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41 Mario Sports Superstars

I like this game - Tyler730

42 Minecraft New Nintendo 3ds Edition
43 Pokémon Omega Ruby

The Mega Evolutions SUCK and it's really such a boring game. - RaccoonCartoon

Unfaithful to its Gen 3 counterparts. Too easy, the redesigns suck and cheap Mega Evolutions which overwrite some of the more famous Pokémon, like Steven's Metagross or Maxie's Camerupt. Also, what the HELL did they do to Mauville City?!

This game is the BEST and they made Mauville city a huge mall so that Hoenn can be a more exciting place to BE whoever hates this game is a big fat GENWUNNER!

This is the best game ever! How dare you put it on this list! You should be ashamed of yourself!

44 Kirby Triple Deluxe

Yeah! Who put this game on here? The stage design and boss fights make this one of the best Kirby games ever!

Why so much praise? I mean, the game isn't bad at all. Just don't come looking for nostalgia, because there is none to be found here.

This game is the best! Why is it on this list?

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45 The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes

Zelda games are so boring and lame.

Zelda games are boring and lame.

The most unoriginal Zelda game. It's just Zelda Four Swords in a nutshell. - bugger

This game was uncessary, the heroes totem is really both upsetting and boring.

the plot doesn't help to make the game better.. maybe the plot is about the multiplayer.

a pain to play.

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46 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

It's an okay game, but an obvious cash grab (it pretty much BEGS you to buy Amiibo cards, which is basically gambling since you don't know what's in the packet until you buy it.) and it is NOT worth 40 dollars! It was released in 2014, how hasn't the price gone down? - RaccoonCartoon

This is a great game!

Best game ever


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47 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

it is bad

48 Yokai Watch 2

Take this off the list.

49 Skylanders: Trap Team
50 Cars 2: The Video Game
51 Turbo: Super Stunt Squad

Bad movie, bad game. - RaccoonCartoon

AWFUL - VideoGamefan5

52 Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game does not belong here, I've never seen more quality gameplay, music, humor and graphics in any 3ds game than I've have in this game.

MY favorite Kid Icarus game and one of my favorite games ever!

53 Flap Flap

Another Flappy Bird clone. And Flappy Bird feels like a clone of the Profit Bird from Jetpack Joyride...

Crappy Flappy Bird ripoff, which was a bad game in the first place. - RaccoonCartoon

Anyone who buys this has never heard of a phone.

54 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Thought it was boring.

55 FIFA 15
56 Etrian Mystery Dungeon

When you hear the name "Mystery Dungeon" you might think of Pokemon. This game isn't remotely close either fun or quality. - BadBoiDrummer

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57 Ben 10 Galactic Racing

Th-they actually made this? Ben 10 is still relevant? So many questions, so little answers...

58 Pokemon Shuffle

This game was meant only for the app store, the world of match 3-in-a-row ripoffs of candy crush.

Better than the NES versiom

59 Monster Hunter 4
60 Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

THIS GAME IS LOVE BY THOUSANDS! Everyone I met that has played this game has loved it.

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