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1 Stupid Hoe

This song is so annoying and repetitive. Also the beat gives me a headache, the lyrics are confusing and repetitive and its overall an annoying song - Leafeon271

It's a weird song and I like it.

Stupid Hoe is worse than Starships and Anaconda

I like this. - Luckys

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2 Anaconda

She compares her butt to an anaconda? Disgusting! Also the beat rips off "baby got back" and the lyrics are gross and very unfunny - Leafeon271

All of Nicki Minaj's songs really do disgust me, but this and stupid hoe have to be the worst songs I ever listened to. First of all its like a baby got back rip-off, second of all the lyrics are absolutely disgusting and also the music video is just as disgusting as the lyrics are. Just read one of my song reviews post rants if you want to know how much this song absolutely disgusts me.

"Baby Got Back" is awesome, lol. (it's my guilty pleasure song! )
"Anaconda"? EWWW! - galaxyfox

How can sir mix a lot sleep at night after this

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3 Only

I barely remember this "song" anymore, but I do remember a creepy repetition of this A-flat, B, C, sequence in a bell-like sound. Don't get me started on the video. - allamassal

Its literally about murder and slavery.

Some of the lyrics literally say
Yo, I never ... Wayne, I never ... Drake
All my life, man, sake
If I did I did a menage with 'em
And let 'em eat my a like a cupcake

It's so sexist and filthy. What has music come to?

This song is so bad it makes Anaconda look like a classic.

Proof that she's evil

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4 Beauty and a Beat

I hated this! the video with them was terrible the way justin bieber was dancing eww I'm like what the hell and nicki minaj was so girly and very very bad too so I hated this song so much I give this a 0

First of all, it's featuring Nicki Minaj. Second of all, it has Justin Bieber in it. No wonder it's bad!

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, how much worse could it get with the 2 worst singers of all time.

The two worst artists in history coming together yep we r doomed

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5 Beez in the Trap

I love this song - malekjones4

Can't we just vote for all of them. they suck in different ways

6 Sex in the Lounge

This song is so bad it makes stupid hoe look like a classic.

Yes, this is a thing

Definitely her worst makes "Come on a Cone" look like a Masterpiece

7 Come on a Cone

I love nicki minaj but this is her worst - PatrickStar

I not actually heard this yet

The opposite of good music

That sounds really wrong - SammySpore

8 I Endorse These Strippers

I think that this is encouraging people to be strippers

The lyric "Boobs boobs boobs boobs, lotta boobs" basically sums up this mess.

This song is disgusting! - Carsrule300

9 Bang Bang

This song is great, lol. - Luckys

Worst song ever. they should have not even made it

This song is the best

This song is actually okay. Everything else, no. Just no.

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10 Starships

This another great song by her. - Luckys

This song is the best - malekjones4

This is my song! How could not like this?!

People with a brain and functioning ears and eyes, mouth breathing pricks like you like her and this annoying song

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11 Roman Holiday

I feel bad for Roman Bellic. - Gehenna

Holiday in Hell should be the title

Roman Holiday is... Distinct... and very... Unique. Not necessarily a good thing

Nicki Minaj's music is crap and unoriginal.

12 Hey Mama

No matter what song you vote for one this list it's all trash anyway.

Hey mama is my favorite ssong but what worst song? or because nicki minaj? yup..she is.

13 Pound the Alarm

What the hell is that noise?!

It was rather this or Bang Bang in my opinion. - RalphBob

This is one of her only good songs in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I love it but I don't like the clip

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14 Dance (A$$)

I love Nicki she the best ever all her songs are perfect but I don't like this song much

I know it's not her song but she's in it so that counts.

15 Super Bass

No, this is her best song. - Luckys

I DESPISE nicki minaj, but this one's okay - galaxyfox

This is a good song

The most Talentless piece of trash to ever walk the face of the earth.

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16 Roman's Revenge

This a great song. The way her and Eminem's verses just clashed and killed it.

What? This is her best song ever

This is her best song of all time, except for grand piani

17 Roman In Moscow

Nicki Minaj in an insane asylum

Filled with bad lyrics, a boring beat and her annoying voice. - Brainfck

This should be in top 5, behind from 4-1; Only, S.H., I Endorse These Strippers, then Anaconda. - WonkeyDude98

18 Rake It Up

Her worst feature ever - ShrekTheGoat

19 Va Va Voom

This is my favorite! It shouldn't be here - RockStarr

This song is good, but the video ISN'T if it has Nikki Bataj because of her butt and boobs.

20 B**** I'm Madonna

This is Madonnas crap how did she get stuck with her Poor Nicki

Worst Nicki song:

The night is still young

21 TwerkIt
22 Big Daddy
23 Rich Sex

All she ever talks about is sex! completely innapropriate and horrible song! she talks about sex in most of her songs too!

24 Swalla
25 Side to Side Side to Side

This is a great song, lol. - Luckys

The world would be a much better place if these two racist women didn't turn ito plastic, excruciating brats (especially Ariana Grande). Uh oh, I can hear Nat Wolff raging because of what I said.

I like this song actually - Carsrule300

Oh Great, Nicki Makes ANOTHER collabration with An artist (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

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26 Pills N Potions
27 Girls Fall Like Dominoes
28 Booty Going Crazy
29 Swish Swish
30 Whip It
31 I Am Your Leader
32 Barbie Dreams

Amazing. - Luckys


33 Fefe

She supports a man who’s going to jail for sexually advances on a minor!
Plus this song is all about sex and hitting it from the back and “I put my p u s s y in his face”

34 Did It on 'em

It’s about her pooping and peeing on her fandom

This has OK lyrics. This would be a good freestyle or mixtape.

35 Favorite

Favorite is very unique. Interesting beat cool rap. BUT I can't STAND THE CHORUS IT GOES ON 5EVER :(((((((((((((

36 Throw Sum Mo

Nicki minaj is ft in the video so it counts - VideoGamefan5

37 Chun Li

No, this is a good song. - Luckys

This song is pretty good y'all are tasteless

Yes I don't like this song its like she acting like she is king kong *laughing and crying* - malekjones4

Irritating. - The01Bro

38 Give Me All Your Luvin

Her verse is only like 13 seconds in this whole song

39 Monster

Okay, this is her worst one, but after stuff about killers, a Va Va Voom thing isn't THAT BAD, is it?

40 Gun Shot
41 The Night is Still Young

This is the best Minaj song

42 The Boys

The Top 36 Worst Hated Songs

43 Muny

SO annoying, completely horrible, it's painful to listen to plus the hook is unbearable.

44 Barbie Tingz

The message and lyrics are awful, she talks about how "every bitch wants to look like her". - Popsicles

45 Your Love

I like that song

To be honest, this shouldn't be on this list.

46 Dark Fantasy
47 HOV Lane
48 Dem Boyz
49 Beautiful Sinner
50 Woman Like Me

It's stupid to make Little Mix collaborate with her, Cardi B should have been on the record instead of fake Stinky Minaj, The video was even worse than the song, She even worse then she did in her "Barbie Dreams" music video, she looked like she only had like 20 seconds to get the outfit on, Little Mix ruined themselves, I used to be a fan of Little Mix, I'm never ever going to a Little Mix concert again

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