Top 10 Worst Nightmares About Nick Jr. Shows

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21 Dora becomes President of the U.S., Russia, and China.

Well everyone WWIII is around the corner at that point. Lets assassannate the dora

22 Babysitting Peppa Pig V 3 Comments
23 Dora follows people everywhere
24 The Paw Patrol Goes to Target or Crest Foods When You're Not Looking and Kills Every One
25 Blue's Clues - Blue's Room Becomes Bad
26 PAW Patrol singing

How is this a nightmare? Unless they have terrible singing voices.

V 1 Comment
27 Dora runs Cartoon Network

TOO MUCH LITTLE KID SHOWS AND TEEN TITANS GO! SO LITTLE Clarence, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Mixels, We Bare Bears, and heck, even Supernoobs! - Ededdneddyfan55

28 Wonder pets Making People commit suicide

Then I'll make them commit suicide

That would give you a nightmare.

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29 Doras End Date Becomes April 11 2096
30 Dora the Explorer Will Never Stop Airing V 2 Comments
31 PAW Patrol Killing MLP and Blue's Clues

I'll let them kill My Little Pony, but not Blue's Clues.

V 1 Comment
32 Chase kills people on a train everytime V 1 Comment
33 Kai Lan and Her Friends Become Racist V 1 Comment
34 Paw Patrol Kills Alpha And Omega

If that happens I will kill paw patrol with a minigun

35 Dora the Explorer and Boots Killed Clarence

I actually want both shows to die. They both suck.

I'm gonna punch there head then

Clarence is a funny CN Show I like..

36 Dora as the blue screen of death
37 Paw Patrol Kills The Cast of Teen Titans Go!

This would actually be a good dream

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38 Lex the bookworm is killed by Peppa pig from 2097 V 2 Comments
39 Binyah Binyah Murders Kids and Cooks Them
40 Shimmer and Shine Shreds the Genie
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