Planet Sheen

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Planet Sheen is an American CGI animated television series. It is a spinoff series in the Jimmy Neutron franchise, focusing on the show's comic relief, Sheen Estevez, as he gets stranded on another planet. The show was hated by critics and fans for not using any of the original cast (besides the obvious), more.


One of the most stupid, uninteresting, poorly done shows on Nick. Every single one of the characters are so creepy. I think the producers over at Nickelodeon made this show after they used a bunch of Crack. Seriously Nick, stop giving characters from shows that are actually good their own T.V. shows, Because the plot for the shows are dumb and they automatically become unfunny and get overshadowed by another character. I HATE THIS SHOW

No surprise, another spin-off failed miserably. Sheen was hilarious in Jimmy Neutron, but in this show he's so stupid he's not even likable anymore. Why did the creators make him forget everyone on earth, including Libby? WHY?!?! JUST WHY!?! There's so much toilet humor, rubbish storylines, and annoying characters in this show it's ridiculous. While not as bad as Fanboy and Chum Chum or Breadwinners, it's still a terrible cartoon that most certainly should be avoided at all costs!

I have a SPECIAL hatred for this show because Jimmy Neutron was a great show. Plus, in that show, Sheen was actually funny, still stupid, but made funny puns and references. Here, Sheen is a total dolt who is so full of himself that you hope something will destroy him. The plot is generic, the characters are dull, the jokes made less and less sense as the show went on, and tehy ran out of funny jokes, so they just made Sheen's singular catch frase, "Run and scream". Aside from the first few episodes being sort of funny in a bizzare way, the rest of the show was just plain stupid. Bottom line, don't watch it, and just watch TUFF Puppy, at least that show was good.

Planet Sheen was a very well animated and intelligent show that you had to "think" at times to understand some of the references just as Jimmy Neutron was. It wasn't a dumbed down show like many of the "popular" programs where all you really have to do is breathe. Its a shame they were cancelled, but its always like that when a show is good for you and stays away from "fads" and the degenerative attitude of todays youth. Its a shame. I and MANY others will miss this show.

They took one funny character from an old show and tried to make a funny show about that one character. It failed. It failed so hard it made me want to punch people who thought they knew Sheen. That Sheen is not the Sheen we knew and loved.

I liked Sheen in Jimmy Neutron, but you can't just give him his own show. Especially one that doesn't make sense. I hope Sheen gets killed by the bad guy. I really do.

You say that again! Planet Sheen is so stupid! I hate it when Sheen always lies, don't listen to his ape friend and he is always scream and get into trouble. This show must be going. Even though this show taught people naughty stuff like lies and crap. I just hate this show I just want this show gone for good!

Spinoffs are never as good as the original show, and Planet Sheen is no exception. Look, I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Neutron, but Planet Sheen is an absolute atrocity. They made Sheen is so much more annoying than he was in the old show and the animation is even worse! I only liked Sheen when he was with Jimmy and Carl. - thunderstar1124

Jimmy Neutron is still one of my favorite shows, it got cancelled for good reasons of it running too long. Then, I get spoon-fed a big spoon of nasty with this show lol. I mean, this was pretty much Sheen being an idiot and going to space. The end. No to mention that Carl was featured but featuring Jimmy was... wow... They didn't even FEATURE HIM IN AN EPISODE?! What a waste of a brand re-new!

In my opinion this show is horrible! I tried to watch on 3 separate occasions because I was a big fan of Sheen in Jimmy Neutron show. All it is was a bunch of gross aliens and dumb jokes. I especially hated Princess Oom, one of the dumbest characters I even seen. Sheen isn't the same sheen from Jimmy Neutron! Not even worth watching!

I hate this show. It makes fun of Jimmy Neutron. The original Sheen was stupid, but he was also funny and had feelings. The new Sheen is selfish, arrogant, rude, bossy, and spoiled. Also, he forgot about Libby.

It's a spin off series of Jimmy neutron it about the guy name I think it's sheen and he when to spaces by himself and no one help him to get back to earth not even his parents! Dose his parents even hate him! No one help that kid. Worst spin off series of all time and worst spin off series that I ever saw

That show is so stupid they should kept jimmy neutron going in stead of a stupid show like planet sheen it's pretty pathetic to see how far a television station will go to try and make a good show even if they ruin someone's childhood in the process.

The animation was stiff and horrible compared to the original The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius series. The original had smoother animation and had a nice mix of comedy and action, unlike Planet Sheen! Black Critic Guy even did a Why I Won't Watch video on it! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Same exact plot all the time and every episode, some creepy old guy wants to kill the guy that came to the planet, I hated jimmy neutron enough, then this show came. The intro also has the weirdest and creepiest song.

This show is horrible. Sheen isn't funny like he was on Jimmy Neutron. He's ANNOYING! Not to mention, after just 5 minutes of watching this show, there are already 10 potty jokes. (Similar to Fanboy and Chum Chum, but to be fair, to a lesser degrees.

The only thing good about this show is that it takes place on an another planet, which adds interest for entertainment, but other than that, the show SUCKS!

This show gave me cancer. Literally, I'm in the hospital using my brother's laptop typing this, and I only have five months to live. I would sue Nick, but what's the point? In less than a year I'll be done for. :'(

This show is annoying and Sheen does nothing but scream and also the show looks very ugly and disgusting whoever thought it was a good idea to give Sheen his own show is very stupid - HazardCrazy

Worst show ever it's just a copy of jimmy neutron and Sheen got stupider I think he hit his head so hard while in the rocket he got brain injuries

What happened to The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius? That show was gold. This show is a load of crap.

A try hard spin off of Jimmy Neutron that failed.

I guess Nick just keeps running out of ideas that are actually good. Do yourself a kind favor and go on YouTube instead of watching this crap.

It's never a good idea to give the comic relief character his own show. That's like giving Jar Jar Binks his own movie. You Star Wars fans would be scarred for life!

Do yourself a favor, and AIR JIMMY NEUTRON AGAIN! I spent all my life being afraid of it, and when I finally get over it, this trash airs!