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41 Zoey 101 Zoey 101 Zoey 101 is an American teen drama television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, 2005 until May 2, 2008. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears), her brother (Paul Butcher), and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a fictional ...read more.

A bunch of teenage girls meet teenage guys and it takes place in a school. Yea, like that's never been done before...

This shouldn't be on the list, this was Dan Schneider's best show, even better than Drake & Josh, since there's a decent storyline & lacks a laugh track, unlike all of his others.

I love the way Zoey was the perfect girl who was good at everything and won everything and was smart and then she got pregnant haha

Why is always zoey who win everything? Lola and another friends are way more talented than zoey... How come she's a main character?

What this is the best show ever

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42 Wild Grinders Wild Grinders Wild Grinders is an American animated sitcom created by Rob Dyrdek for Nicktoons. It is based on the life of Dyrdek.

Worst show ever. The voices are terrible, the animation is horrible, and the plot makes no sense whatsoever. A bunch of kids who pay no respect to adults and just skateboard all of the time? Not a good influence.

I can't stand five minutes of this show. The animation is terrible, the voice acting is humiliating, and the plot- oh my god. Don't get me started on the plot. The characters are so stereotypical and they don't have anything to them at all. It puts me in a bad mood every time I see this come up on nicktoons. Take it down, along with Fanboy and Chum Chum!

This show is the most stupidest, awful, god forbidden rip-off of Rocket Power. I was never a huge fan of Rocket Power but compared to this, it blows it out by a long shot. I mean really, a talking dog who's soul purpose is to skateboard. Dumb idea, dumb plot, horrible plot, horrible character development, and a even worse excuse of a "series". In my opinion this is definitely a top ten worst. VOTE FOR THIS SHOW!

Bad Rocket Power Replacement

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43 Yo Gabba Gabba Yo Gabba Gabba Yo Gabba Gabba! is an American live action/puppet children's television show starring five costumed toys-come-to-life and their friend DJ Lance Rock.

I hate this show! That green thing is so ugly!

Why is it so low on the list? Imean spongebob is higher on the list. This and spongebob should trade places

I hate hate hate that show it so weird one time me and mom we're doing something and then we saw a commercial of yo gabba gabba and it was new and a mermaid gave the two girls pink and blue and forgot there names but the gave the power to breathe under water and gave them hair to "look cool" it's weird

I can't believe I liked this when I was little. Now, I can tell they're just in costumes. - Puppytart

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44 Dora and Friends: Into the City! Dora and Friends: Into the City! Dora and Friends: Into the City! is an American CGI interactive educational animated television series.

This is so stupid! Basically, it's Dora as a teenager, and some friends. There's one girl named Alana, which makes me mad, because my dad showed me Dora and her friends calling for her, and he knows how much I hate Dora. I have a baby sister named Alana, which makes me more mad when they call the name. I hope the Dora shows get banned, because I absolutely hate both of them.

"Have you ever had to be forced to watch crappy shows? Well, you're out of luck when you see Dora and Friends: Into the City. This show has lots of horrible stuff in it. Watch out! "

Look at the normal one how did she grow and start having friends after and they have there own channel use it not the big kids channel

The original is better than this dumb knock off and plus I don't even like Dora! It only has one boy in Dora and Friends. That is so sexist!

Agree! People get mad at Thomas The Tank Engine and Paw Patrol for having more males, but nobody cares if a show has more females. They should put both genders equally. - Lunala

A little better than the original

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45 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is a pretty good show, dude, just give it a chance!

Yea this show reminds me of the 87 version... And Mikey is not stupid if you actually watch the show make good decision all the time when needed just stop hating - Joshua86

How is this here. It just started. Give it time.

This show sucks, I grew up loving the ninja turtles and I still do, so when I heard this show was coming out I was excited... And boy was it a let down. This show is the biggest insult to ninja turtles to ever exist. Where do I even start? Well how about the fact that they chose to animate it like this, it looks like a little kid animated it, second WHY DOES DONATELLO HAVE A CRUSH ON APRIL? It's a stupid, awkward annoying idea, third why did they make Mikey stupid, cause he's not he just likes to have fun like in the 2003 show, but just like with Patrick nick thinks it's a funny idea to make Mikey totally brainless, I'm not kidding, there are scenes where he says he doesn't have a brain, fourth what is up with these stupid episode plots? The Ninja turtles are supposed to fight the shredder and the foot, that's all the story, but no, nick just make up stupid plots to use instead, there is literally an episode where a pizza comes to life and sounds like Dracula, what the hell was nick ...more

Well, try to complain to the creators, so they can make the show better, besides it is not too late, they already had a season 4 and they already plot the season 5 - Afb2004

The 2014 live action movie that was based of this series and directed by Michael Bay is pretty bad, but not the show itself.

