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21 Big Daddy
22 Side to Side Side to Side

The world would be a much better place if these two racist women didn't turn ito plastic, excruciating brats (especially Ariana Grande). Uh oh, I can hear Nat Wolff raging because of what I said.

I like this song actually - Carsrule300

Oh Great, Nicki Makes ANOTHER collabration with An artist (Sarcasm) - VideoGamefan5

23 Girls Fall Like Dominoes
24 Whip It
25 I Am Your Leader
26 Did It on 'em

This has OK lyrics. This would be a good freestyle or mixtape.

27 Monster

Okay, this is her worst one, but after stuff about killers, a Va Va Voom thing isn't THAT BAD, is it?

Yes Nicki, you are a motherf****** monster. - PrincessKiana

28 Favorite

Favorite is very unique. Interesting beat cool rap. BUT I can't STAND THE CHORUS IT GOES ON 5EVER :(((((((((((((

29 Beautiful Sinner
30 The Night is Still Young

This is the best Minaj song

31 The Boys

The Top 36 Worst Hated Songs

32 Throw Sum Mo

Nicki minaj is ft in the video so it counts - VideoGamefan5

33 Rake It Up
34 Your Love

To be honest, this shouldn't be on this list.

35 Give Me All Your Luvin
36 Dark Fantasy
37 HOV Lane
38 Gun Shot
39 Dem Boyz
40 Booty Going Crazy
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