Winx Club

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Winx Club is an Italian animated television series directed, created and produced by Iginio Straffi and his company Rainbow S.r.l.


This show is a classic case of "follow the leader". By simply ripping off what was popular with girls (Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Disney), this show somehow became popular, despite everything in it being flawed and phoned-in.

The plot is the standard formula for this genre. An Earth girl discovers she is the powerful heir to a lost empire, and transfers to a school for those who are "magical". There, she meets the obligatory teammates she will have for the franchise: The second-in-command who is blonde, very girly and air-headed, the ultra-enviormentalist pacifist, the smart, brawny Asian chick, the person who is obsessed with technology but serves no other purpose, and later on, the token black girl.

Together, they fight the evil, dark forces named after a breakfast cereal (that are arguably the best characters on the show, simply because they at least want to destroy the heroes), while trying to protect their boyfriends that use swords, despite ...more

Harry Potter powers looked like electricity and came from wands, Winx Club powers looked like fairy magic and came from their hands, big difference.

The Trix weren't named after the cereal, they were named after Bellatrix Lestrange - DarkarIsKing

I agree with everyone that Winx Club is super stupid and boring. What I first thought about this show is that you need to help a friend in need. Well they did not show that stuff, instead it was just crazy fairies which think their so awesome, they just throw rainbows at the villains, and they fail. But then, their boyfriends came to save them, and woohoo we are safe! It keeps on repeating the same thing. Come on! When are they going to learn to surrender? HA! And they keep on wearing the same clothes everyday, do they wash their clothes, I do not think so! Why can't they dress normally, they always show off their body like they are waiting to have sex with their boyfriends! I'm telling you all, if you all let your kids watch this, sooner or later they will dress up like the Winx and acting all sexy you know. And Bloom keeps on blaming herself, I mean why? Are they teaching kids to blame themselves every single time, well after you did something wrong, you must think a way to fix it, ...more

I agreed with the first and popular comment. They are wearing like sexy clothes almost every time, and also, they don't even wash their clothes. Are they dirty stinky fairies, well to my opinion I think they are. And these winx club fairies, their brain is the size of a walnut, they don't even think properly what ever they are doing! This show doesn't mean anything, flora is just shy, tecna is just logical, Layla only wants revenge when she loses something, musa and bloom always blame their boyfriend and stella only cares about fashion. I thought this was an action show for fighting crime, but is was only the weakest fairies in the whole world throwing stupid powers and villains and end up losing to them. Why are they guardian fairies of the magical dimension, because they have extraordinary powers and transformations?! The most important of being a fairy is being nice to everyone and their boyfriends too. To my suggestion winx club is the worst show ever!

This show.. Terrible just doesn't begin to describe how bad this show is. I am female, and I've loved some magical girl anime, but Winx Club is just terrible. The characters have bland personalities, and the main character, Bloom, is like the most annoying character in the show. The clothing is just horrid, and the characters are completely boring with no interesting details or backstory. The plot of Winx Club is boring and predictable/cliche. I know that the show can teach kids about teamwork and determination, but this show is too.. Unrealistic. All of the characters are either completely good and nice/kind, or they are just evil for no valid reason.

The show is way too girly for boys to watch this show its all about girls that can turn into fairies that are heroes boring and stupid.

The gender doesn't matter, but I don't like this show. It's too girly for me. - Anonymousxcxc

This is the worst show ever! My Top 10: #10:The Mighty B!, #9:Fanboy and Chum Chum, #8:Dora, #7:Avater, #6:iCarly, #5:Fred, #4:Marvin Marvin, #3:Nick Studio 10, #2:Bubble Guppies, And Number 1! This Show! Lets keep on voting for it until it reaches Number 1! Who's with me?!?!

I'd put Dora as number one. Even above the Nick version of Winx Club (but the other versions were awesome! ) - DarkarIsKing

Does anyone else realize that Nick did NOT make this show? It was made in Italy by some guy. In my opinion, this show had a plot and was good back then, but nick made it REALLY bad... I grew up with this show and its disappointing to see how the show came to be. - danya

Exactly. This should be listed as a Worst Nick Show simply because the Nick dub ruined it from the good show it used to be. - DarkarIsKing

This garbage of a attempt of entertainment is an insult to people in general, I mean, who wants to watch a couple of girls floating in a school, attempting do give harry potter a bad name? It always embarresses me in front of my freinds when the commercial comes on. I think nick saw harry potter and said "this is good! Lets do something like this! " And then they screwed up, BIG TIME!

