Top Ten Worst Ninjago Characters

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21 Cole

What the hell! Cole is the best ninjago character

22 Lloyd Garmadon

He's my least favourite character - TwilightKitsune

23 Cryptor

Who put Cryptor on this list?! He's awesome better then Zane.

24 Edna Walker

She doesn't care about her own sons safety, I see why shes here.but when it comes to Jay,I have no idea.

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25 Ed Walker
26 Skales

The top tens you suck skalles is great if I was to make top ten worst websites you would be number 1

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27 Ghoultar
28 Tox
29 Pythor

He "becomes good" in the new season but was always annoying in the other seasons. He was always there! In the first season he is king of the snakes, then he is the masked Stranger (disguise) and then assistant to Overlord, and finally becomes good after 3 seasons of being a useless villain? He's not even a threat to the Ninja he's just a useless snake.

Dude, I dislike all you Pythor haters. He released the Great Devourer that almost destroyed Ninjago. Don't you guys realise Pythor is so evil that Chen is his wannabe?

Huge hypocrite in season 4 as he never shuts up about being a true Anacondrai and having honor yet he teamed up with the Overlord in season 3.Would a true a Anacondrai team up with the source of all evil in Ninjago just to get some stupid revenge? Yeah, I don't think so.

30 Garmadon

Are you dum he was the main bad guy and father of the good guy he helped so much like saveing every one from master chen he should be one of the best

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31 Clouse
32 Skalidor
33 Fangtom
34 Arcturus
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