Top 10 Worst Nintendo Games

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1 Hotel Mario

Break doors? Bad, this is the worst Mario game licensed by Nintendo.

Um, I don't think at least the first three were made by nintendo...

Without this game, there would be no YTP. - jameshoward

Although it is a terrible Mario game, it wasn't made by Nintendo, it was made on CDI

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2 Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun

I didn't play but it sounds like garbage

Game grumps is the only thing that gave this game positives

This looks like it would suck very bad.

At least it's on a Nintendo console *cough* hotel *cough* Mario *cough*

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3 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

This game deserves to die in hell. It was so bad, I had a spasm. - RosalinaX

I wonder what's for dinner

Such an awful game. - iliekpiez

I wonder what's for dinner - jameshoward

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4 Wii Music

We regret this every day... - Nintendo

I was gifted this game just because I'm a musician. Well, I HATED this game actually. - TheDelBel

What's wrong with this game? It's good. - jameshoward

I disagree that this was a bad game, it was rather entertaining, in fact. While the easy songs may have been a little less exiting than others, the Orchestra was a heck of a whole lot of fun.

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5 Metroid: Other M

Ok look it isn't the best Metroid game ever because personally Super Metroid is probably the best Metroid game, but it isn't terrible. The voice acting could use some work but when Samus isn't talking she looks like a bad ass. It also looks pretty good too. I would give it a fair try. Did we all forget when Samus ripped apart that one winged alien? That part was really awesome. I think we are all a little too upset over the voice acting. I know there is someone out there who could act like Samus perfectly but sadly this girl wasn't it. She was okay at best. Oh and by the way Federation force has Samus in it, and it's the one from the prime series, also I heard the game-play is fun so I think we are going to be okay. Too bad Federation Force wasn't shown properly though.

I was a Nintendo fan from the beginning but the lame story coupled with badly implemented Wii controls made this game the worst one in the whole franchise. That is until federation force. Either way the good metroid games stopped with prime 3.

Nintendo went really downhill with this game ( and this is coming from a diehard metroid fan )

The gameplay is good but the story is crap and the voice acting

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6 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Why the heck is this below Other M/

Bo to that game a spent a hour completeing a level

Super bland by-the-numbers environments, a stripped down inventory based combat system that feels unrewarding, no story, and generic Mario characters make this a forgettable mess. To defenders of this game, what's so great about a game having less creativity than its predecessors?

Honestly this game isn't that bad. It's not the best game but it's a fun game. - Jake09

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7 Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Math is the worst

Seriously, this is fourth worst video game I've ever played in my entire life!

This thing sucks who plays math video games

I didn't care for it much, but it is still really hard to find for the NES. It was a terrible way to teach math, but overall, personally, I would probably put it at,at least, after Link: The faces of Evil on the list.

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8 Volleyball

This is the worst vc ever

9 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

This game was so boring. It's literally not worth buying. - RosalinaX

Literally an Amiibo Tap Simulator. Do I even need to be more exact?
- Anonymous

Barely even a game, just a sham to make money

The most useless game ever, it’s just a terrible Mario Party rip-off but with an Animal Crossing theme, what a twist!... NOT!

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10 Hey You, Pikachu!

The game is so boring and it drives me nuts that the microphone is used for kids with high voices

This game was worse than all other nintendo games, even than zelda: wand of gamleon

I thought it was good when I herd about it but then I played it and I basically failed because I couldn't figure out how to get the pikachu to do what I wanted it to do probably because of the bad voice control.

When I was a kid, I wanted this game so bad! I've never played it though. I regret wanting it now.

