Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Okay. Okay. You haters are all IDIOTS! This show is basically the only good show left on Nick. Why else would it be on the fourth season?! All of the people saying stuff like "1987 was better" or "2003 is the best," guess what? This is the TMNT show now! Maybe you should give this show a chance. There are comments saying that they just looked at it and it was stupid, or that they didn't even watch it but said it sucks. I bet at least a half of those people are thinking that 1987 or 2003 was better. This show is amazing. So maybe, you should start using your brain and WATCH this show, THEN say if it's good or bad.

People that are hating on this. Shut up. I completely understand the people who actually WATCHED this show and then said it was bad. They are entitled to their opinion, and while I disagree with it, I respect it. But what I DON'T respect is the idiots that actually just look at the drawings and immediately think, "Oh. 2003 was better. Hate this." The dummies that said that was the same stupid dimwits that said the same thing about the 2003 version when it first came out. Reviews say it's great, OK? DVD sales were great for Nickelodeon. So give the show a darn chance, then say if it's good, amazing, out-of-this-world, bad, horrible, or frightening.

Personalities are exaggerated in this show. Comparing to the 2003 series Leo is the most loyal, for the team, willing to risk everything yet egotistic leader. Donny is a complete genius that can solve even the most complex thing in 3 mins even though the tech is literally out of his world. Mikey is a complete idiot and is such a weak link that they don't even need him on the team because his cause is just for imagination. Raph which was my favorite until I saw this series gets mad over every little thing and hardly has any self control. Not only does this make me upset but EVERY Antagonist except for Splinter, Tiger Claw and Krang all turned into mutants. Horrible filler episodes that contributes nothing to the plot this is a horrible excuse for a reboot. Even with all this this is definitely top 3 best that Nick has currently but that just shows how poor things got here.

Well, I did like the 87' Version. This Version? Not so much.

Goods - After watching some of the Epsiodes, I did like how each Turtles' Personality contributed to their fighting skill. The Action in the show is enjoyable as well as the plot.

Bads - Mikey is the only character I didn't like. For some reason, Nick went ahead and made him completely brainless. The Plot will sometimes change without warning, resulting in some episodes being completely random, or not having anything to do with the main plot whatsoever.

Overall, It's a Pretty Decent show, but that doesn't mean it's as good as the 87' Version.

This show is good, decent jokes, action. It has a plot that makes more logical sense then the 87 version.

"Hello? Hello? Oh, there was the dumb old version of 87. Someone lost the frontal lobe due to the stupid old version. Ya, the new version is better.

On a scale of 0 to 10 it gets a negative 12 it's even worse than Sanjay and Craig. And both shows are for idiots who think everything stupid is cool How can turtles do karate. And shows like this just have e same plot. The antagonist creates some problem and the protagonists try to solve it fail horribly or the antagonist starts to win and then they discover the true weakness here's a great idea create an episode where these airhead turtles lose completely and the bad guy wins and rules the world and don't have the. protagonist come back. Watch funny shows and movies like Sam and cat or frozen. ANYTHING

I actually used to watch this a lot when I still had cable, and to me, it's actually a pretty decent show. It mixes a good balance between action and comedy. Kind of like the original Teen Titans, huh? Unlike *cough*Teen Titans Go! *cough*. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Most of the time I won't be angry with haters but not to TMNT it is the best show ever! (In my opinion)
I like all TMNT series so should you if you are a true turtle fan!
And all movies!
I didn't know about TMNT until the new series then I learned about other TMNT series I watched the 2007 movie recently...
I like it!
So yeah why is it on this list?

The 2014 live action movie that was based of this series and directed by Michael Bay is pretty bad, but not the show itself.

Why the crap is this on here. It should be number 1000000000 if you ask me

EXCUSE ME! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SHOW WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING HERE. ITS AMAZING, OKAY? I know it had a lot of haters when it first started, but its almost done with its second season and you barely see any haters anymore. that's because they gave it a chance and realized it wasn't all that bad. I mean, have you seen the fandom? ITS GIANORMOUS! This show is good, end of discuusion

Why is this show on the list it's pretty decent.

It's not bad at all, even I, the one that doesn't care about superheroes, enjoy it some times.

-_- WHY WHY WHY WHY1 THIS SHOW RULES! I have no criticism at all. Please give it a chance, ok? Why are you hatin? Its been on since 1987, so the animation is somewhat poor to our standards. Leave meh alone. There is nothing bad about this show. Its perfect and its a classic, there is nothing to hate about.

You're stupid and you are saying nonsense this show is the best. it is much better than adventure time

This show is pretty decent. I would really recommend watching it. It would be nice to give it a chance

This is the best show ever! I fangirl on it 24/7 and it people say it's a boy show and it isn't because I know more girl who watch it then boys and don't say its bad watch it you may like it!

This is lower than SpongeBob (Loads Gun)(points gun to anyone voting for SpongeBob)

This show acts like it's an ANIME with the tear drops and the white gigantic eyes with red. Just no!

Hard-to-explain plot, relatable characters, ALIENS! This is at least #2 on my top ten best nick shows.

I liked the 1987 and 2003 cartoon but not this one they look kind of boxy in a way. Also it looks dumb too but I watched one episode and found it to be al right.

I loved this show when I was a kid. even got a few video games about it. now I hate it. its upsetting:(

This is a good show! People complaining, please take off your nostalgia goggles!

This show focuses to much on comic books and michelangelo is just annoying

The only problem I really have with this show is what they did to Mikey as a character and shredders character design