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41 Zeldas Adventure V 2 Comments
42 Wii Fit V 1 Comment
43 Pokemon Stadium 2 V 1 Comment
44 Mario Tennis V 1 Comment
45 Tomodachi Life

Hey now, this is a pretty fun and (surprisingly) addictive game. - llamabaconllama37

I love this game!

What is this doing here this is one of the 3ds' best games

WHO PUT THIS ON HERE they probably aren't good at it like me I have 5 married miis and 4 children

V 3 Comments
46 NHL Stanley Cup

This is a perfect example of Nintendo being too far ahead of its time. Hiring Sculptured Software for development, the two companies focused way too much on Mode 7, trying to give the player a point of view that wouldn't be perfected until years later by other companies. While it was a noble attempt, it was a rather poor execution. What else doesn't help is the rather convoluted control setup, nor does the lack of an NHLPA license (meaning no players' names).

47 New Super Luigi U

"New Super Luigi U is totally worth the money! For an extra $20, you can play as LUIGi in New Super Mario Bros U! "

Actually, it came free if you bought NSMBU

Everyone: do we really wanna spend even more money on just playing as Luigi and Nabot?

this sukz

48 Star Fox 64

How is this on the list. This whole top ten website is SO BROKEN.

Thank you, that is the truest statement I've heard on this stupid website.

Do the barrel roll! This is the only pro of this game.

Whoever put this on here is a Call of Duty fanboy. And they can BARREL ROLL OF A CLIFF!

Why the HELL is this game on the list? This is one of the best games on the N64! Its has a ton of replay value! Remove this from the list! - Pastakirby7

49 Superman 64

Why is non Nintendo stuff here sonic superman bubsy mass effect are not Nintendo - ikerevievs

Finally something actually worth being on this list!

How is SMB 3, Star Fox 64, Paper Mario TTYD, Skyward sword, and others are higher then this horrible, disgusting piece of video game waste! is such a lie!

Horrible worst game ever the title of the game wasnt even on the box

V 2 Comments
50 Super Princess Peach

The plot is sorta weird in my opinion. A magical stick that can change anyone's emotions in an instant, are you referring to mood swings Nintendo? Might as well call it the mood swing wand. And why does Bowser suddenly capture the guys? Wouldn't it be easier for him to do that, then get Peach?

Seriously, this game sucks. You have to suffer Princess Peach not wanting to rescue Mario. And besides, Peach should stop appearing in video games & be replaced by Princess Daisy & Rosalina. They are much prettier & nicer than that ass! Also, the graphics suck. So does the level design & Peach rescuing Mario. And guess what? The mood vibes ruin everything. I mean, in't Peach short-tempered enough? Yes! But she got even more short-tempered & bossy after Super Princess Peach (aka since Mario Party 7). This is the worst Mario game ever because of the boxarts, the pictures, Peach's hair being down & literally, this is worse than Hotel Mario.

This game sucks. Replace her with koopa troopa. He's a better character than that stupid princess. I know koopa troopa has his own game a koopa's revenge but he should get a second game. It should be renamed "koopa troopa" and in that game he rescues Bowser

They could have given peach the cool powers that she has in Smash but NOPE just give her emitions

V 3 Comments
51 Wrecking Crew
52 Pokemon Go

This did have poor effects on people, but it was still an amazing game!

53 Mario Tennis Open

Who's idea was it to give this game a story

V 1 Comment
54 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Obvious troll is obvious

People who don like this game must be high

All you do is to die and restart a new game. This needs too have a save box.

Man this game sucks balls! The graphics, music, partners, chapters & plot of this game ain't right! This is the worst Mario RPG game. Seriously, Princess Peach gets kidnapped & has her whiny voice. Why like that? This should be at least top 2. What's the point of this terrible game if the hub world is so horrible & so are the bosses?! Oh my f'in god...
Seriously, this game was a disgrace! This game was supposed to disappoint the fanbase. Literally, I never want to get this game again! Such an annoying game that make me sick! Curse this game! Super Paper Mario is much better. Paper Mario: The Thouand Year Door is too boring & none of the characters even make sense.

55 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

This game is my favourite 3DS game! Why is it on here?

V 2 Comments
56 Super Smash Bros Melee

The most overrated of the Smash Bros. Games by far. - xandermartin98

Tad overrated, but it does not deserve to be on this list.

Whoever Put This On The List Must Be Eliminated! It Is Better Than Smash 4!

Serves Melee fanboys right. (If you couldn't tell, this girl is coming from SSBB. Suck it Melee fanboys! )

57 Nintendo Badge Arcade

Cash grab - ikerevievs

58 Mother 3

Who Ever Put This On The List Should Be Eaten By Giygas

Or given immortality and be put inside an Absolutely Safe Capsule.

Geez this game is amazing!

59 Sonic: Lost World

I don't see all the hate on this one. I found it pretty good, actually. Way better than Boom or 06. - Garythesnail

This game was a disappointment out of Japan. Re: the terrible voice acting, the gameplay, no Mario involved in the DLC pack, Sonic characters, terrible graphics (yet it's great to praise the HD), etc...

V 2 Comments
60 Bayonetta 2

"Bayonetta is one of the most creative games Nintendo has ever made"? Don't make me laugh. This is just a porno version of Devil May Cry.

I did not put this here, but I doubt whoever put this here made any mistakes. It's just a rehash of "Devil May Cry" and people are only praising it because either they like to fap to the protaganist or think it's so awesome that she gets away with so much (bad attitude, swearing, flashing her parts) and is a "she".

I think whoever put this here thought it was a best Wii u games list

Dis is not nintendo!

V 2 Comments
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