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? Mario Teaches Typing 2

If this didn't exist, mario head memes wouldn't either, but this was still a piece of garbage - Mattblue66

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11 Link: The Faces of Evil

Never pay this game or your scarred for life. - RosalinaX

More like Link: The Feces of Devil

This Game Ruined My Gaming Life


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12 Clu Clu Land

This sucks

Are those rupees? - Sanicball

You suck go die

It's so bad it's on here twice

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13 Super Smash Bros. 64

This game was literally what started the whole Smash Bros Franchise! It's pretty amazing to see a game like this back in the 64's good ol' days! - RosalinaX

Amazing game why has the TOPTEN developers put this here it is a revolutionary masterpiece by HAL labrotories who also created Kirby

Whoever put this here will be sent to hell...


I'm gonna falcon punch whoever put this as an option.

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14 Urban Champion

This game was fun it doesn't deserve to be on here

15 Mario Kart: Double Dash

I agree that this game is good and probably shouldn't be on the list. However, in my opinion it isn't great for a Mario Kart game.

This was one of the best Mario Kart games! I wish we got more games like this... - MasterCreepy

This games great

This game was awesome

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16 Mario Party: Island Tour

Hi my name is chris I hate you

It's great

Meh.I guess I was glad it removed the travel together function

To me, this is more of a 3DS version of Mario Party 9. Does anyone agree with me? I have a 3DS XL system, but I'm not really going to buy it. I would prefer Mario Party 9, or the DS version of Mario Party. Since Nintendo has announced the 10th installment of Mario Party A.K.A. Mario Party 10 for the WiiU, I feel like Nintendo is repeating its own history when they released the first Mario Party game for the Nintendo 64, then they made two sequels to it, which were Mario Party 2 & Mario Party 3. Mario Party 1, 2, and 3 were pretty much the same thing, but have a few differences. They were still fun, despite the fact that friendships are ruined by it, but I find that completely ridiculous. Seriously people, how could your friendships be ruined by Mario Party? Whatever, I'm getting off topic. The first Mario Party games were all on the Nintendo 64, but that when the Nintendo 64 was popular. Now, that there's new systems like from Wii, to WiiU & from DS, to DSi, to DSi XL, to 3DS, to 3DS ...more

17 Mario Clash

This game is AWESOME! Seriously, why hate this game? The graphics are awesome although this game is only black & red. I mean, come on! The Virtual Boy I great despite being a hard-to-use commercial failure.

Whoever put mother over this is gonna get a warlock punch to the face - PPPPPPINGAS

Ah my eyes it burns

I've never heard of this game before.

It was a game on the virtual boy, a terrible game for a terrible system - Sanicball

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18 Stack Up

This game was part of an attempt to recover from the video game depression. If it had more development, it could've been better.

19 Mario is Missing!
20 Metroid

Aged very poorly. However, I do agree: This game isn't good. No map, confusing everything, arbitrary placement makes for a terrible first game. - Brazencoronet17

This game is good. It is very hard though.

What this game is great

How is this here?

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21 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Holy crap why just why I love this game

I loves, I have it for snes

How is this a bad game? - SonicFan4Life

22 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

It hasn't came out yet, but based on trailers, I don't think you can even play as Samus Aran. And its on the 3DS(I'm not a Nintendo hater). I can see the pixels on the screen. It's basically Metroid Prime Multiplayer. So I don't think it'll be good.

23 Wario: Master of Disguise

This games is weird and mediocre, but still a decent wario title.

I wouldn't consider this bad, but it is definitely not the best

it's good.

24 Super Mario Bros 2

It's a good gam

Game of the year, every year - Drawbox

This game isn't all that bad it's half decent

I know, because Peach is the tallest member of the game & is built well. But even as the tallest, her jumps are only average. I mean, come on! She's slow, too. And her power is low, also. Man, she is the most awkward SMB2/SM3DW character ever. She could not do anything better than the Mario Bros. unless you are talking about her flight. I mean, come on. The graphics suck too. Why like Super Mario Bros. 2?

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25 Superman 64

I expected this to be on the list. Even super mario doesn't like it! If you are wondering, go watch "How Super Mario 64 Triggers you! " By Nathaniel Bandy - Mattblue66

Cancerous cancer

This is the true suckage to Nintendo. - Gehenna

Oh come on guys this game was ‘great’ I loved flying through rings endlessly!