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46 Aaahh! Real Monsters

What are you saying. I Found this show amusing and cute as a kid. Today I am 27 years old and I still can watch episodes online.

What? This is one of the best Nickelodeon shows in my opinion.

Just because it was from the 90's doesn't mean it's amazing.

I love this show! Better than the shows with gross out humor! - Katildalover93

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47 Game Shakers Game Shakers Game Shakers is an American television sitcom created by Dan Schneider that premiered on Nickelodeon on September 12, 2015. The series revolves around two seventh graders named Babe and Kenzie who start the multi-million-dollar title gaming company and who take on rap superstar Double G as their business ...read more.

This show is just a rip off of the Disney Channel show "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything." Speaking of which, almost all of Nick's shows are rip offs one way or another. Henry Danger is about a kid helping a superhero with his adventures, but the Disney show Mighty Med (which came out almost a year earlier by the way) is about kids helping superheroes in a hospital and accompanying some on adventures. GEE, WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT?! And they also rip off Wizards of Waverly Place with two shows: Their pathetic attempt at a superpower sitcom "The Thundermans", which also rips off "The Incredibles" and "Lab Rats", and another sitcom "The Haunted Hathaways" Oh, and almost all cartoons from Nick nowadays are about 2 best friends doing stupid things (Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Breadwinners, etc etc etc) but almost all of those stink. So, yeah, Nick is ripping off Disney Channel in almost every way possible.

Awful disgrace to pretty much a lot of stuff on Nickelodeon, and Kel Mitchell is ruining his life by being on this trashy waste of money and business, What is wrong with Dan Schneider? He went from good, with Drake & Josh, to bad, with iCarly and everything later, he needs to retire RIGHT NOW, and What's wrong with Nickelodeon? They need to make good original shows again, they lost their originality and mojo, Is time to stop watching Nickelodeon when SpongeBob ends after it's series finale. - nelsonerica

This show is just a rip off of the Disney Channel show "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything." Speaking of which, almost all of Nick's shows are rip offs one way or another. Henry Danger is about a kid helping a superhero with his adventures, but the Disney show Mighty Med (which came out almost a year earlier by the way) is about kids helping superheroes in a hospital and accompanying some on adventures. GEE, WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT?! And they also rip off Wizards of Waverly Place with two shows: Their pathetic attempt at a soap opera for kids "Every Witch Way" and their sitcom "Haunted Hathaways" Oh, and almost all cartoons from Nick nowadays are about 2 best friends doing stupid things (Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Breadwinners, etc etc etc) but almost all of those stink. So, yeah, Nick is ripping off Disney Channel in every way possible

Believe it or not this may be #45 but this show is going to end up in the top ten - Zombo1336

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48 All Grown Up

Rugrats was awesome. This show takes everything that we loved about the original, and smashes it with Thor's hammer.

The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica's Demonic and Unimaginable imagination.

Chuckie died in 1986 along with his mother, that's why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time.

Tommy was born in 1988, but he was a stillborn, that's why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live.

The DeVilles had an abortion in 1990, Angelica couldn't figure whether it would be a boy or a girl thus creating the twins.

As for "All Grown Up" the teenage Angelica became addicted to various narcotics which further aggravated her Schizophrenia, bringing her back to her childhood and thus her creations she obsessed over, because of time lapse between the present and the last time she interacted with her creations, she made them older. Angelica was constantly taking hits of acid, so she would never have to live without her creations who were her only company. In a judgmental world, Angelica's mom actually died of a heroine ...more

This is one of the most overrated spinoff nick Nick shows ever. This show is stupid because the original rugrats are more entertaining than the teenage rugrats. Tommy looks and sounds nothing like his original voice and look. Chucky is afraid of a lot of stuff. The twins voices are annoying. Dil won't stop wearing his stupid hat. And Susie Carmichael is an annoying and a stupid spoiled brat. The only character I don't hate is Angelica Pickels. This show was one of the worst shows of my childhood and how did this show last 5 years with episodes. Thank god this show was cancelled in 2008.

This shows good

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49 H20

Just to let the people below me know, the show takes place in Australia, not Britain

I don't know if I've seen a more lame and overdramatic show. It's predictable and the dialogue is simply atrocious.

Since my family signed up for Netflix, it's all my 11 year old sister will watch... And she insists on watching it in the family room, cranked loud for all to hear.

And If I hear the damn theme song one more time I will mutilate my ears with a golf pencil... And I'm an audio engineering major.

All my friends ever want to talk about is this show. Now they're trying to tell me they're mermaids just because they have tails.. Watching the show, it isn't all that realistic when they're doing girl stuff.. I don't know how to talk to my friends anymore because when I ask them stuff, they say that it's a boring subject and they try to change it to this annoying show.

