Zoey 101

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Zoey 101 is an American teen drama television series which originally aired on Nickelodeon from January 9, 2005 until May 2, 2008. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears), her brother (Paul Butcher), and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a fictional ...read more.


Worst show this should be 1st Zoey isn't even likable everyone like worships her she isn't the greatest thing ever like why does everyone like her. Dustiin is an annoying brat. Quinn was okay in the first few seasons but then they turned her into a smarter Nicole. Logan Is just a horrible person. Chase was okay but there is one episode that I just couldn't like him anymore after the one where he catches Vince cheating who tattles when your sixteen who cares it's none of your business. Every episode is pretty much the same they have a dumb problem that probably involves Logan or just a plain dumb reason and it always ends with Zoey somehow saving the day and everyone worshiping her again. Finally I understand Stacey is annoying but everyone even the teachers are extremely mean to her. This show is just plain awful I can't stand to watch and every time it's on I have to switch it.

Hey people! Haters only! Now where was I? Why do people like this "show"? A bunch of snobby rich kids being shallow. Here's my impersonation of them! Hey we're all thin and suntan all day! If your smart or have something odd about you, your a loser! Let's all listen to ZOEY! " Who cares if it has a laugh track? Ya know why it doesn't have a laugh track? Because it's not funny! Every thing always gos zoeys way and it's stupid! And repetitive! And the worst part is no one gives a ____ about Stacy! I mean come on so she talks funny and builds stuff out of swabs? I've seen weirder. And it doesn't mean you can THROW UP ON HER or HIT HER IN THE FACE WITH A MELON! For no reason. I seriously don't see why people like this show. - Somegirl

Um... WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! Everyone there is shallow and obnoxious. Let me do a impersonation! " look at us were rich and complain about out life's even though we're never have homework, the teachers are morons and we suntan all day! If you different, my our a freak that no one likes! Let's listen to zoeys every word! " I mean really every thing always gos ZOEYS way ( no one else's) and they always go to extreme to get revenge. Can you say # nolife? And every one treats Stacy like $#! +! She has a lisp! That doesn't mean you can knock her not with a melon, vomit on her, or HIT HER WITH A CAR AND NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE! So what if drake and josh had a laugh track it was funny this is a show is telling girls, to go into boys bathrooms that you can beat everyone up with out trouble and every thing with ALWAYS go your way. The beginning of the end of sanity of society... Don't even get me started on ZOEY her self. Than again this would turn into an essay like It all ready isn't. Rant ...more - Passwordfarts

To the person that brought up the pregnancy. That has NOTHING to do with the T.V. show. This show was one of the few that a parent didn't have to worry about letting their child watch. So the actress got pregnant. Everyone does things that others may not agree with, but that is no reason to pretend like you are better than someone else. That is just offensive to anyone else that has got pregnant sooner than they planned. Try having a little respect for people.

This was actually a really good show, but teaches not many valuable life lessons, seriously... Zoey was little miss perfect, winning everything, everyone liked her, had cool clothes & an amazingly designed room, teachers loved her & everyone pretty much kissed her ass. - anicoebaker

Victoria Justice on Zoey 101 was much more talented than Zoey. I htink Dan is awesome and makes good shows like Sam and Cat and Icarly and Drake and Josh and Victoria's but this was just a big mistake. Why the heck is Zoey even on this. She's not even talented. Victoria is the only one on their that is on that show! Thank god it ended

Everyone worships Zoey and think she is the best thing that's ever existed there like oh no we have problem what should we do Zoey and Chase was one of the very few people I liked on the show then they make him become some tattle tale weirdo and I just couldn't take it

Why is this on the list? This was Dan Schneider's best show ever created, it didn't have any laugh tracks & there was drama, all of his other shows are garbage compared to this.

Of course there's no laugh tracks, IT WAS DRAMA. Drake and Josh had laugh tracks because it was a COMEDY. Why does laugh tracks really matters to you? Well it's your opinion I guess so I should respect it but I really want to know why. - MostTalented_BoyX

You know why it didn't have a laugh track? Because it wasn't FUNNY!

Zoey 101 was awesome. Why is it even in this list?

Zoey is very prissy and a spoiled brat at that. Just watch The Radio episode to see what I mean. So thanks Zoey 101, I'd much rather watch Victorious.

This show isn't that bad. At least there isn't a laugh track and the characters are good at acting. Go Zoey!

One of the best shows of all time on nick

I love the show I just hate how Zoey so full of herself and I really hate the part where they changed chase whit James.

Happy that there is no laugh track to be heard in this show!

This was actually a good show. It took what may seem like a stereotypical situation and created unique and clever plots out of it.

I LOVE this show... I agree that it can be weird but other whys its good! I just don't like how Logan acts so bratty and rich. And when coco does the shreaking screams, It hurts my ears. But anyways great show other that stuff. And I don't like how Quinn and mark... Make out so much!

Zoey is so annoying. Other than her whiny voice and her being perfect, I like this show a lot.

Why isn't this higher on the list? It's BAD!

It isn't higher because it will always be better than all of Dan Schneider's other shows, even Drake & Josh, this is his only show without that pathetic laugh track, unlike his others.

I's way better than the others including Drake & Josh, there's a good plot & storyline, and there's good social interaction, and Drake & Josh do the opposite of that.

This shouldn't even be on the list this is the best show Nickelodeon has ever made this show shows you how to survive the real world

This show was pretty good but still had flaws

There is more than just girls meeting guys you obviously don't pay real attention

It's a nice show though I hate the 4th season where Chase is no longer in the series.

This was a funny show and it actually made since so I think all you people out there better think twice!

I hate that Zoey is Miss Perfect and Logan is always on hit with disruption retribution. ( look it up)

Zoey 101 didn't have a laugh track and it had a little bit of a real plot compared to Drake & Josh, which had laugh tracks.

It was Dan Schneider's best show and didn't contain a laugh track, the sound tracks were great too and Drake & Josh had lame ones.

It was better than Drake & Josh since it didn't have any laugh track, but not as good as Ned's Declassified or Every Witch Way.

The only good thing about this show was Dustin.