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26 Yoshi's Story

This game is awesome! - SonicFan4Life

I really cannot begin to comprehend how Nintendo intended this crap to be a sequel to Yoshi's Island. - xandermartin98

How ever put to this on the List is a nintedo hater because it's my favrote game.

27 Paper Mario: Color Splash

This was a good game. Stop complaing that it is not the thousand year door.

28 Kirby's Adventure

Fight me if u voted for this

U make Kirby sad... : ( - SuperLonk

29 Pokemon Snap

Glitches all the time

Lies, lies, lies

WHY this was my first Pokemon game


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30 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Maybe they put it on here because... Motion Controls... - Mattblue66

Remember Egoraptor? He hates this game so much. Other game reviewers like IGN give this game a total score of 10. Just because you admit this is the best Zelda game ever made, doesn't mean this is the best Zelda game ever. - MrEmerik2000

Terrible game.

How in the hell is this on the list! This game is BOSS, man! Please remove - Adamshane1999

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31 Mario Party 9

OH MY G OD! d avid and I stopped being friends all thanks to this dip!

The group vehicle system is should be able to choose where you go.King Bob Omb and Whomp boss battles showed a new low for the series.

32 Pokemon Conquest

This games awesome! - Gunner224

I liked it...

33 Wii Play

Let's face it, most of us got it just for the Wii remote that was included with this game. - TheDelBel

Got boring fast.I, along with 50% of buyers, only bought the game for the Wii-mote that came with it

34 Star Fox Command

Adventures > Command

You know the game’s utter crap when not only can one of the most broken fanbases universally agrees it’s terrible, but even Nintendo confirmed this game wasn’t canon to the Star Fox timeline.

35 Super Mario Strikers

How can hotel Mario and Zelda wand of gamelon be better than this I don't get it

How is this Bad? This is cool.

I like this but the others are better - Mario123


Most inoprapriate game ever

36 Wii Fit

How is this even on here? I love this game so much, been playing it since I was, like, three.

Let's get fit by deep breathing!

37 Super Smash Bros Melee

How is this overrated? Literally one of the first Smash Bros games, had a good roster, and even me would want to spend money on a GameCube in 2019 just to play this game. - RosalinaX

WHO DID THIS CRIME OF VOTING THE BEST SMASH GAME ON THIS LIST?! If you voted for this, fight me Final destination, No Items, Fox Only - Mattblue66

It's a good game, but it's overrated as HECK! - TheDelBel

I will hire a hitman on whoever put this on the list

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38 Pokemon Dash

How in the world is THIS better than MELEE?! - Mattblue66

39 Pokemon Stadium 2

What! This game was decent

40 Mario Party 10


This is what ruined the Mario Party series.

This game ruined my birthday, this should be number 1

Older ones were better, but this game wasn't that bad. - SonicFan4Life

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41 Star Fox Zero

What? this is my favorite star fox game!
the motion controls made you feel like a total badass once you got the hang of them and the maneuvers and stunts are cool to watch.
this game was one of the first games that really got my adrenaline pumping

This isn't star fox its motion controlled garbage - Dvafan2

Probably the worst idea to illustrate a concept that will never work, the Wii U and his gamepad

42 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


Ruined the best spinoff ever

I can see that

Only 11 how this is the most dissaponiting game of all time less Pokemon less starter cliche and generic story bad graphics this game should be 1 on worst Nintendo games gates to infinity the magagates are a gimic this game was rushed so Nintendo can make a cheap ass game to kill the mystery dungeon fanbase overall 3/10 worst Nintendo game ever don't buy - ikerevievs

43 Wrecking Crew

Do the people who run this website have something against retro games?

44 Zeldas Adventure

This was CDi, not Nintendo.

