Top 10 Worst Nintendo Games

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101 Banjo-Kazooie V 2 Comments
102 Banjo-Tooie V 1 Comment
103 Conker's Bad Fur Day

Just why? This game may be for adults but its funny fun and awesome

104 Starfox Adventures
105 GoldenEye 007
106 Castlevania
107 Mega Man


108 Mega Man 2 V 1 Comment
109 Mega Man 3

Ok I know they're just putting random Nintendo games and splatting them on here

110 Mega Man 4 V 1 Comment
111 Mega Man 5
112 Mega Man 6
113 Mega Man X
114 Just Dance

My school had a wii, and in PE, they made us play this when it rained. It was horrible. I was thinking of bringing some actual Wii games like Brawl, Galaxy, Skyward Sword etc.

I liked this game

I feel you man

115 Monster Hunter 4
116 Mario's Time Machine

Y is this at 86? this shuld b at least at number 20 or higher

117 F-Zero GX

This game is amazing its Mario kart couldn't do

V 1 Comment
118 Pokemon Black V 1 Comment
119 Pokemon X

Why hasn't this company been reported geez

1. "This company needs to be reported for having a different opinion" 2. The people who made this site didn't make this list, it was some random thetoptens user - Sanicball

120 Battletoads

It's good and bad at the same time

Yeah, with one player it's pretty damn good (for the most part). With two players it's horribly programmed. - LarryLarrington

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