Worst Ninjago Antagonists

In ninjago, there are good guys and bad guys. This list shows who are the most evil guys in Ninjago.

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1 Dogshank
2 Clancee
3 The Overlord

I hate the overlord because he is scary and not like ninjago! He destroys the balance and was the boss of the episode Return of the Overlord. Good usually wins and the Overlord mauled Lloyd! The Overlord just messes up Ninjago which is not cool!

He has two seasons of ninjago and he is the primary antagonist in both of them.

He's the most overrated anyways he sucks - VideoGamefan5

A loser. but why are morro and pythor on here!?

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4 King Skales

Skales turned good at the end well it is no excuse for him not being the worst Ninjago villain ever and it's main antagonist.

Skales is the bad guy in ninjago and already in episode 1 year of the snake you see that.

He consumed his entire tribe! Nobody else(except the Great Devourer)can do that!

Best ninjago villin

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5 Pythor

Pythor is by far the best bad guy. He's the smartest and has the best plan to get revenge on the humans. I also like pythor because the first season was the best

Pythor was the first snake king that wanted to rescue the Great Devourer

Plus he kidnapped Lloyd - aarond09


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6 Lord Garmadon

Garmadon lead the Skeleton army, the Stone Army, and temporarily, the Serpentine. That's all three major evil armies in the show.

Garmadon is the main antagonist in ninjago. He is the leader of the skeleton army and the stone army.
His leader is the Overlord that was against him at the end.

The overlord is the main antigonist If you seen all episodes like I did you would have know plus now he is a major protaginist

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7 Lloyd Garmadon Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd released the snake tribes which made them release the other tribes which made them release the devourer which made lots of toxic venom which awakened the stone army which started the final battle.

He's technically not a villain.

He's annoying when he was a kid

Lloyd is evil

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8 Memzo

Mezmo did not start the whole story. He was just the slither pit controller.

Memzo is the one who told Skales to beat up Slithra and start the whole story.

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9 Nadakhan

Nadakhan doesn't belong on this list.

An evil jdhin released from the teapot of tyran, nadakhan seeks to destroy ninjago in revenge over his fallen realm. The ninja must stop him before he gains infinite wishes

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10 Acidicus

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? Mr. E

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11 Ghoultar

He was the second important ghost to die (Wrayth was important).

According to a second version of season 5 for Ninjago uploaded, he is the main antagonist, as he has possessed Lloyd, plotted with Morro to release the banished prime and sent the ninjas to the past. His goal is to rule Ninjago, however, according to the latest episode released in IL, he died in disgrace.

12 Morro

A ghost who is the master of wind and possessed Lloyd. He has a cool ghost dragon later in season 5 (I can't say the episodes because all of them haven't came out yet in my country). He is the main antagonist of season 5 and escaped while Sensei Garmadon (I'm not referring him to Lord Garmadon because he is good now) went to the cursed realm. We got a minor sneak peek at Morro in season 4 while he is ironically for some reason saying "Morro" in a ghastly and disturbing way. He appears in the sets 'Morro Airjitsu Flyer', 'Morro Dragon Attack', 'Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty', and 'City of Stix'. The sets I have are 'Cole's Earth Bike', 'Morro Dragon Attack', and 'Titan Mech Battle'. I would rate this season 8/10 for being cool with all the ghosts and not having many flaws.

Who the hell made this list? This guy is awesome!

This is the best villain! - PeeledBanana

Morro is arrogant

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13 Fangtom
14 Samukai
15 Master Chen

He started everything. He should be higher

He stealing the powers of elemental characters and he is a traitor. He the main antigonist is season four or five

Even though he is stupid, and he evil launghs WAY to much, he released morro, so he is not so bad

16 Skalidor
17 Kai

He's not a villain!

18 Chokun


19 Cyrus Borg
20 Cole's Dad

Most evil villian but he is a secret villian

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