It didn't even copied Harry Potter, just because it has something similar to it doesn't mean it's straight up copy, give better reasons. - DaisyandRosalina

I used to really love the original show when I was a kid, but the new version is so cheesy and stupid. I don't remember it too much because I was six or something but now that I see the revamped version, I can't believe they're supposed to be the same show!
It was a bit better when the got their powers "upgraded" ONCE to keep it simple. It takes a whole two or three minutes sometimes with each and every transformation, which may not seem long, but it's as long as the average pop song. The outfits themselves are so STUPID, and I can't even imagine if a little girl wanted to dress up as a character from the show, and how ridiculous she'd look. Not to mention the outfits look like if some creep redrew The Misfits' outfits from Jem or another 80's cartoon.
Bloom is, as said before probably, a Mary Sue. It's all too cliche. There is almost no important character development from what I've seen.
Worst. Show. Ever.

I get severely annoyed how all of the guys look like girls with weird heads and cat eyes and they're so annoying, and all of the girls care about stupid that is irrelevant to anything. And how all of the fairies wear barely anything and fight crime against horrible vicious monsters who also have magic and they end up winning. Their voices are annoying. The animals are annoying. Ugh, but the one good thing I guess would be the scenery

I agree the dudes DO look like girls.. the animators must be mentally retarded

It's a very close spin-off of Sailor Moon. According to one of the opinions, Bloom tries to fight the villain back, but fails. Then, the boy comes to her rescue, but also fails. Then, the other girls defeat the bad guy and save the day. It reminds me if that one episode where Sailor Moon attempts to escape the villianess, but cannot. Then, Tuxedo Mask saves her, and they jump on top of an elevator, but it launches upward, forcing them to go to the extreme and grab on the edge of the next floor. The elevator immediately collapses, and the two hang helplessly off the edge. The other two Sailors at that point, Mercury and Mars, manage to save them just as they are about to fall and escape.

That isn't all there is to it, but you get the picture.
I like Winx Club, but the very thought of having young
Children around the age of 3-4 watching this as the girls are dressed quite innapropiatly makes me feel a bit insecure.


1)too girly for boys to watch!
2)when they cry, their tears are bigg than their eyes
3)they always pose where they go.
4)they costume is full of design, it's like over-exploded
5)their waists are so thin.
6)their so dramatic
7)why their hair is as long as themselves
8)I don't like this, neither my sister sibling
9)why their powers even have weird name? DRAGON HEART. Really?
10)they are sucks. So boring and worst club ever. I rather die than to join them (NOT SERIOUS) laugh out loud

Cancel this show and bring back Avatar the legend of aang


Again, a show is not too girly for boys to watch simply because it has a set of six female protagonists. Did it ever occur to you that some guys might either find them attractive (particularly Bloom and Stella), or can enjoy the story and action without caring what gender the protagonists are, or both? Sailor Moon and My Little Pony have already been there - DarkarIsKing

The thing I hate about winx club

1this show literally the worst show on earth the characters are ugly, they copy anime, they're hips are to small, and who the heck got neck that big as they're dumb.

2.they villains they fight is just the same, and they only fall one time, and they're ugly boyfriend come to the rescue, they only shot glitter and woohoo, big party for the jinx, that's right jinx I called your name jinx

3.the leader are mary sueish, when you done something terrible, you fix it, not blame your self, what are you trying to teach kids, she also copy hatsune miku looks.

If you love your kids or younger sibling don't ever let them watch this horrible show

In season 4, bloom and musa were the most stupid fairies in the whole world, they even blame their boyfriends for helping them. What are they believing, just to save the world? And andy and Jason, thanks for making the girls sorry. And their clothing, YUCK! They can even show their belly button

He can say his opinion whatever he wants so you should be the one. - MilkTae

This show is a piece of crap. It takes a potentially interesting idea, but replaces it with stereotypical female behavior, flawless protagonists, horrible plots, and cheap animation. The voice acting is in a league of it's own in terms of badness.
Plus, the fanbase is insanely annoying.

Simply put, this is Sailor Moon meets Harry Potter, only filtered through the sewers of Elizabeth, New Jersey. The end product is pure trash. Avoid.