Phillips cdi is a torturement device

45 Mario Tennis

Help me I'm blind

46 NHL Stanley Cup

This is a perfect example of Nintendo being too far ahead of its time. Hiring Sculptured Software for development, the two companies focused way too much on Mode 7, trying to give the player a point of view that wouldn't be perfected until years later by other companies. While it was a noble attempt, it was a rather poor execution. What else doesn't help is the rather convoluted control setup, nor does the lack of an NHLPA license (meaning no players' names).

47 Tomodachi Life

If you like Miis, then THIS is the Best 3ds game for you! It even simulates real life (which can be living heck if you want it to be) - Mattblue66

Hey now, this is a pretty fun and (surprisingly) addictive game. - llamabaconllama37

I love this game!

YES! this game sucks. should be in the top 10 or at least top 5 - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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48 Star Fox 64

Whoever put this on here either hates furries or has no taste - GleamingShadow

How is this on the list. This whole top ten website is SO BROKEN.

Thank you, that is the truest statement I've heard on this stupid website.

Whoever put this on here is a Call of Duty fanboy. And they can BARREL ROLL OF A CLIFF!

Do the barrel roll! This is the only pro of this game.

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49 Super Princess Peach

Wow, Peach is finally avoiding being kidnapped and you're STILL complaining. Is anything ever good enough for you? People are commenting irrelevant things like temper and/or Rosalina and Daisy. To be fair though, Bowser leaving Peach alone kind of contradicts/goes against the whole "Peach is kidnapped by Bowser because she can reverse the powers of the Koopa Clan" thing from the manual of the original Mario Bros..
As far as the vibe scepter, it was trying to add a bit to the plot and not trying to put an adult joke/message. People also tend to think Perry does all the work for her. Uhh no, Perry is a weapon/companion for Peach, not a mod to help the player. - Qryzx

Iv'e always wanted to play this game because it was Peach saving Mario instead of the other way around. Take this off, it was completely original compared to other Mario games. - RosalinaX

The plot is sorta weird in my opinion. A magical stick that can change anyone's emotions in an instant, are you referring to mood swings Nintendo? Might as well call it the mood swing wand. And why does Bowser suddenly capture the guys? Wouldn't it be easier for him to do that, then get Peach?

Seriously, this game sucks. You have to suffer Princess Peach not wanting to rescue Mario. And besides, Peach should stop appearing in video games & be replaced by Princess Daisy & Rosalina. They are much prettier & nicer than that ass! Also, the graphics suck. So does the level design & Peach rescuing Mario. And guess what? The mood vibes ruin everything. I mean, in't Peach short-tempered enough? Yes! But she got even more short-tempered & bossy after Super Princess Peach (aka since Mario Party 7). This is the worst Mario game ever because of the boxarts, the pictures, Peach's hair being down & literally, this is worse than Hotel Mario.

What? The whole point of the game is Peach saving Mario, genius. Princess Peach is a bigger staple than those other two, so how could they replace her? The graphics from the game remind me of any other sprite game. Peach's MAIN FEATURE in the game is her Emotions (Perry follows close). Also, what are you talking about? Peach's hair is down in almost every canon game. Really, comparing Peach's spinoff with Hotel Mario is just stupid. What would short temper have to do with this title, aside from her rage mood swing? - Qryzx

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50 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Obvious troll is obvious

People who don like this game must be high

All you do is to die and restart a new game. This needs too have a save box.

Man this game sucks balls! The graphics, music, partners, chapters & plot of this game ain't right! This is the worst Mario RPG game. Seriously, Princess Peach gets kidnapped & has her whiny voice. Why like that? This should be at least top 2. What's the point of this terrible game if the hub world is so horrible & so are the bosses?! Oh my f'in god...
Seriously, this game was a disgrace! This game was supposed to disappoint the fanbase. Literally, I never want to get this game again! Such an annoying game that make me sick! Curse this game! Super Paper Mario is much better. Paper Mario: The Thouand Year Door is too boring & none of the characters even make sense.

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