WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Only

You already know how I feel about this terrible woman and her label. So in this song, we have Nicki...C. Breezy....Drake....and Weezy. I'm scared.

Let's start with the beat. It's beyond awful. It makes I Am A God's beat (which is one I thoroughly thrashed in another rant) seem like heavy rock. It's literally just a dark, creepy, drippy four note synth melody with no bass or anything really.

Now let's talk about Chris Brown. Even with how many times it happens, it truly is pathetic when C. Breezy is the best one in a song. His hook is deeply condescending and shaming to anyone who is even a level below him; he tells people who are "lame and they know it" to be quiet, and says that only kingpins and prostitutes are respectable to him. His appearance in the video also deeply creeps me out. He looks like a VAMPIRE!

As for Nicki, I'll admit she has the best verse on here, that isn't saying much. She spends the entire verse defending herself by saying she was never in a......relationship with Drake and Lil Wayne, that her south side is worthy of respect, and explaining her pretty clever duct tape line when there are bars much more worthy of explanation (see Roman in Moscow).

Drake's verse is beyond asinine. He acts like an eleven year old gawking at a woman for the first time (basically he acts as mature as how old I am). His lines don't flow at all, he brags incoherently about partying with Toronto Rob Ford and being around girls when they put on makeup.

I can't say that Lil Wayne has the worst verse on here because Drake happened, but that's not saying much. He has no energy, most of his bars are slurred, he doesn't try to rhyme half the time, and the wordplay that (almost) redeemed so many of his other awful songs like Love Me is completely absent here. He says he'd only, erm, love Nicki when she is drunk because she needs .... in her life. He also says he ....es greatness like goldish yellow. Nice image, NOT!!!! He then brags about shooting up people's houses and about his surfboard. Incoherent garbage from one of the worst rappers of the past four years.

Let's talk VEVO. First, the music video. I already talked about how Chris Brown makes me uncomfortable in it, and there's also Nicki, Drake, and Wayne (especially Nicki) torturing people. I don't know...

The lyric video is what made the song popular, and somehow didn't kill it. It builds on the Nazi imagery. Yes, you heard right. Now, Nicki went on Twitter and made a mediocre apology, and said she had no part in the making of the lyric video. Let's see what the director had to say:
"Before I start, be clear that these are my personal views and not the views of Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, or Young Money. First, I’m not apologizing for my work, nor will I dodge the immediate question. The flags, armbands, and gas mask (and perhaps my use of symmetry?) are all representative of Nazism. But a majority of the recognizable models/symbols are American: MQ9 Reaper Drone, F22 Raptor, Sidewinder missile, security cameras, M60, SWAT uniform, General’s uniform, the Supreme court, and the Lincoln Memorial. What’s also American is the 1st Amendment, which I’ve unexpectedly succeeded in showing how we willfully squeeze ourselves out of that right every day. Despite the fact heavy religious and economic themes were glossed over, there’s also Russian T-90 tanks, Belgian FN FAL, German mp5 (not manufactured until 1966), an Italian Ferrari, and a Vatican Pope. As far as an explanation, I think its actually important to remind younger generations of atrocities that occurred in the past as a way to prevent them from happening in the future. And the most effective way of connecting with people today is through social media and pop culture. So if my work is misinterpreted because it’s not a sappy tearjerker, sorry I’m not sorry. What else is trending?
So Jeff Osbourne says that freedom of speech has been violated as a result of the controversy. Uh, we're not asking you to make pretty rainbows, we ask that you make a suitable, at least appropriate rap lyric video. It's important to remind younger generations, via a lyric video for music that is inappropriate for those people? Yeah nice. Also, that second to last sentence is what angers me the most; sappy tearjerker? Who asked you for that? Your work isn't misinterpreted, it's outright immoral! Again, I ask for the bare minimum, not above and beyond (though that would be nice). So in this, Osbourne has shown that he is even more moronic than the people he was doing the lyric video for!

There is absolutely no way this could get anything more than a -2/5. This is one of the worst showings of everyone involved, and even as the artist behind Started From The Bottom, this is probably Drake's single worst! This also says something about everyone else, especially Lil Wayne whom is responsible for the third worst song of all time. The only (pun not intended) reason it's no landing a spot on my worst songs of all time remix is because Anaconda is already on there.


I agree with you, but I accidentally flagged one of your posts (Metal v. Rock) by accident! Can you forgive me? I thought it was the reply button...
(I hate metal too) - Swellow

It's alright dude. Lol, sounds like something a metalhead that is talked about would do. - WonkeyDude98

Metalheads are annoying as heck, especially the "i only listen to metal because metal is real music pop is trash"-types.
And yes, someone even said pop has no meaningful videos. - Swellow

@Swellow: Guess someone's never heard of Adele, Prince, Michael Jackson, and to an extent Maroon 5. - WonkeyDude98

Lol When I found out the combination was Drake, Nicki, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown, I thought, well this is going to suck - LJJ207

Agreed. All of them are below average at best except Drake, who is slightly above average, and BETTER THAN THIS. - WonkeyDude98

So Nicki Minaj makes a video supporting Nazis and having Nazi imagery and everyone got mad and then she made the stupidest apology ever and everyone forgives her. Meanwhile, the legendary metal band Slayer wrote a song in 1986 called Angel of Death that tells about the horrors of Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengele. Everyone loses their minds about it even today. They claim they're Nazi supporters. Why don't we just call Nicki Minaj a Nazi supporter too? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is why I am proud to say that Hitler is better than Justin Bieber, going off-topic. - visitor

Good question. Also, yes Jared, that is really off topic. - WonkeyDude98

Thank God this isn't the Anthrax song - bobbythebrony

The whaaa? - WonkeyDude98

Pretty sure he's saying "It's not the song by Anthrax". - Swellow

Oh, that's a good song. - WonkeyDude98

U r stupid, dis a bewtiful song wit a deep mesage!
Lol, just kidding, it's horrible. - visitor

I daresay, this song at hand is truly a piece of elegance and mastery! /s - WonkeyDude98

Can we all remember that Drake always gets friendzoned? - SwagFlicks

No wonder he's around girls when they put makeup on. - WonkeyDude98

I remember watching that lyric video thing. My mom noticed the swastika and told me not to watch stuff like that. I listened to her and never watched the video again. - Hotheart123

Even though I blatantly plagiarized Spectrum Pulse, I actually kinda like this review. - WonkeyDude98