Winx club is a childish version of a hybrit between sailor moon and harry potter (my favorite anime and manga, and one of my favorite movies).

The characters are personality less. The transformations are senseless. If the fairies have magic in their civilian forms why do they transform? Meybe is un excuse for more clothes. And when they transform they wear ridiculous outfits and very short skirts.

Unlike sailor moon (which is LBGT friendly) winx is not. All the girls date boys and all the boys date girls. Because is bad to teach kids that love has to be person orientated and not gender orientated. And on top of that all the characters have a boy/girlfriend. The powers are lame (even bloom's dragon fire). First of music and technology are not magical powers. They are human creations for entertainment. Second if the dragon fire created the galaxy why Bloon can't defeat the trix.

The villains are childish. Like any other villain they want to destroy the galaxy. But ...more

Listen everybody on here who hates winx club. I agree that there is some things that need to be changed. But some of what you guys are saying is just plain stupid. I'm glad your saying your thoughts and people agree with you. But there are girls and possibly some boys out there who love winx club. And I have one thing to say to all the poeple on here who hate winx club. If you don't like it don't watch it because if your gonna type here and complain about how its nasty and boring orginal and the animation. Don't watch it. Don't sit there and complain about winx club. Because you voice your opinions that's fair. Go find another show to watch plain and simple.

Winx Club is seriously OVERRATED. The voice actors are horrible, not at all realistic! The clothes are even more so, exposing too much skin for kids five years old! The entire plot is boring and cliche, and the names of the transformations! Sirenix, believix, enchantix? Are there brains any LESS capable of being HUMAN? OH WAIT... THEY'RE FAIRES! And that makes them so special because they sprout horrid wings out of thin air in a rush of sparkly glitter. Ridiculous! AND DON'T GET ME STARTING ON THE THE BORING CHARACTERS! Bloom is exactly what DISGUSTS me, she is a perfect person with a voice incredibly high, like an annoying mouse squeak. She just doesn't learn to buzz off when she isn't needed because she's 'the fairy of the Dragon Flame! '. Oh, isn't Bloom special! I really hate this show, it doesn't provide any inspiration whatsoever and is utterly useless. GO TO HELL BLOOM, NOBODY WANTS YOUR UGLY FACE!

Winx Club is still as family-friendly as a Disney movie but they probably didn't have kids five years old in mind. Nick should never have taken over the show because they ruined it - DarkarIsKing

Seriously, hearing her speak is like having to be forced to eat a poisonous potato 1000 times while having a coach's whistle being blown into your ear at the loudest pitch possible.

This show SUCKS. It's supposed to be action filled but all it is is some weak fairy girls throwing rainbows at weak monsters. Correction: rainbows that never hit the target and even if they did they wouldn't do anything.

This terrible show has a cliche and boring plot, uninteresting characters who are extremely annoying and have the most boring personalities I could ever hear of. Not only that, but the fanatics of this show are just annoying. Enough said.

I agree completely the show was pretty good in season 1-3 and I'm not shy to say it. But when I tell my friends I used to watch it, they assume that I'm talking about the newer seasons when I just re-watch the old ones. So I end up being made fun of. Now I just that silent in the matter. That just proves how mess up the show is now! I love how it was before but now when ever I watch nick and it show up, I just change the channel! - whynot1244

That show is only for girls. None of the guy would even like this. It should have never aird on Nickelodeon in the first place.

4 word: "Tinker Bell Grows Up"

This show should be cancelled. The clothes are too inappropriate. But that's not the only bad thing. The characters are annoying(especially Bloom), It copies already successful shows that's related to magic, It's too girly and immature, the dialogues are stupid and bland, the characters are also one dimensional and they have no interesting traits or personalities what so ever! They are only the average characters you find In most shows and are stereotypes(Quick example: Stella who is blond, loves fashion, has terrible grades ESPECIALLY in history, doesn't care about school and is air headed is your average diva type), And the power names or the transformation names are worse. They are utterly stupid and why do all the transformation names have the "word"(well, It's not really a word) 'Ix' In It?! This show has to get cancelled by the end of S7 and why Isn't this higher?! Better watch some Madoka Magica(however, for little girls under at least 12, sorry...Madoka's too dark for you ...more - MLPFan