Carly would be safe and sound in Yakima, ...more

After Dan Schneider saw how successful Drake and Josh was, he decided to conjure up this horrible show (if it can even be called a show). ICarly was Dan Schneider's point of no return. After creating iCarly, it became apparent that he would no longer make a show that is worth watching because he went on to try and replicate the mediocre crappiness with shows such as Victorious and Sam & Cat. It can only get worse, so don't expect anything like All That, The Amanda Show, or Drake and Josh to be created. ICarly was the beginning of the end for the Nickelodeon sitcoms, which is why the #4 spot on this list is even too generous of a place for it to be - Greedo

The Dan Schneider Slump (as I call it) gets even worse in Henry Danger and Game Shakers (but especially in Henry Danger). - Anonymousxcxc

I'm sorry, but I don't understand the jokes on this show. Any of them. I don't think I've ever laughed at a joke they made. The only thing that is somewhat funny is Miranda Cosgrove's downright awful acting. The most likable character is definitely Samantha Puckett. She has a personality, and it could turn out pretty good. I give the credit to Jennette McCurdy, who is hands-down the best actor on this show. Jennette is my idol, I adore her, but I cannot force myself to watch this show. If you want to try to like it, I suggest the later episodes. The first few seasons are horrendous.

Personally I think this show was GREAT AMAZING AND FANTASTIC! The cast were AMAZING actors like anyone here could do better! It doesn't deserve to be on this list! It's like he biggest show out there and has MILLIONS of fans. So you guys can talk all you want about how rubbish it is when EVERYONE knows it really isn't... Also some people think its inappropriate... If you think that Then don't WATCH IT! THIS IS NOT A STUPID SHOW IF you THINK THAT THEN YOUR STUPID! People don't know comedy when they see it...

Thank you! Finally someone who gets it I really can't believe the bad reviews this amazing show is getting half of those people have probably only since 1 episode or haven't seen iCarly at all

What the heck I've watched more than 1 episode and I only like season 1 and the first half of season 2. After that it went downhill. - Anonymousxcxc

ICarly is in fact, the worse Nick show.

by the way, Sam and Cat, Every Witch Way, and How to Rock shouldn't be on this list because and they're awesome shows. People who don't like them are boring and obviously have no taste. I know people who hate Every Witch Way and Sam and Cat, and they're the most boring people I know, I even wish I never knew them. These shows are good, and people are afraid to admit it.

ICarly, on the other hand, is what the boring people who don't like shows like Sam and Cat, How To Rock, or Every Witch Way watch. I mean, come on. This show is really annoying and it has bad acting. I usually don't hate on things, except things that are bad, like Icarly. If you say Icarly is interesting or good, your obviously lying.

At least for no reason I can call Fanboy and Chum Chum a guilty pleasure. But this show... is one I abhor deeply. Okay why are there so many terrible sitcoms on Nickelodeon? We have stuff like Victorius, The Thundermans, stupid Sam and Cat, in place of shows like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Big Time Rush (another guilty pleasure), DRAKE AND JOSH, Zoey 101, All That, The Amanda Show and Kenan and Kel. Seriously, what the heck happened to Nickelodeon? But besides the point, I hate this show more than I hate A Pal for Gary from SpongeBob. The acting is just lazy. I can clearly see Miranda, Jenette, Nathan and Jerry weren't in to their rolls at all. Either that or they are trying WAY to hard. And the jokes come off as either unfunny at best or forced at worst. And this show has to gull to mention the word "Hobknocker". You know what that is? Because you don't want to know. There are other websites you could look it up on if you are THAT curious though. Why is it that I loved ...more

This show's first few seasons were actually great. I found the show to be pretty creative and funny, but by the later seasons, the show started running out of ideas so yeah, Dan Schneider's best creations were this and Drake and Josh. This show isn't horrible, it's a great show, and it always will be, so whoever put this as a bad show, GO DIE IN A HOLE, BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS GREAT, SO REMOVE IT NOW!

"Why is Spongebob, Avatar, TUFF Puppy, The Penguins of Madagascar, and INVADER ZIM ON HERE? The people who put them on here are serious idiots. "

I agree with you on your hatred of iCarly since I also hate that show. I also agree with you that Avatar: The Last Airbender shouldn't be on this list. But I don't agree with about people putting SpongeBob SquarePants, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Invader Zim being idiots. Those shows are for idiots, although I can handle Invader Zim better.

If you like those three program so much that you wanna shove your opinion down the throats of their haters, then you should just shove it up your ass.

Why nowadays kids live action series have guardians that are stupid or irresponsible icarly is a perfect example of this I like Spencer and he is one of my favorite characters but he is too irresponsible to be Carlyle's guardian. In Drake and Josh the parents were just fine sure the y were goofy at times but they were responsible and lovable guardians unlike icarly. I actually know a person who won't let their kids watch icarly simply because there were no real guardians watching the kids

"It is I, Carly who will make you suffer with my dumbest and idiotic ways to make this boring for you and your friends for the rest of your life. Ha, ha, ha"! Guest what Carly, why don't you make this show somewhere else in Mexico and name it, "AyeCarly". That way we won't that to see you again.

They are racist Example carly: what Sam: what Freddy: Queso. Also they use the same jokes every single time!

The stuff they did on this show was just so immature when it started and it still is in the newer episodes but it just got worse, why? Because after the episode where Sam kisses Freddy the whole show just turned into a soap opera, and you can bet $100000000 dollars that in the episode you're about to watch they're gonna make a joke about hobos, meat or shirtless kids. Worst show ever

I don't like this show anymore. Even full house and home improvement is better. This is not funny. I think Spencer is more annoying than Kimmy Gibbler and Wilson Wilson Jr. Take this ff the air and bring back Drake and Josh, Unfabulous, Ned's declassified, Zoey 101, All That, and Kenan and Kel. The laugh track laughs at everything that is not even funny.

I don't understand why this show is on here I loved this show when I was younger and I still love it today it's funny but I will admit that the 3 or 4 episodes before I goodbye were pretty dumb but other than that this show was great if anything Sam and cat should take I rally's place on this list

Have you seen the episode 'iThink they Kissed'? It's that a big deal that you haven't have your first kiss? And they made it a One-Hour Special but focused only in one shallow reason. Freddie and Sam kissed. And why does Sam have to beat everybody! And there is no sense of making Noah Munck shirtless! Come on! Give this boy a privacy! And Miranda's acting was the worst thing ever happened to iCarly and Spencer always SCREAMS HIS LINES!, how were they able to pay their rent, food and tuition! This guides kids to Nowhere. And 'iPsycho' it was bad for kids! A Lesbian kiss! ICarly should be #1 worst show in nick!

I don't understand how on earth this show gets so much hype, I tried watching it and couldn't withstand five minutes of it! It's so predictable, stupid and not even funny - I would expect this of any Nickelodeon American comedy these days, but this one so bad it's in a league entirely its own.