Top 10 Worst Nightmares About Nick Jr. Shows

Nick Jr. Shows can be inside your dreams which turns into a nightmare despite Little kid shows not being all th... * barney pops out * AH! Alright maybe some are scary so lets start the list!

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1 Eureeka kills Bugs Bunny
2 Scary Yo Gabba Gabba monsters eating and killing everyone up

I'll hire the sniper

* Has a heart attack * * takes heart attack pills * oh god! That would be nightmare fuel!

3 Little Bear mauling people
4 Happy Appy kills Dexter

There's no such thing as Happy Appy and Dora will kill you

5 Dora and Barney Getting Married

I know what your thinking how is this a nightmare? Well I will tell you, These two Character and there shows are awful. And if they get married and have a child and make their own show together, THEN THAT WILL BE A VERY TERRIFYING NIGHTMARE!

This is plan nightmare energy (kill barney and dora now )

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6 Ben and Holly Cast a Spell On Gary (SpongeBob SquarePants) to Make Him a Zombie Snail
7 Teletubbies Use Their Tubby Phone to Kill Kids Visiting Tellytubby Land
8 Dora and Friends Gets Cancelled Until 2106

That won't be a nightmare. That will be a dream come true!

What the crap this would be one of the best things to happen to man

9 Dora being the best show in the whole world

I know its not possible. But what if in your dream about Dora being the best show in the whole world was true? Then this will really become a nightmare.

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10 Julius Jr. Raping his friends

If julius jr does that to me, I will kill him


* shudders * My god that will be a very creepy nightmare.

The Contenders

11 Dora is the only show to watch in the whole entire planet

This is probably my worst nightmare about television.

If Dora was the only show to watch Id kill her!

NO! I WANT SpongeBob! WHY CAN'T THIS TERRILE SHOW BE GONE? * wakes up screaming and crying * alright lets see what's on. * sees Dora * NO! MY NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE! * cries * yea that would be pretty terrifying

12 Dora Killing SpongeBob

I also hate SpongeBob.

13 All SpongeBob's Friends Get Killed by Dora
14 Peppa Pig Killing everyone in the show

If she does that to me! I will kill her!

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15 Blue's Clues Gets Cancelled Again

I wouldn't stop peeing my pants for the next decade.

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16 Dora Makes Clones of Herself
17 Bubble Guppies Turning everyone into Them

Then if they forgot to do it to me than I would become a shark and eat them... But I think they would taste as bitter as they talk to the T.V.

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18 Dora the Zombie Explorer

Imagine this show as zombies. Then this will be a complete nightmare.

That would freak my girl out so much...

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19 Make a show where Dora and Caillou get married and have kids

This would be so dam creepy I mean who on earth wants to see 2 main characters from 2 annoying shows getting married and having kids. Let's hope that they go on a cruise ship and it falls over

Ahh screw that no no

On "Worst nightmares about kids' shows", Someone needs to put "Berry and Bloo getting married".

They have kids, that means Caillou had S E X with Dora!

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20 Giant Dora Kills Every One On the Planet


that would be terrible

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1. Eureeka kills Bugs Bunny
2. Scary Yo Gabba Gabba monsters eating and killing everyone up
3. Little Bear mauling people
1. Blue's Clues Gets Cancelled Again
2. Dora is the only show to watch in the whole entire planet
3. Dora Killing SpongeBob
1. Dora Killing SpongeBob
2. Dora Makes Clones of Herself
3. Giant Dora Kills Every One On the Planet



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