Top 10 Worst Nintendo Games

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21 Stack Up

This game was part of an attempt to recover from the video game depression. If it had more development, it could've been better.

22 Mario Kart: Double Dash

This games great

I did not like this very much

This game was awesome

ChaotixHero, You Have A Bad Taste In Games - VideoGamefan5

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23 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Holy crap why just why I love this game

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24 Metroid

This game is good. It is very hard though.

What this game is great

How is this here?


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25 Wario: Master of Disguise

This games is weird and mediocre, but still a decent wario title.

I wouldn't consider this bad, but it is definitely not the best

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26 Mario Party 10

This game ruined my birthday, this should be number 1

Older ones were better, but this game wasn't that bad. - SonicFan4Life

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27 Mario Party 9

OH MY G OD! d avid and I stopped being friends all thanks to this dip!

The group vehicle system is should be able to choose where you go.King Bob Omb and Whomp boss battles showed a new low for the series.

28 Yoshi's Story

I really cannot begin to comprehend how Nintendo intended this crap to be a sequel to Yoshi's Island. - xandermartin98

This game is awesome! - SonicFan4Life

How ever put to this on the List is a nintedo hater because it's my favrote game.

29 Pokemon Dash
30 Super Mario Bros 2

I know, because Peach is the tallest member of the game & is built well. But even as the tallest, her jumps are only average. I mean, come on! She's slow, too. And her power is low, also. Man, she is the most awkward SMB2/SM3DW character ever. She could not do anything better than the Mario Bros. unless you are talking about her flight. I mean, come on. The graphics suck too. Why like Super Mario Bros. 2?

This game isn't all that bad it's half decent

Stupid Mario bros 2

IKR, HEavyDonkeyKong! Since this is a Mario game released in the 20th Century, the presentation is literally great!

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31 Star Fox Command

Adventures > Command

32 Zeldas Adventure V 2 Comments
33 Kirby's Adventure V 2 Comments
34 Pokemon Snap

Glitches all the time

Lies, lies, lies

WHY this was my first Pokemon game

All Pokemon games should be here

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35 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
36 Mario Tennis V 1 Comment
37 Pokemon Conquest V 2 Comments
38 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

Only 11 how this is the most dissaponiting game of all time less Pokemon less starter cliche and generic story bad graphics this game should be 1 on worst Nintendo games gates to infinity the magagates are a gimic this game was rushed so Nintendo can make a cheap ass game to kill the mystery dungeon fanbase overall 3/10 worst Nintendo game ever don't buy - ikerevievs

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39 Super Mario Sunshine

Why's this even on the list? Half the gam shere are great! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I love this game I cried when I had to take it back take it off the list

This game is amazing - everyone ever

This is an amazing game, whoever put it on the list should go to hell

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40 New Super Luigi U

"New Super Luigi U is totally worth the money! For an extra $20, you can play as LUIGi in New Super Mario Bros U! "

Everyone: do we really wanna spend even more money on just playing as Luigi and Nabot?

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