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Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig. It ran from May 25th, 2013 to July 29th, 2016.


Where do I begin with Sanjay and Craig? When the first trailer came out I ignored the butt crap and actually thought it looked awesome! I love snakes, the characters looked and sounded cool enough, it sounded like something that would resemble Regular Show but NO! This thing doesn't deserve to be compared to Regular Show (and even Regular Show has gone sorta downhill over time). Basically, the plot is this: a kid named Sanjay and his talking pet snake Craig hang out with the horrid characters that are excuses for their "friends" (I can't stand them. They're so annoying and I much prefer the episodes focusing only on the two main characters) and make as many butt, fart, puke and toilet jokes as possible. Every episode has something to do with something disgusting and gross. Why would a kid want to watch this? Apparently Nickelodeon thinks the only way to get kids nowadays to bother to watch their shows is by throwing a ton of crap into every one they've got, and Sanjay and Craig took ...more

I hate this show, but my friends like it, and actually find butt jokes funny. Anyway, butts are not funny. This show sucks. Nickelodeon, PLEASE CANCEL THIS ABOMINATION AND I WILL BE HAPPY BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS REPULSIVE! The very first commercial, in the part where they talk about butts, made the show look stupider, which it is. I used to like it though. Now I don't. Only morons like it (I'm not saying my friends and family are morons, though. That would be messed up, though. Even the very first episode is stupid. Come on. Butt transplant?! Well, at least this show is better than Breadwinners, even though I hate both. There are WAY too many butt jokes, which makes it dumber. The characters have a vague resemblance to the ones in Bob's Burgers. I've never actually seen that show before, but I've seen images of it. I hate this show very much and I want it to be cancelled or have less butt jokes in it. It is very disturbing. WHAT'S WRONG WITH Nickelodeon?!?!

This Show Makes me want to puke my heart out, this show is Disgusting, Butt Transplants, Leg Flab, many more hideous things await you in this poor excuse for a children's cartoon, Speaking of kid's show How did this even get on Nick in the first place?! If you see the things they put on this show you'll understand what I'm saying. What happened to all of Nickelodeons good, enjoyable, innocent cartoons? Like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, SpongeBob, The Fairly OddParents, CatDog, Invader Zim, (Invader Zim wasn't necessarily innocent, but it was hilarious.) Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, etc. Unfortunately, The only of those shows that are still running is SpongeBob, and The Fairly OddParents, and their futures don't look too bright either. Oh Well, at least Cartoon Network, and Disney get us.

Spongebob is actually getting better from it's decline in Seasons 5-8. Season 10 has some great episodes actually. - TopTenHaters

I have a lot of opinion on that show.

When I saw some of the first-aired episodes, I think I lost a lot of Intelligence just watching it.

The Crude-Humor in the show is unfunny, overdone, and just simply and downright disgusting. I mean, when I saw the Title Card of an Episode : "Fart Baby", I just changed the channel to ABC News. I'd rather listen to reality than watch this pile of vomit.

The character animation is like a lot of people stated, a Very Odd mix between Bob's Burgers and Regular Show. Nothing in the show makes sense, and the humor is so bad, I spent the rest of the time watching an episode vomiting into a bowl I bought with me.

This show needs to be #1, this show is way to drugged up. The characters have absolutely no thought put into them, and this show has loads of this, The fact that the only thing the producers think will get people to laugh, a bunch of butt and fart jokes thrown around like every 10 seconds. Like in the trailer for the show, Sanjay walked around with a giant swaying butt.This show needs go be #1 it's a pathetic show with no thought put into it.

Sanjay and craig, more like crap and barf. This show almost made me throw up on several occasions. This show is proof that nick has no ideas left. This show is about a piece of crap with hair called sanjay and a barf dried up into a snake form that was mutated called craig. I acualy think this show is worse than wait for it wait for... Bread Winners. And don't get me started on one of their friends called hector. Their friend think he is a wolf, eats boogers, forces people to eat his belly button lint, wears an eyepatch to look cool, enjoys tongue tacos, and eats garbage he finds on the floor such as a sewers pickle he ate. And sanjays parents are just as bad as their kid were the mom talks about butt implants while the dad talks about building a robot and being the party, bet he was drunk. Plus his mom is also afraid of the dark. I don't know any doctor that is afraid of the dark and she works in the hospital so it is pretty stupid. Also sanjay likes an ugly girl who is like 5 years ...more

By far, one of the most dumbest shows I've seen. Your I. Q will drop into the negatives by just watching the previews of this show, it's complete GARBAGE.

How is it #26?!?! It is so stupid. I don't know why anyone would watch it. I bet anyone above 8 years old thinks it crap. I watched one, and it made me want to punch myself in the gut. Vote if you agree with me - camcrib333

I hate this show. My friend's IQ dropped from 98 to 50. When he's called on, he says, " Sanjay has a pet snake. And ever since he watched it, he always gets a letter for his parents concerning his grades

This is a disgusting show, honestly! This show reminds me about Fanboy and Chum Chum, but worse! And a talking Snake, really, the people are to stupid to even realize that its not a snake! Also the 3 main things in this show that are, 1: Disgusting Graphics that made me want to puke,. 2: It's a gross show in general, like I believe that they WANT to make them see the private parts. 3: annoying characters, such as Sanjay's Mother and Father, Craig, Sanjay, Bell Pepper, and that celebrity guy. I think they should rate this show Tv14. - Marinerboy11

This show is the Family Guy version of Ren and Stimpy. Everyone farts and talks about gross stuff and butts. The fart baby episode was just creepy and stupid. Also the one where Sanjay eats some sort of Ludicrous crap and his tongue erodes into bones was disgusting. I can't believe kids like this show! What is up with the characters anyway? They look like they are on drugs.