Its about these Aussie teenage girls who become mermaids once they touch water. So original. - Catacorn

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50 NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core

Yeah, This show used to invade schedules of Invader Zim, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Power Rangers Samurai and it was like 5 minutes!

Glad this show is over. IT WAS A BAD SHOW!

Worse than robot and monster, isn't this on Cartoon Network?

This ruined the NFL.

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51 Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan

This show is basically a less annoying Dora. Except yo learn Chinese instead if Spanish. Overall, it's okay.

This show is a crap for idiots and a message for you that you said it helps, DIE IN HELL! This show has no sense!

Kinda like how Dora teaches Spanish to prove that the US will be speaking Spanish in a few years with all the immigrants. Now that China is growing stronger by the day, the US will be overrun with our Chinese Overlords.

Holy god... Why the living hell you guys are crying over a show THAT IS TARGETED FOR LITTLE KIDS? - SlavicViking

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52 Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies

Bubble guppies is the anoying nick jr show in the world all they do sing and sing that makes blowing my brain out this makes me jumps out the window like grumpy in the show the bubble guppies so retarded and anonymous so anoying I hated them!

It sucks suck suck suck so stupid it for baby craps dumber than max and ruby

I disagree. Like I have said about other shows, it is aimed toward children. I have notices every review seems to be written by someone that was born in the 90s and enjoying watching all of those shows. I am one of those people. But that doesn't mean it's ok to bash the new children shows because you don't enjoy watching them. They aren't meant for teens and adults.

This show is ok, because this show doesn't aim teens, adults and elder people. I'm the person who is really honest and isn't one of those people who go "AH THSI SHOW SUKKS because IT DOSNT have FIGHTING BLODD ADULT STUFF! ". - SlavicViking

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53 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is an American television sitcom produced by Nickelodeon. The series focuses on 10-year-old, later 11-year-old quadruplets Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn Harper . They have nothing in common and often fight, but they must work together to solve everyday situations .

Bland and mean spirited. Like one time the sister (Dawn) moved out of the boys' room and one of the boys (don't remember or care about his name) brought in some meat, and they said they should have replaced Dawn with meat years ago. So they would sell their sister for meat? Also, the plots are nothing I haven't seen before, and WAY too predictable. The Christmas special screws up the moral beyond all belief, and is predictable the whole time. Not only that but EVERY CHARACTER IS UNLIKABLE. They are all annoying stereotypes. The closest one to being remotely likable is Ricky, the only one of the kids with any remote common sense and niceness. My last complaint is one of the kids' names:Dicky. In this day and age, Nick was stupid enough to name a kid Dicky. Overall, this show is not the worst show on Nick right now, but it is the worst live-action show currently on. And also, yes people can have 4 kids. - Garythesnail

Mothers really can have 4 babies in her body, it's just not as common as normal birth.

It has terrible acting, cliche story-lines and they're all so annoying. Dawn has to have everything, Ricky freaks out at everything, Dicky thinks he is cool - he should think again and have a name change & Nicky has the most annoying way of saying things. You'd think the adults would be able to act, but they're worse than the kids. I may watch terrible shows myself, but for me to call another show terrible, it must be the worst thing in the world

Such a shame that Brian Stepanek from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is in a bad show now, he's a great actor. Actually all the actors in this show are great, too bad their characters are annoying. Nicky and the dad are awesome characters, even though they can be annoying at times, but the dad is hilarious. Ricky is okay, he's kind of annoying and really weird but a cute and good kid. Dicky and Dawn are annoying spoiled brats. Dawn is like Emma from Jessie, except she's not funny or likable. The mom is annoying and really pathetic with how selfish she is. This show started off good, I really liked Season 1 and I thought it was Nick finally getting its act together, until Season 2 came out which started off okay but soon turned bad. The jokes are awful, like Dicky's stupidity jokes, I mean he's not mentally handicapped or anything so really that's just pathetic and annoying. It's not the worst and it's definitely better than Bella and the Bulldogs but this show had the potential to be ...more

Why Nickelodeon? You got the old shows off the air, and put the crappy new ones! - SlavicViking

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54 House of Anubis House of Anubis House of Anubis is a mystery television series developed for Nickelodeon based on the Dutch-Belgian television series Het Huis Anubis.

I think this is the best show ever! I love how they have such a good mystery and joy is really awesome all the characters are really good hater should understand

Best show I have ever watched joy is so awesome! And cat from victorious is adorable not annoying. Stop you haters!

Cat is horrible, she ruined her personality and is not a positive influence for kids.

