Top Ten Worst Nirvana Songs

Even their worst songs can be considered good songs so don't hate

The Top Ten

1 Hairspray Queen

One of my favourite Nirvana songs!

2 Beans

You do know that this song is a joke, right? - Gruunge

This is one that I've never seen a single fan defend. It's that bad.

This needs to be Number 1 its god awful literally no positives at all - christangrant

I like it, but...

3 Endless, Nameless
4 Moist Vagina

Whats this I don't know in what kurt was think8n about doing this one 🤯

5 Beeswax

There is no such thing as a bad Nirvana song...

6 Mr. Moustache

This was the second-best song from their debut album. It's one of their best songs.

What this is one of their best - Gruunge

One of the best on Bleach - FettiMC

This song is awesome.

7 Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Though the Strip

This is the WORST Nirvana song (other than Beeswax)!

8 Tourette's

What's so bad about this?

9 Jam
10 Big Long Now

This song is amazing, really shouldn't be on this list. - Gruunge

The Contenders

11 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Yes this song is overrated but its not bad and it shouldn't be on this list - christangrant

Not bad, but very overrated. Even Kurt hated it.

Overrated, but I wouldn't call it bad. It's catchy in my opinion. - Userguy44

I hate this song because it's a ripoff of Blue Öyster Cult's Godzilla.

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12 Downer

Really? this song is awesome - christangrant

13 Big Cheese
14 Mexican Seafood

This is the lowest of the low for me. Worst lyrics I have ever heard in a Nirvana song. - NuMetalManiak

its dumb

15 Scentless Apprentice
16 Blandest

My ears...

17 Spank Thru


18 They Hung Him on a Cross
19 Rape Me

I Bet this is only on here because of the title of the song - christangrant

It's not that bad - Userguy44

Torette's is amazing to be honest - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

20 Stay Away

What this is great - Gruunge

21 Breed

Maybe the best song on Nevermind. - Userguy44

22 I Hate Myself and I Want to Die

No this is one of their best - christangrant

23 Clean Up Before She Comes
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1. Downer
2. Hairspray Queen
3. Beeswax
1. Beans
2. Hairspray Queen
3. Endless, Nameless
1. Beans
2. Jam
3. Endless, Nameless

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