Oh Jesus... This show needs to go. Now look, I love some bathroom humor every now and then, but I can't stand how utterly disgusting this show is! I don't wanna watch some dumb kid and his snake puke, poop, and fart on each other! I was trying to watch Danny Phantom (They play reruns late on Saturday night) and I always have to watch some stupid preview of this show. It shows them puking on each other and it's super gross! The animation is beyond god-awful and there's no plot whatsoever! THIS SHOW NEEDS TO DIE!

This is one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen! It takes butt and fart jokes to a whole new level. Nickelodeon crap like this and Breadwinners are only managing to make children stupider instead of smarter. There's no good morals, no good characters, no originality, no laughs, or anything good about this pile of elephant dump! Even the animation looks disturbingly creepy! This, along with Fanboy & Chum Chum, Nick Studio 10, Breadwinners, Marvin Marvin, and FRED: The Show are the worst things Nickelodeon has ever done to us viewers! STAY AWAY!

I can't believe any adult would be so immature and childish as to create such a disgusting show where all they really ever do is make jokes about butts bathrooms farting and barfing.I really thought nickelodeon was more mature than this but I guess I was wrong

This the worst show in the WORLD! And why did CSM (Common Sense Media) rate it as Age 9+, this show should BANNED! And also bring back the 1990s and early 2000s shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, All That, Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, SpongeBob SquarePants (late 1990s and early 2000s episodes), and The Fairly Oddparents (early 2000s episodes)! And also get rid of all of the new shows (2010s and late 2000s), like Wits Academy, Talia in the Kitchen, Sam and Cat, Henry Danger, Harvey Beaks, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Game Shakers, and Bella and the Bulldogs! Please NICK! Bring BACK all of the 1990s and the early 2000s, and get RID OF ALL OF THE 2010s and late 2000s!

As most other shows on this channel, this one is a terrible influence on kids. My kids were watching a show where a poor kid couldn't afford a bike, so the other kid said "if you can't buy it, just steal one". When the kid said that stealing is illegal, the other one said that it's called "borrowing" if you bring it back later. And these are cartoons! I blocked Nickelodeon all together. Disney is even worse. Also blocked in our house.

This is butt. I'd say the a word, but I'm not getting banned. But as aforementioned, yes, I'm not kidding. Puke!? A baby?! MADE OF FART!?!? It rots your brain. The characters are so dumb. Why does the mom always wear the nurse outfit? They look like Bob's Burgers. They're so dumb, they think they can teleport! "Teleport! " They think they live in a cup. Get real. The announcement ruined something for me. An episode of Sponge bob I hadn't seen in years, so obviously, I forgot the storyline. Sooo, it goes to the beginning, the announcement goes off. And the network glitched. So I sat through the commercials. When it came back, a new episode loaded. Please, someone, something, start a riot.

This is probably the worst show ever. The obscene number of "bathroom jokes" (for lack of a better term) makes me think that this show was written exclusively by children with ADD.

This is why we have anti-drug groups in school like D.A.R.E. I am glad that we have them so people and kids like me don't waste our lives watching this crap. One thing led to the creation of this piece of crap cartoon, drugs. A lot of drugs. Everyone involved had to be on drugs.

O.K. , they clearly stole the look of the characters from Bob's Burgers (I also thing that is a bad show too) and they brought a talking snake on the show. Uninteresting, like having a talking squirrel, dog, and other talking animals these days, a snake? A Snake? Is this snake the next Scooby-Doo? NO! What are they thinking! Why this snake is bad is that he, like Sanjay, are annoying.

We Don't Want Any More Annoying Cartoon Characters! We Want Cartoons With At Least Some Intelligence, Pride, and most of all, DIGNITY!

Where is the Dignity of these characters? Its non-existent.

This cartoon is crude, ugly, unspecial, cookie-cutter, discussing, STUPID, and SHAMELESS. Don't watch this ...more

This crappy childish show is gone too far. I would rather DIE than watching the show for ONE SECOND. This creators of these made it worse for Nickelodeon since it is crappy, stupid, undeniably weird, and VERY cheesy.


This show is just really disturbing and inappropriate. And to think this show was made a younger audience? Just a flat out awful example. Not to mention the overused idea of a show about some idiot as a main character going around with a talking animal. How this show got on the air I will never understand.

This show used to legitimately DISTURB me, and still does. Some episodes had stuff that combined the dark ooze of nightmare fuel with the grimey goo of nausea fuel. If you want to be disturbed to the extreme, watch away...HOWEVER, there were a small few episodes that I did thoroughly enjoy, even if it was only 2 or 3. The concept, in my opinion, is very creative, albeit a bit nonsensical. I like a very small amount of the surrealism, even though it can rival that of an adult party cartoon on Spike or some weird experiment on Adult Swim. So, to me, it's a...meh show. To me, it's sort of a weird, disturbing yet sometimes interesting experiment.

I've probably watched two episodes of Sanjay and Craig and this show is so creepy. I can't even watch commercials with Sanjay and Craig in them because they are such creepy characters. This show does not deserve to be on Nickelodeon! Please cancel it!

I haven't even really seen the show that much, but the commercial is stupid! Ok like seriously, it's this girl with blonde orange hair that looks like its going to fall out, and it says, there's pepper like what? The cast is stupid and I won't even watch it

I would rather run to the nearest freeway, rip out my eyes, and skip rope with it, then watch this.