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Marvin Marvin is an American science fiction slapstick comedy television series that aired from November 24, 2012 to April 27, 2013. The series stars Lucas Cruikshank as the title character Marvin Marvin, an alien teenage boy adjusting to human life.


Just from the title you can tell it is going to be stupid. They should make awards for worst shows and give it to Marvin Marvin. I never liked Fred but now he has reached an all time low. Marvin Marvin makes me think of ways to harm myself. I feel like throwing up when I see this show. When I heard Nickelodeon was making this I immediately thought it would be stupid. This show is so bad even the lead character quit. You know the show is just awful when the lead character, Fred who plays stupid characters quits. This show is a load of garbage and I suggest you don't watch it unless you know no life or no brain for that matter

Nobody liked Fred: The Show, so why did they have to give Lucas Cruikshank ANOTHER show to taint the network's reputation? Thankfully, it doesn't have that damn voice synthesizer (a huge reason why I never got into Fred as a webseries), but our main lead is no less obnoxious. It's basically Fred, except in exchange for a slightly less annoying voice, he's an alien whose biology is different from humans. And while that would be creative, there's two problems that crop up. 1; they spend way too much time on making him essentially Fred as alien. And 2; when they DO give us alien biology, 4 times out of 5 it has something to do with toilet humor. Also, I have to stress this again: WHY DOES THIS GUY HAVE ANOTHER SHOW!?

This is the 2nd worst Nickeloden show ever. It is even worse than bucket and skinner's epic adventures. It's not as bad as breadwinners but that's all I can say for the pros. This show has bad script writing, brainless characters, the story makes no sense, the jokes are abysmal (I never laughed at a single joke in any of the 19 episodes), and almost everyone hates this show. I know people didn't like Fred the show, but there were 2 episodes that were at least ok from it. Marvin Marvin can't even have 1 episode that wasn't bad, that shows how weak the show was. It makes no sense that on Marvin's home planet his appearance is an alien, and when he appeared on earth he looked like a human. This show has no brain and is stupid. I'm happy that this show is not on dvd, Netflix, or even T.V. anymore.(not even on teen nick) I rather watch every episode of bucket and skinner's epic adventures, uncle grandpa, pickle and peanut, and norm of the north 50 times than to watch one episode of Marvin ...more

I absolutely hate this show so much! It's stupid, gross, and not even funny! Marvin is so retarded and embarrassing. and one of the disgusting jokes in this show is Marvin's hearing organs are in his BUTT, that's just gross. And someone says to Marvin, "Remember those ear buds you borrowed? Marvin says "yeah" and then he says to Marvin "Keep them" Which means he put the ear buds in his Butt. He's so retarded and slaps himself and says "Hi I'm Marvin". I'm so glad Nick cancelled this show.

Where should I start? The gross body fluid jokes? The bad acting? The unoriginal story? Or maybe the annoying characters? Ah yes... I'll just start with my first thoughts on this terrible disgrace of a show. So, this terrible abomination that they try to call a "show" has come out to be one of the worst shows aired on Nickelodeon. Why would they even put Lucas Cruikshank on this? Fred himself would vomit just watching a minute of this horrible abomination. Glad this "thing" finally ended. Overall 3/10 do not watch. - Temenoil

The most horrible show ever it is no funny it is stupid no story line whats the plot and what is this the replacement for invader zim I'm just saying some how out of the blue the after ten years they come out with another show of a Alien comeing to earth after two year ago Nick was thinking of doing a revival I not that shore but just think that is a very big quinsident

Seriously, Lucas has another show? Why? Fred: The Show was horrible, but this was even worse. I can't get past 5 seconds of this crap after the theme song. What can possibly be worse than this? I think everyone knows what it is.

As much as I LOVE Lucas (the actor that plays both Fred and Marvin) this show was absolutely horrible. I do have to respect the fact that he acknowledges it though. I remember being SO exited when I heard about this show, but all in all, it was cringy, and just PAINFUL to watch. I must give credit where credit is due, however...the intro wasn't too bad. I actually liked it, but unfortunately, it was the only tolerable thing about the show. This entire show is just one big unfortunate mess.

You have to remember that Fred: The Show was also a flop. Nickelodeon thought that Lucas Crushaink"s talent was being wasted, and they were correct. Then, they give him, well... THIS. This is the worst Nickelodeon show of all time in my opinion because you are still taking someone from Youtube, giving him 22 minutes instead of 5,(and this time) make him even stupider than his title character. Seriously, it looks like that he is having some sort of seizure while he does weird stuff because "he's an alien! " I think they only showed Lucas as an alien in the Pilot, and that is STILL easily the worst CGI I have ever seen. Marvin Marvin needs to be forgotten, or remembered as the worst Nickelodeon show of all time.

Live action ripoff of Invader Zim.

This is the stupidest show on earth. No one wants to see a show about an ugly teenager that's secretly an alien, I can't believe Lucas left Fred the show for this crap. I don't even think they finished a season and it doesn't go on any more

Fred was way better in fred the show but when marvin marvin came I think I was gonna kill myself! MARVIN MARVIN HAS NO PLOT AND ITS JUST THIS PSYCHO ALIEN RUNNING AROUND DOING CRAZY STUFF! What was nick thinking?

I think they called him Marvin because of The Looney Tunes character. So much for intelligent life out there. I can see why his parents sent him here.

This show is about an alien that lives on Earth. WOW, SO ORIGINAL!


Two biggest problems about this show is having Lucas Cruikshank as the lead role let alone even in this crappy show, and the awfully stupid animations.

Dear Nick, do not make any more fred shows. I will burn down nick studio.

This is the stupidest show ever made. The dad is an idiot, the jokes are corny, and how could you not hate the little 10 year old gangster kid. By the way, no one cares about fred anymore.

I sat 10 minutes through the first episode, and I was disgusted. Fred was funny, but Marvin Marvin just killed him. The jokes were lame, the laugh track was on every 5 seconds, even when there was no joke. Terrible, terrible, show.

Oh man this show is pure crap! When he says " I'm an alien, I do weird things." That doesn't make any sense if he was an alien his weird things wouldn't be weird to him! Nobody would want to see this show!


This show is the worst. They took the same stupid actor and made a stupid show with this stupid actor. If you watch this do yourself a favor and stop. Really nick you can do better

Oh great, Nick's made their own version of "3rd Rock from the Sun, " only there's nothing good about it in anyway shape or form, starring the most unlikable thing to ever exist...

This show should not be below iCarly which was at least not bad.

This should be number 1! Dora doesn't deserve to be on this list (the target age group of 2-6 y/o LOVED her and the show was educational! My baby sister learned a lot of Spanish from them! ) neither does iCarly! They were great! But Marvin Marvin shouldn't have had a 2nd EPISODE! This show is so stupid! No one CAN RELATE TO IT NOR TOLERATE THAT STUPID FRED GUY! Nick was pushing it giving him a guest spot on icarly, but to give him TWO shows!?!?!? That was the dumbest thing they could have done.

They thought "oh well our last show about an alien was a hit, let's cast that one-hit-wonder Lucas Cruikshank as the main character! " No. Big mistake.