This show is so so so great! You haters probably don't like it probably because you only watched about the first 2 minutes of it! If you had watched even further you would have enjoyed it because that's when the questions start to pop up and you can't stop watching because you wanna know what happens next!

I saw it, and I thought it was great, but when I read about it, I found out it was a soap opera, and a know what soap operas are, so when I found out, I lost interest in the show and changed the channel, Soap operas aren't appropriate for kids or all ages. - nelsonerico4

Nickelodeon.. are U seriously?!
Continues the series on teen Nick!
So compelling, So ALL! It deserves a continuous!

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55 Alvin and the Chipmunks

It' Alvinnn! And the Chipmunks, and the quality is low that the Chipmunks don't appear to have any fur, except on top of their heads, making them look more human than usual, also, Dave's voice sounds slightly different than from the movies, because of the new voice actor, the plot is also very low as well, but the voices are the same, which is fortunate, but still, Nick needs to stop making it's own versions of popular movies, TMNT, Monster's vs. Aliens and This (Although The Penguins of Madagascar was good), but Nick still needs to make more original shows that don't rip off other shows/movies, and they need to stop making too much toilet humor (which this show doesn't have) on shows, They also need to start getting back to making more handdrawn animated shows that are original, they need to stop overusing CGI and especially live action, Nick was good long ago, but they don't care anymore or could make anything original anymore, this show's mediocre, but better than Breadwinners, ...more

My mom was babysitting a 7 year old and he was watching this. It was SO bad. The chipmunks look like zombie humans and the animation is really weird. Dave looks and sounds like a completely different person. Nick needs to STOP making spin offs of good movies and then making them really bad. Like How to Train your Dragon (I know that is not Nick but I am making an example), it was a really good movie but they made a spin off series that had terrible animation, the voice actors were really bad, and the villain did nothing but laugh like a maniac and he was WAY too young. We need good movies and good cartoons like Pokemon. I feel sorry for what the next generation will grow up with.

The chipmunks look like people because of the much lower CGI quality than in the movie versions, but still, the worst part is that Nick's still making spinoffs of well-made movie franchises, They did it with The Penguins of Madagascar(only good one), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Monsters vs. Aliens, Those shows are unoriginal. - nelsonerica

I would vote this. It ripped off the movies badly, and the character designs look awful. It's just cringeworthy to watch. - Katildalover93

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56 Max and Ruby

Why are baby rabbits doing living alone... Who pays the bills!

And to think my mom wants me to watch this show in order to be a good older sibling. I'm more concerned about where their parents are!

Did their parents have a heart attack

This show was my entire childhood. - Catacorn

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57 Little Bill Little Bill Little Bill is an American animated children's television series produced for Nick Jr. The stories are based on Bill Cosby's Little Bill book series, set in Philadelphia, and feature Bill Jr.

This show is one of the cutest shows. And this is supposed to be watched by little kids an d not teens!

Every time someone make the "it's for kids" excuse, I feel like cutting myself to the bone. - Astatine

... ? Seriously? This show is for like.. 2 year olds.. Not 20 year olds!

Its called nick junior retards

Seriously? ;-; it's not an adult's show - Puppytart

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58 Tak & the Power of Juju Tak & the Power of Juju

Weird show based off of bad game

I liked the game, but the show was just trash.

This show was one of my favriotes when I was a kid you people have no taste and some the shows up here where really good and loved by a lot of kids so yeah...

The games were millions times better

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59 The Wonder Pets

Really annoying theme song, I'd watch it if Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming save Pokemon!

This show is so annoying because everyone sings about everything and the songs are annoying! Whatever happened to good kids shows like Blue's Clues and Big Comfy Couch! I hate Wonder Pets and always will!

All they do is sing! Why can't they just talk for once? Had to listen to this show every day for like what 2 years? I don't know but thank god it got cancelled because I was so close to putting a drill in my head

Why complaining when you're older than a 7 year old kid if the show is AIMED FOR LITTLE KIDS? - SlavicViking

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60 Degrassi Degrassi Degrassi: The Next Generation (later renamed Degrassi for seasons ten through fourteen) is a Canadian teen drama television series set in the Degrassi universe, which was created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979. It is the fourth series in the Degrassi franchise, following The Kids of Degrassi ...read more.

I can't watch this show, because if I did, my parent's would think that was watching porn. Advice to people- don't do drugs, porn, or other crimes. This show is made by drunk, high, perverted rapists.

This show is just like high school: BORING

Too adultish for children under 14, anyone agree?

Please see TheMatrix Rants: Teen Nick to see why Degrassi deserves much less than 1/5 stars. Because of its desperate need of a T.V.-Ma rating, it's even worse as a Nickelodeon show. Drake is a terrible singer, but is okay to talk to. Lest

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